Raymarine SR150 SiriusXM Receiver Installation Instructions


SiriusXM SR150Installation instructionsENGLIS HDa te : 03-2013Docume nt numbe r: 87188-1 2013 Ra yma rine UK Limite d

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ContentsChapter 1 Important information. 74.11 Network connection via network switch . 33Safety notices. 74.12 Network hardware . 34General Information . 74.13 Network cables . 35Chapter 2 Handbook information. 114.14 Audio connection. 364.15 Antenna connection. 372.1 Handbook information . 12Chapter 3 Planning the installation . 153.1 Installation checklist . 163.2 System integration . 193.3 Typical systems . 22Chapter 5 Installation . 395.1 General location requirements . 405.2 Antenna installation . 415.3 SiriusXM receiver installation . 435.4 Activating your SiriusXM receiver . 45Chapter 4 Cables and connections. 255.5 Setup and operation . 454.1 General cabling guidance . 264.2 Connections overview . 27Chapter 6 Maintenance and support . 474.3 Power connection . 274.4 Grounding — Dedicated drain wire. 284.5 Power cable extension . 294.6 Breakers, fuses and circuit protection . 294.7 Sharing a breaker . 304.8 Network cable connector types . 304.9 Network connection — multifunction display withRayNet connector. 314.10 Network connection — multifunction display withRJ45 SeaTalkhs connector . 326.1 Service and maintenance . 486.2 Cleaning. 486.3 Raymarine customer support . 49Appendix A LED indications . 51Appendix B Spares and accessories. 53Appendix C Technical specification . 535


Chapter 1: Important informationWarning: Product groundingSafety noticesBefore applying power to this product, ensure it hasbeen correctly grounded, in accordance with theinstructions in this guide.Warning: Product installation andoperationThis product must be installed and operated inaccordance with the instructions provided. Failure todo so could result in personal injury, damage to yourvessel and/or poor product performance.Warning: Maintain a permanent watchAlways maintain a permanent watch, this will allowyou to respond to situations as they develop. Failureto maintain a permanent watch puts yourself, yourvessel and others at serious risk of harm.Warning: Potential ignition sourceThis product is NOT approved for use inhazardous/flammable atmospheres. Do NOT install ina hazardous/flammable atmosphere (such as in anengine room or near fuel tanks).Warning: Positive ground systemsDo not connect this unit to a system which has positivegrounding.Caution: Power supply protectionWhen installing this product ensure the power sourceis adequately protected by means of a suitably-ratedfuse or automatic circuit breaker.Caution: Service and maintenanceThis product contains no user serviceablecomponents. Please refer all maintenance and repairto authorized Raymarine dealers. Unauthorized repairmay affect your warranty.General InformationWarning: Switch off power supplyEMC installation guidelinesEnsure the vessel’s power supply is switched OFFbefore starting to install this product. Do NOT connector disconnect equipment with the power switched on,unless instructed in this document.Raymarine equipment and accessories conform to the appropriateElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) regulations, to minimizeelectromagnetic interference between equipment and minimize theeffect such interference could have on the performance of yoursystemImportant information7

Correct installation is required to ensure that EMC performance isnot compromised.For optimum EMC performance we recommend that whereverpossible: Raymarine equipment and cables connected to it are:– At least 1 m (3 ft) from any equipment transmitting or cablescarrying radio signals e.g. VHF radios, cables and antennas.In the case of SSB radios, the distance should be increasedto 7 ft (2 m).– More than 2 m (7 ft) from the path of a radar beam. A radarbeam can normally be assumed to spread 20 degrees aboveand below the radiating element. The product is supplied from a separate battery from that usedfor engine start. This is important to prevent erratic behaviorand data loss which can occur if the engine start does not havea separate battery.Suppression ferritesRaymarine cables may be fitted with suppression ferrites. Theseare important for correct EMC performance. If a ferrite has to beremoved for any purpose (e.g. installation or maintenance), it mustbe replaced in the original position before the product is used.Use only ferrites of the correct type, supplied by Raymarineauthorized dealers.Connections to other equipmentRequirement for ferrites on non-Raymarine cablesIf your Raymarine equipment is to be connected to other equipmentusing a cable not supplied by Raymarine, a suppression ferriteMUST always be attached to the cable near the Raymarine unit.Product disposalDispose of this product in accordance with the WEEE Directive. Raymarine specified cables are used. Cables are not cut or extended, unless doing so is detailed inthe installation manual.Note: Where constraints on the installation prevent any ofthe above recommendations, always ensure the maximumpossible separation between different items of electricalequipment, to provide the best conditions for EMC performancethroughout the installationThe Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)Directive requires the recycling of waste electrical and electronicequipment. Whilst the WEEE Directive does not apply to someRaymarine products, we support its policy and ask you to be awareof how to dispose of this product.Warranty registrationWater ingressWater ingress disclaimerTo register your Raymarine product ownership, please visitwww.raymarine.com and register online.Although the waterproof rating capacity of this product meets theIPX6 & IPX7 standard, water intrusion and subsequent equipmentfailure may occur if the product is subjected to commercialhigh-pressure washing. Raymarine will not warrant productssubjected to high-pressure washing.It is important that you register your product to receive full warrantybenefits. Your unit package includes a bar code label indicating theserial number of the unit. You will need this serial number whenregistering your product online. You should retain the label for futurereference.8SR150

IMO and SOLASThe equipment described within this document is intended for useon leisure marine boats and workboats not covered by InternationalMaritime Organization (IMO) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)Carriage Regulations.Technical accuracyTo the best of our knowledge, the information in this documentwas correct at the time it was produced. However, Raymarinecannot accept liability for any inaccuracies or omissions it maycontain. In addition, our policy of continuous product improvementmay change specifications without notice. As a result, Raymarinecannot accept liability for any differences between the productand this document. Please check the Raymarine website(www.raymarine.com) to ensure you have the most up-to-dateversion(s) of the documentation for your product.Important information9


Chapter 2: Handbook informationChapter contents 2.1 Handbook information on page 12Handbook information11

2.1 Handbook informationThis handbook describes installation of the SR150 SiriusXMreceiver.The handbook includes information to help you: plan your installation and ensure you have all the necessaryequipment, install and connect the SR150 as part of a wider system ofconnected marine electronics, troubleshoot problems and obtain technical support if required.This and other Raymarine product documentation is available todownload in PDF format from www.raymarine.com.Related productsThis document is applicable to the following product:Part numberNameDescriptionE70161SR150 SiriusXMreceiver.Receiver for SiriusXMweather and satelliteradio services.DescriptionPart numberNew a Series, c Series, e Series Installation andoperation instructionsDetails the operation of the SiriusXM functions in theWeather and Sirius audio applications for New a Series, cSeries, e Series multifunction displays.81337C-Series Widescreen User referenceDetails the operation of the SiriusXM functions in theWeather and Sirius audio applications for the RaymarineC90W, C120W, C140W multifunction displays.81312E-Series Widescreen User referenceDetails the operation of the SiriusXM functions in theWeather and Sirius audio applications for the RaymarineE90W, E120W, E140W multifunction displays.81320G-Series User referenceDetails the operation of the SiriusXM functions in theWeather and Sirius audio applications for the RaymarineG-Series GPM400 systems.81276E-Series Classic User referenceDetails the operation of the SiriusXM functions in theWeather and Sirius audio applications for the RaymarineE-Series Classic E80 and E120 multifunction displays.81244Product documentationThe following documentation is applicable to your product:DescriptionPart numberSR150 Installation instructionsInstallation of an SR150 unit and connection to a widersystem of marine electronics.87188SR150 Mounting templateMounting diagram for surface mounting an SR150 unit.8718912SR150

Product overviewThe SR150 receiver enables you to receive SiriusXM marineweather and satellite radio services on your multifunction display. Select an audio channel from a list of hundreds of availablesatellite radio stations. Save presets (up to 5). Display all Advisory Messages, as determined by the Siriusspecification.000000 Control volume (including mute function).SiriusXM marine weather and satellite radio services are availableon up to 6 compatible networked multifunction displays.Note: Networking features require that all multifunction displaysare connected via a RayNet or an RJ45 SeaTalkhs connection.0AUDIO0ANTENNA0NETWORKP OWER0D12791-1The receiver has the following features when connected to acompatible Raymarine multifunction display: Receive and display SiriusXM marine weather data on yourmultifunction display, as provided by your SiriusXM servicesubscription. Overlay historical, live and forecasted weather graphics on a worldmap in the Weather application on your multifunction display. Supports SiriusXM to Sirius Legacy translation. Receive and control SiriusXM satellite radio channels on yourmultifunction display, as provided by your SiriusXM servicesubscription:Handbook information13


Chapter 3: Planning the installationChapter contents 3.1 Installation checklist on page 16 3.2 System integration on page 19 3.3 Typical systems on page 22Planning the installation15

3.1 Installation checklistParts suppliedInstallation includes the following activities:000Installation Task1Plan your system.2Obtain all required equipment and tools.3Site all equipment.4Route all cables.5Drill cable and mounting holes.6Make all connections into equipment.7Secure all equipment in place.8Power on and test the hematic diagramA schematic diagram is an essential part of planning any installation.It is also useful for any future additions or maintenance of thesystem. The diagram should include:0D12792-1 Location of all components.1. SR150 SiriusXM receiver. Connectors, cable ty

Weather and Sirius audio applications for the Raymarine G-Series GPM400 systems. 81276 E-Series Classic User reference Details the operation of the SiriusXM functions in the Weather and Sirius audio applications for the Raymarine E-Series Classic E80 and E120 multifunction displays. 81244 12 SR150