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Windsor Central School District2017-18 Special Budget Editionwww.windsor-csd.orgPUBLIC HEARINGMAY 9, 20176:00 P.M.WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOLAT A GLANCE2017-18 Proposed Budget:VOTEMAY 16, 2017 38,286,973Windsor Central High School2.96%C.R. Weeks ElementaryFloyd L. Bell Elementary% Increase:

Table of ContentsMessage from the Superintendent and Board PresidentPage 3Board of Education CandidatesPage 4Year-Round Voter Registration Page 5Voting Locations Page 5School Budget Notice 2016-2017Page 6State Aid Facts Page 6Explanation of NYS Tax Levy LimitPage 7Property Tax Rebate Page 8Tax Levy, Tax Rate, Equalization, & PILOTPage 8-9District Awards & AccomplishmentsPage 9Program Budget Pages 10-12Capital Budget Page 13Administrative Budget Pages 14-15Estimated Revenues Page 163 Part Budget BreakdownPage 17Revenues & Expenses Page 17School Report Card Page 18NYS Report Card Page 19The Board of Education2Kevin TrumanTerm Expires 2018Stephen FeehanTerm Expires 2019Peter NowackiPresidentTerm Expires 2019Jason A. Andrews. Ed.D.Superintendent of SchoolsCarin ShafferTerm Expires 2017Kathy SwezeyTerm Expires 2017Margo KibblerRhea DeyoTerm Expires 2017Vice PresidentTerm Expires 2018

Dear Residents,A Message From the Superintendent and the Board ofEducation PresidentWe are pleased to present you with the 2017-2018 spending plan for the WindsorCentral School District. As always, it is our goal and challenge to develop a spendingplan that is fiscally responsible to our tax payers, in both the short and long term,while maintaining the strong education programs that are important to ourstudents’ success. We continue to utilize a zero-based budget model and haveexamined all programs with a critical eye to ensure they remain effective and areoperated in an efficient manner. We have carefully scrutinized each line of thebudget to confirm the proposed spending is necessary and appropriate. We havegiven great attention to maximize revenues, and are once again not using reservesto balance the budget. This is critical to the long-term financial health of the district.The goal of this proposed budget is to provide students with a number of diverse programs, giving them many opportunities to continue togrow and be successful. The proposed budget reflects a 2.96% increase in spending. This increase will provide us with additional opportunitiesto enhance and maintain our strong programming. We will also be able to again expand our popular and fast-growing summer program toaccept more students and increase the activities we offer.The proposed 2017-2018 tax levy reflects a 2.47% increase from the 2016-2017 budget. The tax levy limit requires districts in New York State toapply an eight-step formula to determine the tax levy increase a district can propose. We have applied this formula to determine our proposedtax levy for this proposed budget. Once again, we have stayed within the tax-levy limit. Though the final tax rates will not be known untilAugust, we anticipate that the average homeowner will see a minimal increase to their actual tax bill.Our students continue to excel. Whether on the athletic fields, in the science lab, or in many of our extra-curricular activities, our students arethriving. The Windsor Central School District continues to be a leader in the region in technology integration, as we have made it a goal to makesure our students are prepared for the 21st century workforce. The Windsor Central School District is one of only five school districts in the nationto be recognized this year as a 21st Century Learning Exemplar School District. The P21 Exemplar Program, instituted in 2013, identifies andshowcases schools that are equipping students with the 21st century skills they will need to succeed in college, career, and life. Our Project Leadthe Way program has established an engineering pipeline for grades K-12. This budget maintains all of our current programs, including recentincreases to our Advanced Placement course offerings in the high school, which led to its recognition as an AP Honor Roll School. We have alsopartnered with Binghamton University to increase student opportunities both during the school year and in the summer months. In addition,for the 11th consecutive year, we have earned the School Safety Excellence Award (Titanium Level) from Utica National Insurance Company. Weare incredibly proud of the success of our students and staff.We invite all residents to attend a public hearing on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the Windsor Central High School Library to share yourthoughts or questions. The District vote will take place on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.Please review the enclosed material which includes the Board of Education candidates and the 2017-2018 three-part budget. If you have anyquestions, we encourage you to contact the superintendent at 607-655-8216 or, or visit our website ( for more information.Sincerely,Jason A. Andrews, Ed.D. Pete NowackiSuperintendent of SchoolsBoard of Education President3

Board of Education Candidates 2017-2020This year the following Board of Education seats are scheduled for election:1. A two-year term ending June 30, 2019 for the seat previously held by Gina Calisi.2. A three-year term ending June 30, 2020 for the seat currently held by Kathy Swezey.3. A three-year term ending June 30, 2020 for the seat currently held by Carin Shaffer.Nominating petitions for these seats have been received by the following individuals. Their names will appear on the May 16, 2017 ballot:RHEA DEYO- I am a 1996 graduate of Whitney PointHigh school. I attended Broome Community College andthe SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome where Igraduated with a BA in Business Administration. I haveworked for the past 15 years at HealthNow, where I am aTechnical Project Manager.My husband Jerry and I moved into the Windsor SchoolDistrict in 2006. We have been highly active participantsin our community since our eldest daughter, Grace,entered Kindergarten at CR Weeks in 2011. We havethree daughters: Grace, who is in 5th grade, Ella, who isin 2nd and Adelaide, who we are hopeful will enter prekindergarten in the fall of 2017.I am currently the President of the CR Weeks TPC, theschool’s PTA group. Over the course of my four-yeartenure I have established our website, created our logoand marketing materials, and our online and creditcard payment systems for TPC goods sold. The TPC hasraised about 20,000 for a new playground at CR Weeks.More importantly we have increased involvement andexcitement amongst our students, parents and teachers.I have coached Windsor Youth Soccer for the past four yearsand became League Coordinator this past season. I havealso coached Town of Kirkwood youth basketball for fourseasons and have a great working relationship with Townof Kirkwood youth sports. In January, 2016 I was contractedas the Director for the Town of Windsor Youth SportsAdvisory Board. I have restructured Windsor Youth Sportsand created the Windsor Youth Sports and Recreation(WYSR) organization into a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.I firmly believe that the Windsor School District is thebest in the area. My career experience, technical prowess,experience as a coach and insight as a parent will lendthemselves well toward being a productive member of theBoard of Education.4KATHY SWEZEY- I am a graduate of the WindsorCentral School District and currently live in Kirkwood,NY with my husband of 25 years and our four children,Nate, Hannah, Ben, and Grace. We decided to settle inthe Windsor School District due to our wish to have ourchildren grow up in a small-town community and toattend the schools I had fond memories of.I have Associate Degrees in Liberal Arts and Nursingfrom SUNY Broome and a Bachelor’s Degree in HealthServices Management from SUNY I.T. I am alsoactively pursuing a MBA specializing in Health CareManagement. I am a licensed NYS nursing homeadministrator and currently the Executive Directorof Good Shepherd Fairview Home in Binghamton. Iam a member of Leading Age NY and experienced inadvocating at the State Legislative level. I am a ProjectLead and sit on the Executive Committee of CareCompass Network, part of the NYS Medicaid RedesignTeam efforts to assist in developing an integratedhealth care system. I also sit on the Perkins Grantadvisory panel for SUNY Broome.I feel that Windsor is unique with its global educationalview from a rural community perspective. This viewcreates an atmosphere of innovation, creativity anddiverse learning experiences for students, teachersand community members. My interest in continuedinvolvement with the School Board stems fromwanting to contribute to my community and be ableto strive toward quality outcomes for our children,collaborating with administration, staff, students andcommunity members.CARIN SHAFFER- Over 40 years ago, I entered C.R. Weeks Elementary School under the watchfuleye of Mr. Spicer, and the Windsor Central SchoolDistrict has been part of my life ever since. Myhusband, Jon, and I both graduated from thedistrict and currently we have a son in WindsorCentral High School. During my tenure as aBoard of Education Trustee, we have had to makesome difficult decisions, but more often thannot we have made decisions that have excelledour district to a new level. As I reflect upon mytenure I am very proud of our accomplishmentsas a district and am confident that we, theDistrict, will continue to strive towardsexcellence.As a parent, teacher and tax payer, I believeit is important to ensure a balance betweenstrong educational programming and fiscalresponsibility. I want the absolute best forour children without adding pressure to ouralready strained pocketbooks. I believe that mybackground gives me a unique perspective whichallows me to make decisions for the district in anintelligent and responsible manner.As a steward of the District, I promise mycontinued commitment to our children and thecommunity. I respectfully ask for your support inre-electing me to the Windsor Board of Educationon Tuesday, May 16.

District Year-Round Walk-in Voter RegistrationNew York State Law requires that a resident must register before being permitted to vote. Anyone having voted in a schoolelection within the last four years is already registered to vote. Anyone registered to vote with the Broome County Board ofElections is deemed registered for the school election.For any resident who would like to register to vote, the Windsor Central School District now offers walk-in registration on anyregular business day between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. at the office of the District Clerk.Prospective voters must register by May 11, 2017 to be eligible to vote on the annual school budget and election of Board ofEducation members on May 16, 2017.Voting LocationsSection 7-202 of the Election Law no longer allows the use of lever machines. Schools are now mandated to use scanningmachines or paper ballots for voting. Windsor Central School District will be using paper ballots this year. This will bring us incompliance with the new requirements in the most economical and efficient manner.Election Law also requires that all eligible residents must vote only at the polling location assigned by BroomeCounty Board of Elections.Please visit our website to look up your polling locationWindsor Central High SchoolDistrict 1C.R. Weeks ElementaryDistrict 2Floyd L. Bell ElementaryDistrict 35

School Budget Notice 2017-2018Regulations require schools districts to mail a school budget notice to all qualified voters in the school district six (6) daysprior to the budget vote. The regulations do not provide authorization to school districts to include explanations for theinformation in the notice. To provide you with a better understanding of the school budget notice, a preview of the notice andan explanation of the information which will be sent to you six (6) days prior to the budget is included below:Budget for the current year: 37,187,626Budget proposed for the2017-18 school year:Increase from CurrentYear: 1,099,347 38,286,973Percentage increase:Consumer price index (CPI):2.96%1.26%The annual budget vote for the fiscal year 2017-2018 by the qualified voters of the Windsor Central School District, BroomeCounty, New York, will be held Tuesday, May 16, 2017 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the following sites:Windsor Central High SchoolC.R. Weeks ElementaryFloyd L. Bell ElementaryState Aid Facts 2017-2018 operating State Aid is 497,733 more than what was received in the 2016-2017 school year.Budgeted State Aid(Excluding Building Aid)2009-2010 17,121,4822010-2011 15,163,1672011-2012 13,499,9962012-2013 14,068,8512013-2014 14,646,6962014-2015 15,548,2652015-2016 16,551,5272016-2017 17,922,2552017-2018 18,419,9886

Explanation of NYS Tax Levy LimitUnderstanding NYS tax levy limit as itrelated to Windsor CSDThe New York State tax levy limit legislation limitsthe annual growth of property taxes levied by schooldistricts to two percent or the rate of inflation,whichever is less. However, it is important tonote that this “two percent” is just one part of acomplex, eight-step formula schools are requiredto calculate in order to establish the tax levy limittheir district may submit to the voters for approvalby a simple majority. Because the law also includesseveral exceptions and allowances to the levy limit(i.e. capital local expenditures, court orders, andemployee/teacher retirement costs when requiredcontribution rates increase by more than 2%), thetax cap can actually be higher than “two percent.”These factors that contribute to the calculation of thetax levy limit will vary from year to year and districtto district. In order for you to understand how theWindsor Central School District’s tax levy limit wascalculated for the 2017-2018 school year, please seethe table to the right, as it is a summary of the multistep formula used to calculate this x levy history2.88%0.00%*2.88% illustrated in 2010-11 represents real impactto tax payers excluding PILOT reverting to rolls7

Property Tax RebateYou may be eligible for a property tax rebateIs there a property tax rebate this year?Yes. The property tax rebate was established in the 2015 Enacted State Budget. It is separate from the more well-known property taxfreeze credit that provided credits to eligible taxpayers in 2014 and 2015. The property tax rebate applies to the years 2016 through2019. It is a tax rebate for taxpayers receiving a STAR exemption. In order to be eligible for the rebate, taxpayers must meet income(make 275,000 or less) and residency requirements of the STAR program and live in a district that complied with the tax cap.Is the Windsor CSD complying with the tax cap?Yes. The Windsor Central School District is requesting a Tax Levy increase of 2.47%. See Tax Levy Calculation and explanation onprevious pageWhat does it mean for the Windsor CSD tax payers who meet the requirements?According to NYS Tax Law 606 n-1 in 2017, for a taxpayer who owned and primarily resided in real property receiving the basic STARexemption, the amount of the credit shall equal the STAR tax savings associated with such basic STAR exemption, multiplied by theQUALIFIED GROSS INCOMEPERCENTAGEfollowing percentage:NOT over 75,000Over 75,000 but NOT over 150,000Over 150,000 but NOT over 200,000Over 200,000 but NOT over 275,000Over 275,00028.0%20.5%13.0%5.5%NO CREDITNOTE: For a taxpayer who owned property & primarily resided in real property receiving theenhanced STAR exemption, the amount of the credit shall equal the STAR tax savings associatedwith such enhanced STAR exemption, multiplied by 12.0%. Amount of credit may NOT exceedschool district taxes due.EXAMPLE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLYBasic STAR Exemption 600.00Income LESS than 75,000REBATE: 600 X 28% 168.00Tax Levy, Tax Rate, Equalization and PILOTTax LevyThe total amount of property taxes a school district must collect to balance its budget, after accounting for all otherrevenue sources including state aid. The tax levy is the basis for determining the tax rate for each of the towns orvillages that make up a school district.Windsor Central School District Proposed Tax Levy (2017-2018): 14,350,584 (2.47% increase over 2016-2017)Tax RateIndividual dollar rate per thousand of assessed value of a given property that is used to calculate a yearly tax billNote: Residents approve the tax levy, not the tax rate.8

Tax Levy, Tax Rate, Equalization and PILOTEqualizationThe equalization process is designed to assure equitable property tax allocation among taxing jurisdictions in NewYork State. Therefore, based on the equalization rates, tax rates in each town may increase or decrease at differentrates. The school district has no direct or indirect control over the calculation of the equalization rates. The finaltax warrant is approved by the Board of Education in August.Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT)PILOTs are one of the main tools local Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) use to encourage businesses tolocate in their jurisdictions. Under such an agreement, a company makes some fixed yearly contribution to amunicipality or school system rather than pay property taxes. The amount paid is typically lower than what thecompany would have paid if it was taxed normally.School officials have no role in negotiating the terms of PILOTs.Awards and AccomplishmentsAdvanced Placement Honor Roll School (Windsor Central High School)All Things PLC Exemplar School District and School (Windsor Middle School)International Center for Leadership in Education Model School (Windsor Middle School)Mixitup Model School (C.R. Weeks Elementary and Windsor Middle School)Partnership for 21st Century Learning Exemplar School District (one of five districts nationally)SAT scores ranked 4th out of 34 regional school districtsUtica Mutual School Safety Award, Titanium Level9

Program BudgetFunction or Description 2016-172017-18account Budget ProposedBudgetChangeTeaching -Included here are the salaries for classroomregular school:teachers, substitute teachers, departmentcoordinators, teaching assistants, teacher aides,lifeguards, and fitness room supervisors, as well asequipment and supplies used in the instructionalprogram. Contractual items include internetservices, postage, piano tuning, equipment repair,vehicle mileage, book rebinding, and entry fees forstudent contests. BOCES costs include copying service,alternative high school, itinerant teachers, short andlong term suspension programs and occupationaleducation programs. 11,197,407 11,643,281 445,874Disabled studentsprograms: 4,136,905 4,205,322 68,417TeachingIncluded here are salaries for adult education, and 46,000special schools:home teaching. Also included are supplies for theseprograms. 66,600 20,000School libraryIncluded here are the salaries for schoolaudiovisual:librarians and clerks. Also included are fundsfor supplies (including books) for eachbuilding’s library. Contractual items includepostage, vehicle mileage, and equipment repair.BOCES services include data base development,technology repair services, and instructionaltelevision costs. 281,934( 13,389)10Included here are the salaries for instructionaland non-instructional personnel who provideservices to students with disabilities. Alsoincluded are funds for equipment and suppliesto support this staff. Contractual itemsinclude physician services, psychologicalservices, rehabilitation services, postage,equipment repair, and tuition. 295,324

Program BudgetFunction or Description 2016-172017-18account Budget ProposedBudgetChangeComputer assistedIncluded here is the cost of computer softwareinstruction:and hardware used solely for the instructionalprogram. The cost is fully funded throughstate aid. 141,000 141,000 0Attendance 15,105 15,577 472GuidanceIncluded here are the salaries of guidancecounselors, secretaries, a clerk, and suppliesneeded for the guidance offices. Contractualitems include equipment repair, postage,and reference books. 651,341 627,767( 23,575)Health servicesIncluded here are the salaries for registerednurses, a nurse’s aide, equipment andsupplies for the health offices. Contractualexpenses include equipment repair, physicalexaminations, and linen service. 202,967 205,239 2,272PsychologicalservicesIncluded here is the partial cost of two schoolpsychologists and the supplies for this program. 124,498 129,253 4,755Social workservicesIncluded here is the partial cost of twosocial workers and the supplies for this program. 121,791 171,724 49,933Co-curricularIncluded here are the salaries for class and clubactivitiesadvisors for High School and Middle School students.Also included are the funds for supplies tosupport these activities. 281,547 289,713 8,167InterscholasticIncluded here are the salaries for the coaches,athleticsscorers, timers, ticket sellers, and the equipmentand supplies for the interscholastic athleticprogram. Contractual items include equipmentreconditioning, ambulance service, game officials,facility use for golf and bowling, and fees andexpenses for contests at the intersectional andstate levels. 412,211 438,508 26,298Included here is the salary for an attendance officer.11

Program BudgetFunction or Description 2016-172017-18account Budget ProposedBudgetChangeTransportationIncluded here are the expenses for transporting 1,777,483students to and from school and on school sponsoredtrips. Expenses include salaries for a supervisor, aschool bus route coordinator, bus drivers, mechanics,bus attendants, garage aides, and substitutes. Alsoincluded are funds for equipment, diesel fuel, tires,lubricants, bus replacement and maintenance items.Contractual items include fleet insurance, workers’compensation insurance for transportation employees,contractual bus repair, employee training, drug and alcoholtesting, fingerprinting, uniforms for mechanics and expensesfor the building including fuel, electricity and water. 1,777,498 15Community servicesIncluded here are expenses related to the swimprogram. This program is self-funded and therevenue is included in the revenue budget. 29,900 29,000 0Employee benefitsBenefit costs are for retirement, SocialSecurity, medical insurance programs andworkers’ compensation for non-transportationemployees. 7,480,239 7,600,891 120,652Interfund transfers 45,000 45,000 0This expense is for the district’s share of asummer special education program.Total Program12 26,958,417 27,668,308 709,891

Capital BudgetFunction or Description 2016-172017-18account Budget ProposedBudgetChangeOperation of plantIncluded here are the salaries for custodians and cleaners, 2,138,841and equipment and supplies for keeping our buildingsclean. Contractual items include telephone service, fuel,electrical service, and building security service. 2,109,736( 29,105)Refund of taxesRefund of prior year’s taxes bases on tax certiorari cases. 7,500 7,500 0Maintenance of plantIncluded here are the salaries for grounds andmaintenance personnel and supplied necessary formaintaining our buildings and grounds. 590,419 608,771 18,351Employee benefitsBenefit costs are for retirement, Social Security, medicalinsurance programs and workers compensation. 478,393 491,988 13,595Interfund transfersCapital outlay expenses for certain facility improvement 100,000projects. Debt servicesIncluded are principal and interest payments on 3,201,778outstanding bond issues for renovation project(s).Also included is the payment on Bond Anticipation Notesfor the purchase of school buses. 100,000 0 3,419,527 217,749Total Capital 6,737,521 6,516,930 220,59113

Administrative BudgetFunction or Description 2016-172017-18account Budget ProposedBudgetChangeBoard of Education 29,777 37,590 7,813Chief School OfficerIncluded here are the salaries for the Superintendent, a 232,703secretary, and supplies used in the operation of theSuperintendent’s Office. Contractual items include moneyfor conferences. 236,408 3,706FinanceIncluded here are the salaries for the business office staff 613,764members, the tax collector and supplies for these offices.Contractual items include funds for the services of an independent auditor, equipment repair, printing services,advertising and postage. Also, BOCES funding for theCentral Business Office and the computer financial system(nVision). 622,165 8,401StaffIncluded here are the contractual items for the schoolattorney, personnel services including negotiations,and public information costs. 258,162 294,515 36,354Central servicesIncluded here are contractual expenses for the non 10,423instructional management of the District’s computertechnology systems and costs for services provided by BOCESfor network administration and required reporting services. 113,516 103,093Special itemsIncluded here are premiums for property and liability 386,100insurance, student accident insurance, industrial appraisalservice, school association dues, refunds of property taxes,BOCES Administrative charges and census expense. 390,759 4,65914Included here are the salaries for the District Clerk,election registrars, election inspectors, and generaloffice supplies and materials. Contractual items includememberships, subscriptions, postage, educational lawservice, and contractual obligations.

Administrative BudgetFunction or Description 2016-172017-18account Budget ded here are the salaries of the Assistant 1,214,748Superintendents, Associate Principals, Directors,their secretarial staff, and supplies used in the operationof their offices. Contractual items include equipmentrepair, conferences and postage. 1,218,525 3,777Employee benefitsBenefit costs are for retirement, Social Security, 966,603medical insurance programs and worker’s compensationfor employees in administrative services. 967,666 1,063 3,881,144 168,866Total Administrative 3,712,278Total Budget:2016-172017-18Change 37,187,626 38,286,973 1,099,347Percent Increase: 2.96%15

Estimated RevenuesDescription 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018Budgeted Budgeted BudgetedRevenues Revenues RevenuesReal Property Taxes 13,558,444 14,004,430 14,350,584Payments in Lieu of Taxes 634,303 479,119 655,243Interest on Taxes 28,000 28,000 30,000Day School Tuition 18,000 18,000 20,000Other Student Fees 7,000 7,000 7,000Admissions 6,000 6,000 6,000Other Charges-Individuals 9,000 9,000 9,000Tuition-Other Districts 130,000 130,000 135,000Interests and Earnings 5,000 4,000 5,000Rental-Real Property 54,000 54,000 54,000Refund of Prior Year’s Expense 1,089,414 892,433 827,000Medicare D Distribution 74,000 85,000 85,000Other Unclassified Revenues 127,500 133,260 137,158BOCES Substitute Reimbursement 150,000 361,111 386,026Medicaid Assistance 62,500 25,000 25,000Interfund Transfer 0 109,247 122,241State Aid 19,691,169 20,342,026 20,932,721Total Revenues 36,144,330 37,187,626 38,286,973Fund Balance to be Applied to Taxes 500,000 500,000 500,000Appropriated Reserve 0 0 0Total Revenue & Fund Balance 36,144,330 37,187,626 38,286,97316

3 part Budget3 Part BudgetRevenues & ExpensesWherethe MoneyComesWhereThe MoneyComesFromFromOther Revenues, 2,503,668, 7%Appropriated FundBalance, 500,000, 1%Property Tax, 14,350,584, 37%State Aid, 20,932,721,55%WhereThetheMoneyMoney GoesGoesWhereSupport Services, 2,920,978 , 7%Employee Benefits, 9,060,545 , 24%Instructional Program, 18,289,918 , 48%Transportation, 1,777,498 , 5%Operations &Maintenance, 2,818,507 , 7%Debt Service, 3,419,527 , 9%17

School Report CardThe following is a summary of the 2015-2016 state assessment information which will appear in the New York State DistrictReport Card for the Windsor Central School District.18

NYS Report CardFiscal Accountability SupplementNew York State Education Law and the Commissioner’s Regulation require the attachment of the NYS School Report Cardto the public school district budget proposal. The required expenditure ratios and comparisons with similar districts arereported below.Information displayed in these charts is the latest provided from New York State Education Department in 2017which is based upon data complied from 2014-2015 school year.19

Windsor Central School District1191 NY Route 79Windsor, NY 13865NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONU.S. POSTAGEPAIDBINGHAMTON, NYPERMIT 237RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERECRWSSCopies of the proposed budget may be obtained by any resident at each school building in the districtbetween the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.Windsor Central School DistrictHomeofof thethe BlackHomeBlackKnightsKnightsVoter Information:Budget HearingTuesday, May 9, 20176:00 p.m. Windsor Central High SchoolBudget VoteTuesday, May 16, 201710:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.Voting PlacesWindsor Central High School-District 1C.R. Weeks Elem.- District 2Floyd L. Bell Elem. - District Windsor CSD

Windsor Central High School C.R. Weeks Elementary Floyd L. Bell Elementary PUBLIC HEARING MAY 9, 2017 6:00 P.M. WINDSOR CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL AT A GLANCE 2017-18 Proposed Budget: 38,286,973 % Increase: 2.96% 2017-18 Special Budget Edition Windsor Central School District