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2022SUMMERPROGRAMSJUNE 13- JULY 15, 2022High School Advancement CoursesGrades 9 - 12La Salle Athletic CampsGrades 9 - 12Athletic Youth CampsGrades 6 - 8

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ACADEMIC2022 Summer School CourseSchedule, Fees and InformationLa Salle College Preparatory is excited to offer a robust offering of summer school courses to incoming, current and nonLa Salle students for Summer 2022. As a part of our continuous development of courses and opportunities for currentstudents, we are excited to also offer Pasadena City College Dual-Enrollment courses for current La Salle studnets.Below, you’ll find a complete list of our summer school course offerings for incoming and current and non-La Sallestudents, along with remidiation and PCC classes for current students. As you browse through our courses, be sure totake note of the date(s) and time(s) courses are being held. Registering families will be responsible for ensuring coursesand programs do not conflict with one another.Additionally, all summer program registration for incoming, current and non-La Salle studnets will take place onlineat lasallehs.org/summer2022. Click on the registration link on this page and complete the required fields and submitpayment electronically. Summer courses and programs are being schedule on a first-come, first-serve space-availablebasis. Registration will open on Monday, April 25, 2022.Thank you for your consideration of La Salle College Preparatory for your summer programs! We look forward towelcoming you to campus!La Salle High School Courses(5 weeks, Monday to Friday, 10 units, 3hr 15min courses) Offered to current or incoming La Salle students. Open to non-La Salle students based on space availability. ** Rising 8th grade students may only register for Studio Art and Digital Game Design courses. Note: These are UCapproved high school level courses. Cost: 800.00 per year-long coursePasadena City College (PCC) Dual-Enrollment Courses(Please see below regarding schedule) All PCC courses will be held at La Salle College Preparatory’s campus No costs to La Salle students who register through La SalleOffered only to current La Salle StudentsPLEASE NOTE for Students Enrolled in the PCC Dual Enrollment Courses, the dates for Summer School are June 06- July 15, 2022Please see details below regarding days/times of the classHigh School Remediation Courses(Please see below regarding schedule) Offered only to current La Salle studentsEnglish and Religious Studies remediation offered in-personAll other remediation courses are completed remotely. La Salle will arrange your enrollmentCost: 400.00 per EACH semester course--i.e. If a student has 2 semesters of English to complete, the cost is 800La Salle Summer School Contact InformationMrs. Julia Frisina, Summer School Coordinator(626) 696-4420 summerschool@lasallehs.org3

June 13 - July 15, 20228:00 am - 11:15 amAlgebra 1A graphing calculator is recommended. This course covers the order of operations, basic properties of addition,subtraction, multiplication, and division of real numbers. It addresses solving linear and quadratic equations, inequalities,and proportions. Functional notation and functions are explored. Expressions involving exponents and exponentialfunctions are covered including exponential growth and decay functions. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividingrational expressions as well as solving rational equations are included. Square roots and methods for solving radicalequations are studied. Concepts involving geometry, probability and statistics are also touched on.GeometryA graphing calculator is recommended. This course covers concepts involving reasoning and proof using conditional,bi-conditional statements, and inductive and deductive reasoning. Topics including perpendicular and parallel lines,angles, and triangles are covered. Students learn congruence postulates and congruent and similar triangles as well asthe classification of different types of triangles and properties of triangles, parallelograms, and quadrilaterals. Varioustypes of polygons, including similarities of polygons, are investigated. Transformations in the plane are explored. Righttriangles and trigonometry, as well as circles, are significantly studied. Areas of polygons and circles, plus surface areaand volume, is covered.Algebra IIA graphing calculator is required. This course covers the operations of real numbers. It addresses solving linear equationsand inequalities and absolute value equations and inequalities, which includes slopes and rates of change. Studentslearn methods for solving systems of linear equations in two and three variables. Methods for graphing and solvingquadratic equations, including the topic of complex numbers, are covered. Students learn how to find the rational zerosof polynomial functions. Exponential and logarithmic equations, rational equations and functions, and quadratic relationsand conic sections are explored. Students also explore sequences and series, probability and statistics, trigonometricratios and functions, and trigonometric graphs, identities and equations.PrecalculusThis course consists of a review of algebraic functions and a study and analysis of polynomial, rational, exponential,logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Conic sections are included in the study of topics from analytic geometry.Linear systems of two and three variables are solved and introduced as matrices. Additional topics of trigonometry areevaluated with identities and vectors. The course ends with an introduction to the topics of Calculus.Digital Game Design**Digital Game Design focuses on developing students’ skills in creative and critical thinking, collaboration, andcommunication, as well as design and foundational programming principles by offering an interdisciplinary approachto the subject of game design and programming. This course introduces the student to foundational elements in videogame design, creation, and distribution. Created products will include 2D/3D video games through the use of GameMakerStudio 2.0 and Unity. Students are also introduced to the fundamentals of computer programming and coding viaGameMaker Studio 2.0.June 13 - July 15, 202212:00 pm - 3:15 pmStudio Art 1**This course is an opportunity to fulfill a requirement in a fun and new way, making art. Rooted in the formal elementsof art, students will explore drawing, painting, and sculpture, while addressing aesthetic, technical, and expressiveuses of materials. Projects present visual problems while addressing social issues and cultural themes, giving studentsopportunities to express their experiences, opinions, and ideas and create artwork that follows their individual areas ofinterest.4

Art PortfolioThis course is designed for students who need to further develop their artistic work and build a portfolio for submissionto a four-year art program in college. As such, it has two topic areas. The first and largest focus area guides students ina studio setting where they, working in a medium of choice, create and consolidate a body of representative work thatwill comprise an art school admissions portfolio. They also learn how to write an artist’s statement, as well as how todocument their work photographically and thereby create a digital portfolio. The teacher works individually with students,instructing them in new technical skills and the use of new materials. The second topic area is a series of in-class visitsfrom professional artists and art school representatives. Each artist and peer will facilitate a student review and critiqueeach other’s body of work.World HistoryThis course covers the era of the Rise of Nations. This survey course aims at helping the student develop anunderstanding and appreciation of the different historical stages in the development of the modern world. The ideasbrought out by the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration and Discovery, Scientific Revolution, Absolutism,Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution are discussed. In addition, this course examines the Age of Imperialism atthe turn of the century with emphasis on shifts in world power, World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the cooperationand division that brought change and conflict to the modern world. This course concentrates on an analytical and criticalthinking approach to world history.PCC Dual Enrollment CoursesJune 6 - July 15, 2022GLBI 001: Intro to Global Studies Classes meet on M, Tu, W 9:00am - 11:50amThis a College Level Course. The course focuses on the study of globalization and related forms of social change.Analysis of economic, political, military, cultural, technological, and environmental aspects of globalization, history ofglobalization, European colonialism, and decolonization process; impact of multinational corporations and global politcaland financial insitutions, and social movements from cross-cultural and global perspectives.HLC 101: Intro to Health Sciences Classes meet on M, Tu, W 12:00-2:50pmThis a College Level Course. The course is an introductory course for students interested in pursuing a health-realtedcareer, but are still exploring and have not yet decided on a spcific career. Information on career preparation anddevelopment, survey of the health professions, culture for health professionals, requirements for education, job andmarket demand in selected health careers, health promotion, goals, history, and development.On-Campus Remediation CoursesJune 13 - July 1 9:00 am - 11:00 amReligious StudiesOpen to current La Salle students only.English RemediationOpen to current La Salle students only.5

AT H L E T I C SWelcome to La Salle Lancer Athletics!During the summer, students can participate in a variety of sports as they prepare for the upcoming seasons. Below,you will see those sports that are offered during the summer, including the dates, times, and locations of oursummer camps and practices. You can also visit our website, www.lasallehs.org, to get more information regardingour athletic program. If you have any questions regarding these particular programs, feel free to contact the coach.We realize that some of you have already made vacation plans for the summer. In addition, we also realize thatthere might be some minor scheduling conflicts between some programs. Please communicate these plans and/orconflicts with your coaches in order to avoid any confusion regarding their commitment. Please note that incomingstudents may not participate in any summer programs until they have completed their current school year.Athletic ClearanceAll student-athletes must be cleared online prior to participation in any sport. Please register your student atwww.AthleticClearance.com for the 2022-2023 school year beginning May 15th. All individuals who enroll in the summerprogram will receive a follow-up email with more details.PhysicalsJoin us on June 11th and July 9th in the La Salle PE and Band Rooms for the annual summer physicals. With aconvenient location and qualified physicians, it’s hassle free! The cost is 20. Please note that all student-athletes arerequired to submit an updated physical each year and all physicals are only valid 12 months from when the last examwas administered. Contact Athletic Trainer Sam Orefice for more information at sorefice@lasallehs.org.Parent MeetingAll parents of students planning to participate in any fall sports (Cheer, Boys’ & Girls’ Cross Country, Football, Girls’ Golf,Girls’ Tennis, Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ Water Polo), there is a mandatory parent meeting on Thursday August 11th, 2022 @5:30pm. Make plans to be there to get all the pertinent information related to the upcoming season including athleticdepartment policies, team specific policies, spirit packs, important dates and more. Please note that some programs mayhave additional parent meetings prior to this date.Summer Camp Enrollment InformationPlease visit www.lasallehs.org/summer2022 to register for the High School Team Camps. La Salle reserves the rightto cancel any course or camp due to under-enrollment (fewer than 10 students) up to one week prior to the beginningof the camp. A refund check will be issued in full. Camp date, times, and locations may be adjusted to accommodatestaffing, facilities, and other issues.La Salle Athletics Contact InformationBrandon Lincoln, Athletic Director(626) 696-4427 blincoln@lasallehs.orgShari Baugh, Assistant Athletic Director(626) 696-4317 sbaugh@lasallehs.org6

Junior High Athletic Clinics 150Our Junior High Athletic Clinics (Grades 6-8) are designed for athletes looking to hone their skills in a specific sport. Theindividual camps are staffed by La Salle College Preparatory coaches, and are dedicated to developing the fundamentalswithin each specific sport. All athletes regardless of talent level will learn new skills as well as vital life lessons such asrespect, sportsmanship, teamwork, and self- discipline. Camp will be canceled if under 10 students register. Refunds willbe issued.SportLocationDateBaseball (Boys)Arcadia CountyParkBasketball (Boys)DaysTimesStaffJune 27th-July 1st Monday-Friday10:00am-12:00pmNietoDuffy LewisGymnasiumJune 27th-July 1st Monday-Friday9:30am-11:00amLincolnBasketball (Girls)Duffy LewisGymnasiumJune er & Dance(Coed)Dining HallJuly 12-July t FieldJuly 11th-July 15thMonday-Thursday9:00am-11:00amBuysSoccer (Boys)Kohorst FieldJuly 25th-July29thMonday-Friday11:00am-12:30pmCastillo, J.Soccer (Girls)Kohorst FieldJuly lleyball (Boys)Duffy LewisGymnasiumJuly leyball (Girls)Duffy LewisGymnasiumJuly 18th-July22ndMonday-Friday8:00am-9:30amIwataniLa Salle High School Team CampsOur La Salle High School Team Camps (Grades 9-12) are recommended for all Lancer student-athletes who plan onparticipating on a Lancer team in the coming year. Summer is the time to work on specific fundamentals, conditioning,strength-training, and team schemes. In addition, these camps allow our potential team members compete in the offseason, unify as teams, and prepare for their upcoming seasons.Multi Week Programs 200SportLocationDateDaysTimesStaffBaseball (Boys)Arcadia CountyParkJune tball (Boys)Duffy LewisGymnasiumJune etball (Girls)Duffy LewisGymnasiumJune 13th-July8thMonday-Friday11:30am-2:30pmWiardCheer & Dance(Coed)*Dining HallJuly ross Country(Coed)Kohorst FieldJuly tball (Boys)Kohorst FieldJune 13th-July21stMonday-Thursday2:00pm-5:30pmBuys7

La Salle High School Team Camps (Continued)One Week Team Camps 150SportLocationGolf (Girls)**Altadena GolfCourseGolf (Boys)Eaton CanyonJuly 11th-July 15thMonday-Friday10:00AM-12:00pmNolanSoftball (Girls)Arcadia CountyParkJune cer (Boys)Kohorst FieldJuly 25th-July29thMonday-Friday9:00am-11:00amCastillo, J.Soccer (Girls)Kohorst FieldJuly nis (Coed)Orange GroveCourtsJune 27th-July 1st Monday-FridayTBADjeuVolleyball (Boys)Duffy LewisGymnasiumJuly eyball (Girls)Duffy LewisGymnasiumJuly 11th-July 15thMonday-Friday3:00pm-5:00pmIwataniJuly 18th-July22ndMonday-Friday3:00pm-5:00pmWater lo, I.La Salle High School Fall Sports - Summer Practice ScheduleIn addition to our High School Team Camps (Grades 9-12), practices for all of our fall sports program will also take placethroughout the summer. Please contact any of our caoches to get more information.SportLocationDateDaysTimesStaffCross Country(Coed)Kohorst FieldAugust Football (Coed)Kohorst FieldAugust 1st-August12thMonday-Friday2:00pm-5:30pmBuysGolf (Girls)**Altadena GolfCourseAugust inTennis (Girls)Orange GroveCourtsJuly 26-August **Duffy LewisGymnasiumJuly ter Polo(Boys)****TBD***August 1st-August12thMonday-FridayTBDCastillo, I.*CHEER CAMPS & PRACTICES are limited to those individuals that have already been selcted to the team followingtryouts. (See attached information)**GIRLS GOLF CAMPS & PRACTICES will have no activities Until August 1st.***GIRLS VOLLEYBALL PRACTICES are limited to those individuals that have already been selcted to the team followingtryouts. Tryouts are July 25th & 26th***WATER POLO CAMP & PRACTICE locations/times are TBD based upon current pool availability. More information to beshared at a later date.8

La Salle High School Courses (5 weeks, Monday to Friday, 10 units, 3hr 15min courses) Offered to current or incoming La Salle students. Open to non-La Salle students based on space availability. ** Rising 8th grade students may only register for Studio Art and Digital Game Design courses. Note: These are UC approved high school level .