Background Keeping Up With Technology And Skills .


2BackgroundKeeping up with technology and skillsdevelopment through ongoing educationOvercoming challenges during pursuit offurther educationDiversifying skills (wearing more than one hat)Seeking a mentor, becoming a mentorCareer and skill developmentBuilding confidence and validating knowledgeQ&A, Comments

Experience Diverse Career in Software Engineering Quality Assurance, Release Engineering,Configuration/Data ManagementEducation and Certification Candidate, M.S. Information Technology, UMass Lowell( 80% complete, part-time, on-line, 3.85 GPA) Graduate Certificate of Achievement, Information Technology,UMass Lowell (May 2013) B.S. Computer Science, UMass Lowell ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer Raytheon Six Sigma SpecialistAffiliations IEEE/Women In Engineering (Boston Affinity) Society of Women Engineers (Boston Section) American Society for Quality (Merrimack Valley, MA Section)3Community Volunteer Musician, Mentor, Fundraiser/Runner/Walker

IEEE Women In Engineering(WIE)The mission of IEEE WIE is to facilitate the recruitment andretention of women in technical disciplines globally.416-Mar-14

What is WIE Boston? WIE is an Affinity Group, part of IEEE Similar to an IEEE technical society Both women and men – all are welcome! Worldwide – supported by WIE HQ WIE Boston meets regularly for technical andprofessional development events Networking followed by a speaker Often cosponsored by fellow IEEE societies Variety of technical and professional development topics

WIE Relationships Partnerships with industry: iRobot, QualComm, MIT LL, Invensys, Covidien, Northeastern, etc. Win-Win opportunity for WIE and company Collaboration and Outreach with other non-profits: SWE Boston, Science Club for Girls, Schools/science fair judging We help advertise the event and provide volunteers

Benefits of WIE Great for networking Most meetings are held at location of a Corporate Partner –varied locations Some meetings cosponsored by other IEEE societies – get toknow other parts of IEEE! Leadership opportunities Steering Committee is growing! Meets for coffee every 6 weeks to plan meetings

Find/Join Us! On Facebook under “IEEE Boston WIE” On our website: Join our mailing list – everyone welcome! 25/yr dues includes: Women in Engineering bi-annual magazine Women in Engineering monthly newsletter Free for students and IEEE Life Members!




I received my BS in Computer Science in the 1980s – always need tokeep my career skill set up-to-date in order to succeed and staycompetitive12There are many more career and educational resources available nowthan back then, thanks to the Internet

13Work hardHave funRemember (and Apply) Lessons Learned

Ongoing educationShort-term coursesOn-line and classroom trainingDegree programsIT and related disciplinesCertification and renewalse.g. Computer forensics certificate programsSelf-paced trainingWebinarsYouTube14Learning never ends“Ancora Imparo” (“I am still learning”) Michelangelo, in his 80s

Layoffs/downsizingKeep an eye on what other opportunities are outthere – be preparedLife changesBuild your support system ahead of timeTake a break from the computer, turn off the TVFresh air, water, exerciseFocus on positives and build on them15Refresh an old skillKeep your mind active and challenged

Find used books at Amazon, local library booksalesUse your local libraryLibraries have more than just booksIndustry periodicalsComputer equipmentJob search tools and resourcesAvailable meeting rooms for interest groupsInter-library media sharing16

17Focus on what you *can* doCelebrate milestones, big and small


Set smaller, achievable goals asyou step toward your larger goalMany technology schools offeradvanced IT degrees andcertificates onlineKeep certifications current19

20 Focus on your abilities, not your limitations Learn a new skill or hobby to strengthenyour confidence Teach others


IT consulting offers opportunities to learn newskillsE.g. learn a new programming language/softwaretool, built upon your cumulative knowledgeNote: There are consulting firms which offer competitivebenefitsLearn about diverse industries and applications22MedicalAcademiaMobileData MiningCloud Computing



Be selective when networking on-lineDon’t have to accept all Linked-In connectionrequestsKeep your career profile professionalKeep social networking separateRecommend and refer others – quid pro quoForm an interest groupTake the lead on moderating discussionsSample some existing interest groups25Diversify your interests – be flexible

Participate in career and skill developmentworkshops offered by professional organizationsSeek opportunities available for both members andguestsIEEE offers a wide variety of learning resources careers/index.htmlAssess your skill set periodically and oftenBrowse the job boards to see what skills are mostin demandAudit a class vs. registering for a grade26Cross-train on the job – learn what others do tounderstand the “big picture"

ResearchPresentationsWhite PapersJournal articlesMentoringFind a mentorBe a mentorGo on interviews even if you aren’t looking27Find out what skills are most in demand“Phone screens” are beneficial for selfassessment

Try a unique job assignmentE.g. Pipe organ repair (applied electrical and mechanicalprinciples)Build self-confidence with projectsSet your own goals and celebrate your milestonesHome repairs – for yourself and othersOrder replacement parts and install (e.g. washer lid,exhaust fan)Opportunities in community projects28E.g. look for opportunities to help set up Local AreaNetworks / infrastructure in schools, libraries, communitycenters

IEEE has a mentoring program for both mentors andmentees mentoring, everyone learnsYour mentee may ask a question that you may need toresearchBe a mentor in a favorite interest – learn mentoringskills29




Share some examples of what has worked foryouShare some ideasNetworkingMentoringUpdating skill setConfidence buildingLearning opportunities33


My email: omen In Engineering services/membership/women/index.htmlSociety of Women Engineers (National) (Boston Section) (K-12 Outreach)American Society for Qualityhttp://www.asq.orgLinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.comDice: http://www.dice.comIndeed: http://www.indeed.com35

ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist Affiliations IEEE/Women In Engineering (Boston Affinity) Society of Women Engineers (Boston Section) American Society for Quality (Merrimack Valley, MA Section) Community Volunteer Musician, Mentor, Fundraiser/Runner/Walker . IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) The mission of IEEE WIE is to