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BOBO'S COIN MAGICBy J.B. BoboEdited by John BraunIllustrated by Nelson C. HahneDedication: To My Great Grandfather JEAN BEAUBEAUXwho, when he immigrated to America,was induced to spellhis name BOBO the way Beaubeaux is pronounced inFrench.Table of ContentsAcknowledgments.18Prologue--Of Coins and Conjuring.20Bibliography.26MonieScot's Discouverie of Witchcraft, 1584.27Chapter I Coin Concealments.28The Classic Palm.29The Edge Palm.32The Thumb Palm.34The Downs Palm.36The Finger Palm.39The Front Finger Hold.40The Back Palm.41The Back Finger Clip.45The Back Thumb Palm.48Chapter II Basic Technique.52The Bobo Switch.53Utility Switch.56One-Hand Switch.58Bobo's Coin MagicPresented by www.learnmagictricks.orgPage 2

Shaw-Judah Coin Switch.60The Click Pass.63The Click Pass--Paul Morris.66The Coin Flip.70Change-Over Pass.72The Bottom Steal--Paul Morris.74Producing a Coin from a Spectator's Clothing.78Taking Advantage of a Fumble.80Chapter III Coin Vanishes.84Standard Vanish.85Simple Vanish.87Over the Top.89The Tunnel Vanish.91Thumb Palm Vanish.93The Drop Vanish--Milton Kort.95The Bobo Coin Vanish.99The Slide Vanish--John Mulholland.103The Illusive Coin Pass--T. J. Crawford In Greater Magic.105A Coin Vanish--Reprinted from Greater Magic.108The Pinch Vanish.111Gone--Bill Simon.113The New Era Coin Go--Jimmy Buffaloe.116The Flyaway Coin--Frank Garcia.119Behind the Back.121The French Drop (Le Tourniquet Vanish).123The Reverse French Drop--Dr. E. M. Roberts.126The Elusive Silver Dollar--Al Saal.129The Wrist Watch Vanish--Royal H. Brin, Jr.131The Pulse Trick--Glenn Harrison.133The Cranium Vanish--Wallace Lee's Version.136Vanish with the Aid of a Handkerchief.137The "Heads and Tails" Vanish--H. Adrian Smith.140Vanish for Several Coins.143A Trio of Vanishes--Ross Bertram.146Chapter IV Complete Coin Vanishes.151The Bobo Complete Coin Vanish.152Complete Thumb Palm Vanish.154Knee-zy Vanish.155Sucker vanish.156Pocket Vanish.160With a Handkerchief--Number One.164With a Handkerchief--Number Two--Jimmy Buffaloe.167Bobo's Coin MagicPresented by www.learnmagictricks.orgPage 3

With a Handkerchief--Number Three--Milton Kort.170In a Spectator's Pocket.173Bluff Vanish.178Sucker Bluff Vanish--Milton Kort.180The Coin Fold.181The Envelope Vanish.184Chapter V Quick Tricks.186Through the Leg.187Rubbed Through the Leg.189Through the Pocket.192Through the Hand.195Through a Handkerchief.200Double Penetration--Jimmy Buffaloe.206Pants Leg Miracle--Jimmy Buffaloe.210Half Dollar to Quarter--Milton Kort.211The Charmed Coin.215The Coin of Metamorphosis--Dr. E. M. Roberts.217Coin to Key--Courtesy J. G. Thompson's My Best.222Change for a Half.227Much from Little--John Braun's Version.228The Topsy Turvy Coins--Karrel Fox And Roy Kissel.231The Impromptu Mint--Jimmy Buffaloe.234Smart Coin Trick--Frank M. Chapman, Courtesy The Bat.237Impromptu Version--J. G. Thompson, Jr.241The Switchover--Jimmy Buffaloe.242The Appearing Half--Jimmy Buffaloe.245Coin Production from Two Cards.247The Touch of Midas--Cardini.252One to Four--Cal Emmett.257One to Six--Jack Chanin.261Chapter VI CuffingDr. E. M. Roberts' Method--Louis Tannen's Method.266Chapter VII The Art of Sleeving.273The Art of Sleeving Some Observations on the Subject.274Delayed Action Sleeving.276Improved Method.278The "Pumpkin Seed" Vanish.279Reverse "Pumpkin Seed" Vanish--Ross Bertram.281The Catapult.283Judah Method--Stewart Judah.285A Unique Sleeving Move--Ross Bertram.287Bobo's Coin MagicPresented by www.learnmagictricks.orgPage 4

The Throw--J. A. Bowling.289Kort Method--Milton Kort.291Kirk Stiles Method.294A Method of Sleeving One of Several Coins--Milton Kort.296Dr. E. M. Roberts' Method.298Loading.306Switching.309The Sleeve Pocket.311Tricks Using Sleeving.312Penetration.313Migration.316Tricks Using Sleeving .318Devaluation.323InflationFollow-Up to Devaluation.326Transformation.328Dime and Penny for the Wiseacre--Al Saal and Milton Kort.331The Vagabond Coins--Milton Kort.

Bobo's Coin Magic To receive even more free classic magic books CLICK HERE. To see all the latest instant download magic tricks . To see all the latest instant download magic tricks CLICK HERE. To see our new magic video page just CLICK HERE. This version of a classic magic book was created by and distributed by . You may distribute it in any way .