SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAMANNUAL REPORT 2020JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok4 Sukhumvit Road Soi 2, Bangkok 10110, Thailandt. 66 2656 7700 l

OUR MISSIONMarriott International (“Marriott”) is committed to making a positive and sustainable impact whereverwe do business. We embrace our global responsibility to be a force for good, as demonstrated by oursustainability and social impact platform, Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction. Our commitmentto responsible and sustainable business practices benefits the environment and the communities inwhich our hotels are located, in addition to contributing to our long-term success.“JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok is committed to actions designed to conserve and protect the environment and willcontinue to implement those actions whenever possible and economically feasible.”Kevin B. Thomson – Executive Chef of JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok

FOOD WASTE : A GLOBAL ISSUEThe 3rd biggest carbon emitter- If food waste were a country1/3 of food produced is wasted each year Enough to feed 3 billion peopleFood Waste costs 1.2Trillion per year

SEAFOOD SHELL PROJECT2018 - 2020SCHOLAR OF SUSTENANCEFOUNDATION2019 - 2020Jan – Dec 2020Jan – Dec 2020We donated 1.9 tons of dried oystershells & 951 kg dried egg shellsWe donated 4,679 kg of surplus food or14,677 servingsCOFFEE PROJECT2020TRAINING2020July – Dec 2020Food Waste PreventionUsed coffee granules intocomplimentary scrubrefresher courses238 kg390 hours

ACHIEVEMENTS BY JW MARRIOTT HOTEL BANGKOK 999-0SOF FOOD SAVED-56.7%IN FOOD WASTEPER COVER174,000MEALS RESCUED(5J.o189 TONSOF CO2 REDUCEDJW Marriott Hotel Bangkok continued to evolve after a very successful 2019, with its ambition on our drive to reduce food waste by50% by 2025. After a very challenging and unprecedented year in 2020, we have still managed to drive forward with our commitmentthrough Marriott Serve 360 and have achieved outstanding results.Lightblue Consulting bought its expertise and human – centered approach to support the implementation in October 2018 which set thebuilding blocks we still use today. 390 hours of training onsite through food waste prevention and capacity building workshops Continue to innovate with exciting ideas from our associates Creative new ways to reduce our carbon food print“Lightblue has helped us to develop a culture on food waste and landfill reduction awareness, here at JW MarriottHotel Bangkok. We take great pride in what we have achieved not only in 2020 but also since we began running theprogram from October 2018, this continues to inspire other Marriott Hotels following our social responsibility."Peter Caprez, Cluster General ManagerDo not distribute, for internal use onlyFooter Content 5

MONTHLY TRACKINGLANDFILLFOOD WASTERESULTMONTHKG SavedCo2 reduction (kg)Meal rescuedTOTAL 201984,979190,390169,940JAN 208,03720,09216,074FEB 205,08912,72310,178MAR 203,3518,3776,701APR 20 450 1,224 900MAY 20 91 229 183JUNE 20 31 77 123JULY 209,78124,29419,436AUG 2010,64326,60821,287SEPT 2015,72039,30031,440OCT 2015,18937,97330,379NOV 2013,32433,31026,648DEC 2014,33035,82528,660YEAR 202094,256273,613188,512Do not distribute, for internal use onlyFooter Content 6

WHAT’S SOS?(SCHOLARS OF SUSTENANCE FOUNDATION - THAILAND)Food rescue NGO that will process and reallocate up to 2 tons ofotherwise discarded (edible) food a day at the FREC building. Partmaker space, part tool library, a center for creative upcycling projects.ENVIRONMENTAL HUB.Bangkok’s very first green-NGO co-working space, an innovativehub for promoting environmental awareness.NGO called Scholars of Sustenance collects otherwise discarded foodfrom grocery stores, restaurants and hotels and delivers it for free to30 orphanages/ shelters across Bangkok. Food deemed unsuitablefor consumption is delivered to 30 farms in Bangkok where it isused as either animal feed or compost.JW BKK ContributionFood Donation in 2020, we donated 4,677kg of good quality surplusfood to SOS Thailand. The donation amount was provide over 14,329 serving tothose in need. Also, by reducing this amount of food waste, we havesuccessfully saved 6,481 KG of GHG (Greenhouse Gas)equivalence emission (Co₂-e (kg)) or 791 Days (2.1years)equivalent of electricity consumption for one household.Do not distribute, for internal use onlyFooter Content 7

MONTHLY FOOD DONATIONSOSRESULTMONTHDonation (kg)Co2 reduction (kg)Meals servedElectricity(days saved)2,387.144,535.5710,026404DEC 176281844307078100105109YEAR TOTAL4,677.526,481.7714,329791 (2.1 years)TOTAL MAY –OCTOBER 2019JAN 20FEB 20MAR 20APR 20MAY 20JUNE 20JULY 20AUG 20SEPT 20OCT 20NOV 20Do not distribute, for internal use onlyFooter Content 8

DATEYEARONYEARRESULTSLANDFILLFOOD WASTERESULTSKG SavedCo2 reduction (kg)Meal rescuedTOTAL 201984,979161,460169,940TOTAL 202094,256179,086188,512VARIANCE 9,277 83,223 18,572Saved (kg)Co2 reduction (kg)Meals servedElectricity(days saved)TOTAL MAY –OCTOBER 20192,387.144,535.5710,026404YEAR TOTAL4,677.526,481.7714,329791 (2.1 years)VARIANCE 2,290.38 1,946.2 4,303387 daysDATESaved (kg)Co2 reduction (kg)Meal servedElectricity(days saved)TOTAL 201987,366.14165,955.17169,94014,821TOTAL 202099,679.23189,390.10174,89016,909VARIANCE 12,313.09 23,434.93 4,950 2,088DATESOSRESULTSTOTALSOS &REDUCEDLANDFILLFOOD use-gas-calculator/Do not distribute, for internal use onlyVARIANCE 5.72 yearsFooter Content 9

ON-GOING CAMPAIGNSat JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok


EGG SHELL PROJECT WITH RAITONG ORGANIC FARMEGG SHELLS TO ORGANIC CHICKENSNov– Dec 2019 / 6.66grams per egg shell (199.23kg or 29,885 eggs)Jan – Dec 2020 (951.89kg or 144,225 eggs)JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok 12

WATERMELON RIND PROJECTWATERMELON RIND TO WATERMELON RIND CANDYYear 2019 – 220 kg watermelon rind2020- 280kg Watermelon rindJW Marriott Hotel Bangkok 13

VEGETABLE & FRUIT PEELINGSCompost produced in house594.06kg (product 28kg of nutrient rich soil)Coffee for Scrub238kgVegetable and Fruit Peeling for Animal Feed6.9 tonsJW Marriott Hotel Bangkok 14

CIRCULIFE BY M-WRAPImplemented in October 2019, our supplier of Food wrapping film worked with us on helping to reduce the environmental impact of used food wrap(total 1,183.34 kg since Oct 2019 – March 2020)Currently due to the current Market production of this program has been postponed1,000kg IS NEEDED TO START PRODUCTION DONATED TO A CHILDS CHARITYJW Marriott Hotel Bangkok 15

CIRCULIFE BY M-WRAPRESOURCESPVC Recycled CompoundBoots Shoes16th March 202015u 11 sLl Q uOofsJ11su§u 1.hrb1n8rhTF1sJn1s "1iiu1Wana1a" (Circulife By M Wrap)u;\ffl LD,nOu;;; t101l.Jn,,.iu ,n11 '7Mit1ua:-i,r 't1M'41tJ a'ua,u1No1t111WJwfl ,Duu.nJ t1'1:l1'4nil,;,1iJ'qr,,1iiou-,t1a'o u .,.n1,09'n11\lDn Ln1J 1\-r1fl11u.11:uiJ.,?tl ih,io110-.J uo1J\in'u,p,1w\\4 "fui, lnal tt'll'111 '1J1.Ulb,;,1u.1w 'l.l'U1 f11·u,1t 1·mTnlh,1,·;,h'"4'u.1.,nwo,Yih-1u.iJJl ii'uuib u Ji 10YI (JW J/iarriott Hotel Bangkolt).b ,n ·n.1 u.u4iion uu;aDn u, ffh,' fll"61.l1ffl (Bangkok MamouMarqu s Queen's Park). -rau1,.u \l Ho I). h'l1u."u,.1-iuri111u,-ut\',-., if'I(Cerltury Parku. YI 1,-;u,,f -.1,:;i1"1f"'IN"'' ·w;,{Gentara Grano a t central Plaza Leoorao Bangko- .), ltou:n.1WASTEFood Wrapping FIim Waste\Ju,J\u17 (Banyan Troo Barig- ok), L1,HL-,JJtfr ;'t,f)1 n.fln'l'D,iS Wlil i lii, (Sr i P f"twa Phul etluxury Pool Vii a Hotel),h u.,)J1Utft;E1'4h nft Lflfl -,a-,lun111.1,.ul\1.lf'110n1']il L8U\L1tlt flitfl1.J'1otm:.u.umnui16lJnuolJ01 1,Yli11fbl"r1n'u1,0111lJi'u'U1iiL-'!i1fu.1l ,o ,,L'Nail,i 1.-i1n1:1n,.m,1 1'lltfiavu14\)niii W\:'-i"1o '4i lt0'1ltho"] th:LlJ1:1u LWEIA l).E1Jl i111tJ'!!'\na ,,wnl-4;;\.l, ,,.,,-.w-r,""' t.f"YI 1-i!'Uni'111vun'fn.111nnfi,(Centa,a Grand al Cen:ra. Pla7a Laaprao Bangkok)1.h:lu1:1 "11 ft·,:,u,1JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok 16

REDUCTION OF PLASTIC WASTERESULTSJAN 2020 – DECEMBER 2020Per monthITEM (ROOM)EST. CONSUMPTION(PCS/MONTH)Suit cover plastic with logo (Roll 500 M)16,800Plastic Laundry Bag8,190Guest Room Laundry Bag63,000Plastic Water Bottle (Gym Area)210,000ITEM (FOOD & BEVERAGE)Do not distribute, for internal use onlyEST. CONSUMPTION(PCS/MONTH)Plastic Straw210,000Plastic Box (250 gm)25,200Plastic Box (500 gm)25,200Plastic Waste Bottle with logo315,000Plastic Bag (Small)210,000Plastic Bag (Large)168,000Footer Content 17

ENVIRONMENTALBEYONDMEATOMNIMEAT100% plant-based. Free from GMO, hormone andFormulated by a proprietary blend of plant-basedproteins from pea, non-GMO soy, shiitakemushroom and rice, delivering 12.5 grams ofprotein per serving, it's completely plant-based,and has less cholesterol, calories and fats than realpork.antibiotics. *Beyond Meat makes history withthe biggest IPO pop since 2000.*Do not distribute, for internal use onlyFooter Content 18

GUESTAWARENESSFOOD?DON'T WASTE ITE t Less Enjoy MoreTENT CARD AND TABLE TALKERDo not distribute, for internal use onlyFooter Content 19

LOVE FOOD CAMPAIGN – RESPONSESGUESTAWARENESS(SOCIAL MEDIA)“JW Café and BBCO aims to reduce food waste in landfillto zero. Help us tackle this global crisis. With yourcontribution together we are better.” JW Cafe verbiageFOOD?DON'T WASTE ITE t Less Enjoy Morew.Do not distribute, for internal use onlyFooter Content 20

ASSOCIATETRAININGJW Marriott Hotel Bangkok genuinely commits to preventing food waste by complying with the FoodLovers’ Committee had set up and holds regular meetings to establish new approaches aimed at effectivefood waste reduction, employees undergo regular training regarding how to creatively cut food waste andstaff awareness raising campaigns are run regularly with an open door policy for any suggestion theymay have to help improve food waste reduction.Total training hours 390 hoursDo not distribute, for internal use onlyFooter Content 21

390 hours of training onsite through food waste prevention and capacity building workshops Continue to innovate with exciting ideas from our associates Creative new ways to reduce our carbon food print “Lightblue has helped us to develop a culture on food waste and landfill reduction awareness, here at JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok. We take great pride in what we have achieved not only in 2020 but also since