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James Wappel Miniature Painting: Painting guidesJames Wappel Miniature PaintingA collection of images that feature my painted miniatures. It features many of my award winning figures and terrain pieces painted since 2001.HomeBlood Bowl TeamsStep By Step: Painting a PredatorStep By Step armor for Tomb Kings HorsemenUsing the 'Shaded Basecoat' Technique to paint Saurus warriorsStep by Step painting of a Gamezone Cold OnePainting a marble and tile flying baseHow I photograph my miniatures: A window into my photo boothShowing posts with label Painting guides. Show all postsDarkhammer MiniaturesSaturday, January 11, 2014Some in progress pics for you.Tale of Painters blog networkloads of blogs about painting!Labels'Regular' 2D painting (18)1/700 scale Warships (1)Adepticon 2015 (4)Adepticon 2016 (1)Adeption 2012 tournaments (9)Adeption 2013 tournaments (89)Adeption 2014 tournaments (18)Age of Renaissance (2)Airbrush (1)Albino Raven Miniatures (4)Armorcast (13)Army of the Dead (1)Artizan Miniatures (10)Astral Claws (1)Hey folks. I just happened to have the camera nearby, so I snapped some images as I was paintinganother Greatsword. The LED lights really work much better for these kinds of things.Avatars of War (2)Awaken Realms (2)Awards (1)badger paints (2)Barbarian RPG (1)basing (3)Basing techniques l/Painting%20guides[03/04/2016 10:52:18]This mini is in that Shaded Basecoat stage that you hear me talk about so much. Notice the filbert brushesnearby!

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James Wappel Miniature Painting: Painting guidesMore definition on both the metal surfaces and the yellow. Sharper edges near blended edges help tocreate that hard/soft edge contrast that is vital to make metals.My Blog ListdavetaylorminiaturesWARLORD - Finally, the Warlord TitanBuild is complete!1 day agoBlog Archive 2016 (163) April (2) Apr 03 (1)Dinos on Dragons! Apr 02 (1) March (54) February (51) January (56) 2015 (690) 2014 (684) 2013 (777) 2012 (920)Popular PostsRolling AlongHere is how it stands now. More work to be done. Also, the Army Painter brush on dullcoate will help toeliminate some of the shiny areas. Those are created by the various materials that I use and mix together.How to train your FireDrakeShe's such an Angel (WIPimages)Lest we forget.Turning water into bel/Painting%20guides[03/04/2016 10:52:18]Stay tuned for the big finish!

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