52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockSessionDateSession TimeSession RoomSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsTarget AudienceAllDrawing on a decade of experience as dean ofadmission at William & Mary and three years in hiscurrent role, Vice President Henry Broaddus willoffer an opinionated reflection and prognosticationon what has not changed but should, what is at riskof changing but should not, and what he thinks thebig questions will be for higher education in thecoming decade and beyond.TargetAudienceExperienceAll levelsOpeningSession A23-Apr 4:15 - 5:45 pm James RiverBallroomHenry Broaddus, VP ofStrategic Initiatives &Public Affairs, Williamand MaryB124-Apr 9:15 - 10:15ArcherMary Jane Greene, St. Wading Through the Information Tsunami:Catherine's School (VA) Delivering College Counseling Information toClare Trow, St.Students and Parents with Greater EfficiencyCatherine's School (VA)Secondary School All levelsEmail, texting, and social media overload haveimpacted the way we distribute information to our Counselorsstudents and parents. We will share a variety ofways we deliver college counseling informationthrough our newly developed Symposium andForums and other methods of communications.B224-Apr 9:15 - 10:15Burwell ARachel Cleaver, George Pulling Back the Curtain on the HolisticMason University (VA) Application Review ProcessMatthew Boyce,George MasonUniversity (VA)Holistic college application review is a fairlysignificant mystery to the general public andreceives some fairly skeptical reviews within thesphere of public discourse, making assumptionsthat students are all just numbers to the colleges,particularly large public research institutions. Thissession spends time to pull back the curtain andreveal in greater depth the manner in whichapplications are reviewed holistically, hopefullyproviding high school counselors with someanswers to this enigmatic process.4/3/2017What are colleges and universities doing toprepare for changes that are in progress andon the horizon, and how can collegecounseling and admission professionals playan important role in shaping that future?Session DescriptionSecondary School All levelsCounselors,IndependentCounselors,Community BasedOrganizations1 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockSessionDateSession TimeSession RoomSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsSession DescriptionTargetAudienceExperienceSecondary School t AudienceB324-Apr 9:15-10:15Burwell BMonica Scott, Capture The New Prom Kings and Queens Are DataHigher Ed, (MD)Scientists - Are You Ready?Geoff Broome, CaptureHigher Ed (MD)Bill Allen, Sweet BriarCollege (VA)The shift in enrollment management team frombrand ambassadors and social butterflies to datascientists is upon us. More and more leaders inEnrollment Management are coming with formalbackgrounds in statistics or data science rather thansociology or communications. Trusting your gutwon’t get it done anymore. Today’s enrollmentmanagers need to decipher data to see key trendsquickly. Learn how to implement your enrollmentstrategy with the right balance of both.B424-Apr 9:15 - 10:15ColstonErica Matt, University Redesigning Your Student Team: the Good,of Delaware (DE)the Bad, the Lessons LearnedChristina Thomas,University of Delaware(DE)CollegeWe had 500 student employees in the Office ofAdmissions across 16 different student groups. Our AdmissionsOfficersbiggest problem was finding students to workevents and give tours! Learn how we completelyredesigned the student workforce to build a morecomprehensive and cohesive student employmentorganization.B524-Apr 9:15 - 10:15TazewellDave Fedorchak,Innovation 101: Leaders Tell All .Towson University(MD)Mildred Johnson,Virginia Tech (VA)Ashley Woodard, MaryWashington University(VA)Innovation is everywhere, and college admissions isno exception! Hear from a panel of admissionsdirectors about how they keep up with studentsand push the envelope on access, technology andconnectivity.4/3/2017All levelsSecondary School All ssionsOfficers,CommunityCollegeCounselors2 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockSessionDateSession TimeSession RoomSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsSession DescriptionTarget AudienceB624-Apr 9:15-10:15WarehamElizabeth Dugas,Regional Reps: Officers Without Offices!Unversity of Alabama(AL)Mandy Williams, WestVirginia University(WV)Luis Portillo, RadfordUnversity (VA)CollegeWhether you are a new or established RegionalAdmissions Representative, or even if you are just AdmissionsOfficersthinking of becoming a Regional, we have tips foryou! Three established Regionals, with differentapproaches to the job, will present strategies forgetting hired into Regional positions, tips for gettingstarted, different recommendations for timemanagement on your own schedule, and (mostimportantly!) our best practices to help yousucceed as a Regional in your non-office.C124-Apr 10:30-11:30ArcherPenny Deck, Maggie L. Across the Pond - Applying to Schools in theWalker GovernorsUK & IrelandSchool (VA)Rachel Loving, MaggieL. Walker GovernorsSchool (VA)Shannon Farrelly,Unversity College ofDublin (IRL)Jason Via, Kings CollegeLondon (UK)Students are becoming more aware of internationalopportunities to attend college abroad. Learnabout the UK system and the Irish admissionsprocess compared to the US system and howinternational schools view the differentcomponents of the application. Two collegecounselors will share their recent experiencetraveling abroad meeting with admissionsrepresentatives and students and learning aboutthe UCAS application. Admission representativesfrom King's College London and University CollegeDublin will convey the benefits of earning anundergraduate degree abroad. Each representativewill highlight specifics of their university's uniquecharacter, course options, and ceAll levelsSecondary School All levelsCounselors,IndependentCounselors3 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockC2SessionDateSession Time24-Apr 10:30-11:30Session RoomBurwell ATargetAudienceExperienceNew SAT Mid-year review: Doing More with More than 41,000 educators logged into the College Secondary School All levelsDataBoard?s K12 Online Educator Score Reporting Portal Counselors,Independentin the first six months after its launch. The HigherCounselors,Education Score Reporting Portal, which includesCollegethe SAT Trends Dashboard, was relaunched inAdmissionsSeptember 2016, and now offers newly createdOfficers,reports to help higher admissions professionalsCommunityunderstand SAT score send data from year to year. CollegeThese data-rich tools can offer detailed, focusedCounselors,information, make daily work easier, and enhance Community Basedresults. In this panel, moderated by the CollegeOrganizationsSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsAmy Miranda, CollegeBoard ( )Cassandra Allen,College Board ( )Dan Forster,Washington College(MD)Session DescriptionTarget AudienceBoard, learn how your colleagues are using theseresources to streamline their work and achievetheir goals. The session will conclude with excitinginformation and best practices regarding OfficialSAT Practice on Khan Academy. Within the firstyear of College Board?s formal launch of thepartnership with Khan Academy, 1.7M users loggedin to access this free, world-class practiceopportunity. College Board will share researchresults detailing what worked for students whohave been using this tool, and how it can work forthe students you serve.C34/3/201724-Apr 10:30-11:30Burwell BAnthony Ambrogi,Randolph-MaconCollege (VA)Kelly Farmer,Stevenson University(MD)Eli Clarke, GonzagaCollege High School(DC)The Only Constant is Change: ManagingChange for the Office and StudentsA year with such massive changes in our professionforces college admission leaders to make significantadjustments to how we work with students andwith our fellow colleagues. Hear from both collegeand high school directors about how they managedchange within their offices to maintaineffectiveness and morale, as well as how theyaltered their approaches to working with studentsthroughout the process. Come ready to share yourown experiences and suggestions.Secondary School fficers4 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockSessionDateSession TimeSession RoomSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsSession DescriptionTargetAudienceExperienceSecondary School All tyCollegeCounselors,Community BasedOrganizationsTarget AudienceC424-Apr 10:30-11:30ColstonKristi Eaves-McLennan, Marketing and Admissions: Forming aMeredith College (NC) Collaborative Relationship that Yields GreatRenee Daly, Simpson ResultsScarborough ( )To stay competitive, colleges and universities arefocusing on branding and marketing far more thanin previous years. But at most schools, marketingand admissions fail to work with an increasedsynergy to boost enrollment. See how MeredithCollege broke down the barriers and engaged amultidisciplinary team of campus representativesand experts to find the messages that resonatedwith their audiences, develop a strong brandpositioning, and enroll one of the largest classesever.C524-Apr 10:30-11:30TazewellChristi Campbell, John Technology Tools for the Counselor whoChampe High Schoolworks Smarter not Harder(VA)Maria Porto, JohnChampe High School(VA)Rachel Wheeler, AtleeHigh School (MD)Jenna Chenault, AtleeHigh School (MD)With school counselors carrying a caseload of 300- Secondary School All levelsCounselors450 or more in Virginia, plus working towardsbecoming a recognized ASCA model school, plusadvising college bound students, conducting suicideand threat assessments, and more - the day hasbecome shorter and the work longer. How can weas counselors do more with less? Learn how tocreate a technology toolbox by using Social Mediaand Hootsuite, Plickers, Goose Chase, Googleforms, Microsoft Sway, Nearpod, QR codes, Kahoot,Powtoon, Prezi, and Videoscribe to flip yourcounseling lessons, reach more, create a datadriven program and maintain your sanity.C624-Apr 10:30-11:30WarehamKonrad Turnbull,From F1 to Undocumented: UnderstandingShepherd UniversityImmigration Complexities(VA)Rosemary Martin,University of Maryland(MD)Immigration is a complex, rewarding, andsometimes heartbreaking issue that can impact anylevel of an educational institution. This sessionlooks to offer clarification on various visa types,including undocumented students, detailing bestpractices, financial aid eligibility, educationalopportunities, student's rights, and up-to-date lawchanges.4/3/2017Secondary School All ssionsOfficers,CommunityCollegeCounselors5 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockD1SessionDateSession Time24-Apr 2:00 - 3:00Session RoomArcherSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsKevin Terry, Rock Ridge Redeeming the College Dream with DualHigh School (VA)EnrollmentClara Haskell Botstein,Bard College (NY)Tyler Hart, RichardBland College ofWilliam & Mary (VA)TargetAudienceExperienceSecondary School All levelsWe will chronicle the building of a free dualCounselors,enrollment program. The Bard High School EarlyCollege programs(BHSEC) are the most researched Independentand renowned programs in the nation. The typical Counselors,CollegeBHSEC student population consists of 85% to 100%Admissionson free lunch. At BHSEC 80% earn Associate?sOfficers,degrees, 100% graduate, and 100% transfer toCommunitycollege. We also will examine the birth of Virginia?s Collegefirst free and open access dual enrollment program Counselors,at Rock Ridge High School with Richard BlandCommunity BasedCollege of William & Mary. Both programs offerOrganizationsSession DescriptionTarget Audiencecollege access and remove the financial barriersmost underrepresented student struggle toovercome.D24/3/201724-Apr 2:00 - 3:00Burwell ABen Rous, HamptonRoads Academy (VA)Alice Robertson,Chantilly High School(VA)Secondary School All levelsIt Takes a Village to Raise an ‘Idiot’: HowIn the literary conceits of William Shakespeare,CounselorsSchool Communities Can Support the College Herman Melville, Jerzy Kosinsky, and WinstonSearch and Application ProcessGroom (author of Forrest Gump ), the character ofthe fool—a figure sometimes known as the “villageidiot”— functions as a tool to cut through thepretensions of the other characters and get downto the truth of the matter; thus, the “idiot”possesses a unique self-awareness that educates.This session will explore ways through whichvarious members of a public or independent schoolcommunity (faculty, parents, peers, staff) candevelop and increase this self-knowledge among allstudents, as well as contribute towards efficientand effective writing of letters of recommendation.6 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockSessionDateSession TimeSession RoomSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsSession DescriptionD324-Apr 2:00 - 3:00Burwell BJake Talmage, St. Paul's Admissions Practices and Current Issues inSchool for Boys (MD) EthicsDale Bittinger,University of MarylandBaltimore County (MD)Wonder what AP, NACAC and SPGP stand for? TheAdmissions Practices (AP) Committee will brieflypresent an introduction to NACAC's Statement ofPrinciples and Good Practices (SPGP). Then, timewill be dedicated to an engaging discussion ofcurrent cases based on real situations.D424-Apr 2:00 - 3:00ColstonLaura Venos, McLeanHigh School (VA)Justine Okerson,William & Mary (VA)Join Laura Venos, Career Center Specialist, McLeanHigh School and Justine Okerson, Associate Dean ofAdmission, William & Mary, for a fun interactivegame followed by a roundtable discussion on bestpractices for High School College Visits. For bothsides of the desk, this session will provide a chanceto enhance high school college visits. Discussion willinclude: scheduling and relationships (pre-visit),content and delivery (during the visit), and keepingin touch (after the visit).D524-Apr 2:00 - 3:00TazewellJosh Lubben,Managing in the Middle: A Guide to MiddleUniversity of Maryland Management SuccessBaltimore County (MD)Karime Naime, GeorgeWashington University(DC)4/3/2017High School College Visits - Best PracticesTargetAudienceExperienceSecondary School All y BasedOrganizationsTarget AudienceSecondary School All tyCollegeCounselorsCollegeThinking about that next step in admissions? TheAdmissionslife of middle of middle manager is filled with adistinctive set of responsibilities that you must be Officersprepare to tackle. From staff and budgetmanagement to strategic plan implementations, orworking with vendors there are simply not enoughhours in a day. So how do they do it? Thepresenters in this session will share theirresponsibilities, experiences, and techniques onhow they have found the balance between the artand the science of this job.Beginning,Mid-level7 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockD6SessionDateSession Time24-Apr 2:00 - 3:00Session RoomWarehamSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsIris Rivera, ChantillyCareer Exploration - Making it fun andHigh School (VA)relevant!James Lockwood,Mountain View HighSchool (VA)Michele Webb, FairfaxCounty Public Schools(VA)Stacey Thomas,Johnson & WalesUniversity (RI)TargetAudienceExperienceSecondary School BeginningThis session will explore options for maximizingstudents' career exploration opportunities while in Counselors,Independenthigh school in an effort to minimize stress andCounselors,anxiety associated with selecting a major/careerCollegeduring their post-secondary education & trainingAdmissionsyears. Join us for this fun and interactive session asOfficers,we share our experiences in helping studentsCommunityexplore their interests, skills, work values, andCollegepersonality traits and how they relate to their post- Counselors,secondary exploration options. During the session Community Basedwe will discuss how college admissionsOrganizationsSession DescriptionTarget Audiencerepresentatives and high school counselors canwork together to increase students awareness ofthe many career/major exploration resources.Attendees will have the opportunity to also sharetheir own experiences, resources, and orsuggestions. Two learning outcomes: 1. Theimportance of highlighting to students how postsecondary education relates to their future careergoals 2. What resources, programming, and othervaluable tools professionals can use to assiststudents making valuable connections to theirfuture career plans.E14/3/201724-Apr 3:15 - 4:15ArcherChristine Jenkins,Staying Connected and Motivated DuringUniversity of Maryland Recruitment Travel!Baltimore County (MD)Elizabeth Davis,University of MarylandBaltimore County (MD)Highly motivated admissions counselors are a great Collegeasset to any office, but the many miles on the road AdmissionsOfficersthat come with recruitment travel can take theirtoll. This interactive session will discuss howadmissions representatives, at any level, can usefun, creative, and exciting methods to stayconnected with their colleagues during recruitmenttravel. These methods help staff to buildrelationships with their colleagues, maintain energyon the road, and have a successful and fulfillingrecruitment season.All levels8 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockE2E34/3/2017SessionDateSession Time24-Apr 3:15 - 4:1524-Apr 3:15 - 4:15Session RoomBurwell ABurwell BSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsAshley Woodard, Mary Diversity Initiatives: Coming together for aWashington University common cause(VA)Valerie Gregory,University of Virginia(VA)Luis Portillo, RadfordUniversity (VA)Randy Tripp, William &Mary (VA)Johnice Brown,Longwood University(VA)Monyette Martin,James MadisonUniversity (VA)Brian Leipheimer,Collegiate School (VA)Jim Jump, St.Christopher's School(VA)The Fallacy of FailureTargetAudienceExperienceMore now than ever the terms access, diversity and Secondary School All levelsCounselors,inclusion are tossed around and discussed inadmissions circles and higher education. But, what IndependentCounselors,is actually being done? What are you doing? ThisCommunitysession will address these questions and highlightCollegehow talk was put into action recently when a groupCounselors,of admissions officers from several universities inCommunity BasedVirginia teamed up. Come hear about new ideas on OrganizationsSession DescriptionTarget Audiencediversity programs and discover best practices.Explore the juxtaposition between educatorsextolling the value of failure while our outputfocused culture won't permit it, whether it emergesin high stakes college admissions, performance onstandardized tests, or developing students to besocially minded, global citizens. What are theimplications, from an administrative and curriculumperspective, when results provide little margin forfailure? Look at the implications of risk-taking inthe school culture and its effect on the faculty andadministration, the psycho-social effects of strivingfor perfection in and out of the classroom, and thechallenges behind providing an educational safetynet prior to post-secondary academics.Secondary School All levelsCounselors,CollegeAdmissionsOfficers9 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockE4SessionDateSession Time24-Apr 3:15 - 4:15Session RoomColstonTargetAudienceExperiencePut Yourself in Their Shoes: A ProspectiveThe Transfer audience can include prospects from Secondary School All levelsCounselors,Transfer Student's Journey from Community all walks-of-life making it a difficult audience toIndependentCollege to 4-year Institutiondefine. Because of this, determining the Transferprospect journey from Community College to your Counselors,Collegeinstitution can feel almost daunting! In this session,Admissionswe'll put ourselves in their shoes and walk throughOfficers,some of the things you should consider to ensureCommunityyour institution is accomplishing what is needed to Collegereach, engage, and support these audiences along CounselorsSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsLindsay Skeens, GeorgeWashington University(DC)Lacey Faunce,Northern VirginiaCommunity College(VA)Jaime Oleksik, CarnegieCommunications (MA)Session DescriptionTarget Audiencetheir winding path. Included in this session will beinsights from the Community College, 4-yearinstitution, and Marketing point-of-view, along withactionable to-do’s you can take away that covereverything from online to on-the-ground efforts.Secondary School All levelsCounselors,IndependentCounselors,Community BasedOrganizationsE524-Apr 3:15 - 4:15TazewellHannah Wolff, Langley Options for the Open Minded (or Not SoHigh School (VA)Opened Minded) StudentCrys Latham,Washington LatinPublic Charter School(DC)When talking about college fit, we know not everystudent will thrive in a traditional college setting.We also know that not every family believes in theinvestment of a college education, so sometimeswe need to get a little creative to help them see thelight at the end of the tunnel. Here are tips forreaching that hard to reach student, or for gettingunder-involved parents on board in the collegesearch process.E624-Apr 3:15 - 4:15WarehamJayne Fonash, Loudoun Using Orientation, mentoring and advisoryAcademy of Scienceto promote the transition to grade 9(VA)Robert Bardwell,Monson High School(MA)Research shows that the transition to high school is Secondary School All levelscrucial for a student's future success. Hear about Counselorssuccessful 9th grade mentoring, advisory andorientation programs and how school counselorswere instrumental in creating and implementingthese programs. This session will be highlyinteractive allowing for audience involvement.4/3/201710 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockSessionDateSession TimeSession RoomSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsSession DescriptionTarget AudienceTargetAudienceExperienceClosingSession F25-Apr 9:00 - 10:15Burwell A and BLou Hirsh, University of Closing Session: A New SPGP - A preview ofDelaware and Chair,the work of NACAC's Steering Committee forNACAC's APAdmission Practices.Committee (DE)Jim Jump, St.Christopher's School(VA)The SPGP is changing, and we need your feedback. AllAppointed in 2016, the Steering Committee onAdmission Practices is charged with creating arevamped set of professional statements to governour work with students and each other. Thepresenters, who are members of this steeringcommittee, will share insights into the progress ofthe committee and gather key insights from theaudience as we continue to refine the documentthat will be presented to the NACAC Assembly atthe Annual Conference in September. Also, andupdate from PCACAC's Chair of Current Trends andFuture Issues Committee TBD.Preconferece 122-Apr 2:00 - 3:15W&MAdmissionsOffice - SessionRoomWorkshopThe Language of DiversityOur profession thrives on clear communication,however sometimes our words and intentions getlost in translation. This workshop will explore theterms and ideologies related to identity, socialawareness, and equity that we hear in our dailylives—at home, at work, in the news, in socialmedia—but do not always understand. How doensure that we are speaking the same language?AllAll levelsPreconferece 222-Apr 3:30 - 5:00W&MAdmissionsOffice - SessionRoomWorkshopDiversity and the Student Search ProcessWhether you are a student trying to find the rightsupportive campus community or the admissionofficer trying to develop the right multiculturalrecruitment events, navigating multiculturalattitudes and environments can be difficult andconfusing. This workshop will focus on helpingstudents identify supportive and inclusiveenvironments, and on effectively promotinginclusivity on college campuses.AllAll levels4/3/201711 of 12

52nd PCACAC ConferenceSESSIONS AT A GLANCESessionBlockSessionDateSession TimeSession RoomSpeaker/Presenters/PProposed Session TitleanelistsSession DescriptionTarget AudiencePreconference 323-Apr 10:00 - 11:15W&MAdmissionsOffice - SessionRoomWorkshopBeing Effective AlliesWhat does it mean to be a confident, courageous, Allcompassionate ally? This session will explore theideas of privilege and implicit bias and put forthactionable steps for allies to become moreinformed about and engaged in supporting studentsand colleagues from marginalized groups in highschools and colleges.Preconference 423-Apr TBDW&MAdmissionsOffice - SessionRoomWorkshopValidating Experiences for Students andFamilies - Case StudiesOur final session will explore case studies incounseling various student populations from boththe secondary school and admission perspective.Together, we will investigate our common barriersand how to move beyond them.4/3/2017AllTargetAudienceExperienceAll levelsAll levels12 of 12

C4 24-Apr 10:30-11:30 Colston Kristi Eaves-McLennan, Meredith College (NC) Renee Daly, Simpson Scarborough ( ) Marketing and Admissions: Forming a Collaborative Relationship that Yields Great . Admissions Officers, Community College Counselors, Community Based Organizations All levels D2 24-Apr 2:00 - 3:00 Burwell A Ben Rous, Hampton Roads .