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RU LES RE FE RE NCEVERSION 1.1.0Effective 7.16.2018NEW RULES ENTRIES Area Weapon Arm X: Charge Type Bounty Charge Tokens Detonate Detonate X: Charge Type Emplacement Trooper Gunslinger Heavy Weapon Team High Velocity Immobilize Tokens Impervious X Low Profile Operative Plodding Reminder Text Reposition Sabotage/Repair Scout X Sentinel Stationary Uncanny Luck XNew additions to existingentries are marked in Red.

USI N G TH IS RU LESRE FE RE N CETH E G A M E ROU N DThis document is the definitive source for all STAR WARS:LEGION rules. Before using this document, players shouldread and understand the rules presented in the Learn to Playbooklet. As questions arise during gameplay, the players shouldrefer to this document.Players perform the following steps:1. Select Command Card: Each player secretly selects acommand card from their hand and places it facedown on thetable. Then, both players simultaneously reveal their cards.This reference contains eight sections:3. Issue Orders: Starting with the player who has priority,each player nominates a friendly commander and issuesorders with that commander. The number of orders tobe issued is indicated on the orders section of the chosencommand card.PAGE 4This section provides an illustrated breakdown of each type ofcard in the game.A R M Y B UI L DINGPAGE 5This section describes how players can assemble an army fromtheir units and upgrades to play a standard game.S E T UPPAGE 62. Determine Priority: The player whose card has the fewestnumber of pips has priority.4. Create Order Pool: Each player creates an order pool thatconsists of all of their order tokens that they did not placeon the battlefield while resolving their command card.A CT IV A T ION P H A S EThis section details each step performed when setting up astandard game of STAR WARS: LEGION.Starting with the player who has priority, players take turnsactivating units by following these steps:A D D I T I ON A L TERRAIN RULES1. Choose Unit: The player either chooses a unit with a faceuporder token or draws a random order token from their orderpool and chooses a unit with a matching rank that does nothave an order token.PAGE 8This section describes many of the common types of wargamingterrain and provides rules for using them in games.V E R T I C A L MOVEMENTPA G E 10This section provides rules that allow miniatures to scalesheer surfaces.G L OS S A R YPA G E 11The majority of this reference is the glossary. This lists detailedrules and clarifications alphabetized by topic.OP T I ON A L RULESRules ReferenceCOM M A ND P H A S EThe majority of this Rules Reference is the glossary, whichprovides players with detailed game rules and clarificationslisted in alphabetical order by topic. Additionally, players willfind comprehensive rules for army building and setup, alongwith additional terrain rules.C A R D A N A T OMY2A game of STAR WARS: LEGION is played over six rounds.Each round consists of three phases.PA G E 5 4This section describes how to play a larger game and how toplay a game with unlimited rounds.I ND E XPA G E 2This section provides a comprehensive list of topics and thelocations to find them in this reference.2. Activate Unit: The player activates the chosen unit,performing up to two actions and any number of freeactions with that unit.3. Place Order Token: The player places the unit’s order tokenfacedown on the battlefield near the unit leader.END P H A S EPlayers refresh the battlefield by following these steps:1. Discard Command Cards: Each player discards theirrevealed command card; it cannot be used again this game.2. Remove Tokens: Players remove all aim, dodge, and standbytokens, as well as one suppression token from each unit.3. Update Order Pool and Promote: Each player places one oftheir order tokens on each of their undefeated units’ cardswith a matching rank. If all of a player’s commanders weredefeated, they must promote a unit leader from one of theirtrooper units to be a commander4. Advance Round Counter: The player who has theround counter sets it so the next highest number isdisplayed. Then, that player passes the round counter totheir opponent.

CO M PO N E NTSder Darth Va160 Luke SkywalkHERO OF Jump 1THE REBELLIONerOF THESITHi mPa ct 2,FFG LFL P ierc e 2StormtrooperTROOP ER63 LFL FFG(Performa move duriyou ignore1terrain thatng whichThis is treaisted as a mov height 1 or lower.eyW orDse action.)W eaPo n kCharge (Aftcking a unitperform a er you perform a mov(While attafree meleeImpact 3 or, change up toeaction,attack actiyou mayon.)Deflect (Whthat has arm results.)toile defendin3 resultsg, if you speng, canceltoken, you gainile attackind a dodattacker suffe " : ”; if it’s aPierce 3 (Wh lts.)ranged atta gers 1 woundresuck, thefor each up to 3 Immune: Pierrolled.)ce (Piercecanna naki n ’ sot be usedL ight saBeagainst your.)L uke ’ s DL44 B LastDARK LORD : erStormtroopers only.Add 1 stormtroopermini.P isto LP ierc e 2Dice11Unit CardsUpgrade CardsAssaultBattle Lines LFL FFG LFL FFG3 UnitsThough slower to organize, a coordinaoffense cantedbe decisive.Movement ToolsBattle CardsCommand CardsSuppression TokenIon TokenPanic TokenFour-Part Range RulerAim TokenStandby TokenDodge TokenObjective TokensOrder TokenCondition TokensUnit ID TokensRound CounterDeployment MarkerVictory TokensCommander TokenWound TokensRules ReferenceVehicle Damage Tokens3

C A RD A N ATO M YUN I T C A R D ( V E H I C L E )UN I T C A R D ( T R O OP E R )Unit NameFactionAT-RTPoints Value55# of Minis1Armor (While defending, cancel allDefense Die results.)Upgrade BarUnit Keywords64Wound ThresholdResilienceSurge Chart : Weapon NameSpeedWeapon RangeL uke ’ s BBLastera-300Laster r ifLeWeapon DiceWeapon KeywordsNew Ways to Motivate ThemHERO OF THE REBELLIONPoints Value160Card Title1Defense DieUnit TypeTROOPERCharge (After you perform a move action, you mayUpgrade Bar63perform a free melee attack action.)Deflect (While defending, if you spend a dodgeUnit Keywordstoken, you gain " : ”; if it’s a ranged attack, theattacker suffers 1 wound for each rolled.)Weapon NameUnit Rank# of Minisyou ignore terrain that is height 1 or lower.This is treated as a move action.)Wound ThresholdCourageSurge Chart : Immune: Pierce (Pierce cannot be used against you.)a nakin ’ s L ightsaBerWeapon RangeSpeedL uke ’ s DL-44 B Laster P istoLi mPact 2, P ierce 2T R OOP E R C A R DCard TitleSubtitle Jump 1 (Perform a move during whichWeapon Keywordsi mPact 1C OMMAND CARDPips Luke SkywalkerGROUND VEHICLEExpert Climber (While clambering, do not rolldefense dice or suffer wounds.)L ukegraPPLing’ s L ightsaBerc LaWsFactionUnit TypeClimbing Vehicle (You are treated as a trooperfor the purposes of vertical movement.)Unit NameUnique DotUnit RankWeapon DiceP ierce 2W E A P ON UP GRADECard TitleHH-12 StormtrooperAT-RT Rotary BlasterDARTH VADERExhaust IconRestrictionWeapon RangeRestrictionStormtroopers only.Add 1 HH-12 stormtrooper mini.Cumbersome (You cannot use thisWeapon Dice LFL FFGWeapon RangeWeapon Dice LFL FFGCommanderAT-RT only.Fixed: Front (The defender mustEffectEffectbe inside your front arc.)weapon and move duringthe same activation.) LFL FFGImpact 3 (While attacking a unitUpgrade Type2 troopersWhen a friendly non-Darth Vader trooperunit with a faceup order token activates, itmay suffer 1 wound to perform 1 free action.that has armor, change up to 3 results to results.)The golden rules are fundamental concepts on which allother rules are built.Rules ReferencePoints ValueUpgrade Type30Points ValueEffectTH E G OL D E N R UL E S434Orders If something in this reference contradicts theLearn to Play booklet, the Rules Referencetakes precedence. If an effect on a card or another componentcontradicts rules found in the Learn to Play bookletor Rules Reference, that component takes precedence. If a card effect uses the word “cannot,” that effectis absolute and cannot be overridden by othergame effects.RESO LV I N G D ISPUTESPlayers should always attempt to come to an agreementregarding disputes about situations on the battlefield. If playerscannot come to an agreement, such as determining the rangebetween two miniatures or line of sight from one mini toanother, the player with the round counter should roll a reddefense die; on a block ( ) result, that player’s interpretation ofthe situation is considered correct and play continues. On anyother result, the interpretation of the player without the roundcounter is considered correct and play continues.

A RM Y BU I LD I N GUP G R A D E C A R D SWhen playing a standard game of STAR WARS: LEGION, eachplayer brings their own custom army full of their favoritecharacters, fun strategies, and unique tricks.Upgrade cards are equipped to units in an army. Each upgradecard costs the number of points shown on the lower-right cornerof its card. For each upgrade icon in a unit’s upgrade bar, it mayequip one upgrade card with the matching upgrade icon. A unitcannot equip more than one copy of the same upgrade card.Building an army allows players to create a force customized totheir play style and strengths. One player might create a diverseand flexible force, while another may design an army that enactsa single strategy with merciless efficiency.P OINT SEach army consists of units, upgrade cards, and commandcards. Units and upgrades both cost points, and the total pointvalue of everything in an army cannot exceed 800.Long-Range Comlink74-Z Speeder Bikes90Cover 1 (While defending against a ranged2attack, improve your cover by 1.) LFL FFGSpeeder 1 (While moving, ignore terrain thatREPULSOR VEHICLEis height 1 or lower. When you activate, perform acompulsory move.)PointsValueDuring the Command Phase,you may be issued orders asthough you are in range of thenominated commander.3— : : ec-17 h oLD - out B Lastera x -20 B Laster c annonf ixeD : f ront , i mPact 110F A C T IONSThere are two factions in the game: the Galactic Empire(Imperial) and the Rebel Alliance (Rebel). An army can includeonly units from the same faction. A unit’s faction is found onthe upper-left corner of its card.R ANKSA unit’s rank is used for army building. Each army must includethe following: Each unit is one of the following ranks: Commander OperativeSupportHeavyDeflect (While defending, if you spend a dodgetoken, you gain " : ”; if it’s a ranged attack, theattacker suffers 1 wound for each rolled.)C OM M A N D H A NImmune:D Pierce (Pierce cannot be used against you.) As part of the army building process,playera nakin ’ s aL ightsaBerL uke ’ s DL-44 B Laster P ichooses a hand of six command cards. The handPmust include two 1-pip cards, two 2-pip cards,and two 3-pip cards and may includei mPactonly one2, P ierce 2P ierce 2Pipscopy of each command card.To includeuniqueNewWays atoMotivateThemcharacter’s command cards, such as DarthDARTH VADERVader, the army must include that character.A card unique to a character has theCharactercharacter’s name under the title bar. Aftera player has chosen six command cards, the “StandingOrders” command card is added to create a hand of sevencommand cards.I D T OKE N SIf an army has multiple units with thesame name, it can become difficultto keep track of which unit haswhich upgrades. To help both playersdistinguish multiple units of the samename, when deploying units, place aunique ID token near the base of theunit leader of each unit. Then, place eachunit’s matching ID token on its unit card. LFL FFGSpecial ForcesSome units and upgradesSkywalker Lukerepresent specific characters,HERO OF THE REBELLION1unique weapons, or one-of-a-kind160 Jump 1 (Perform a move during whichunits. Each of these units or upgradeshasterraina uniqueyou ignorethat isnameheight that1 or identified by a bullet point in Thisfrontof its nameon action.)its card. Ais treatedas a moveplayer cannot include two or morecardsthatyousharethe asameCharge(Afterperformmove action, you mayunique name in their army.perform a free melee attack action.)ID Tokens2 troopersRules ReferenceCorpsUN I QUE C A R D S LFL FFG Some upgrade cards have restrictions in their card text. Forexample, an upgrade with the restriction “Stormtroopers only”can be equipped only by Stormtrooper units. Additionally, someupgrade cards have the restriction “Light Side only” or “DarkSide only.” The Galactic Empire is aligned with the Dark Side,and its units can equip “Dark Side only” upgrade cards, whilethe Rebel Alliance is aligned with the Light Side.2UA tactical strike betwunits is a key comWhen a friendly non-Darth Vader trooperunit with a faceup order token activates, itmay suffer 1 wound to perform 1 free action.5

SETU PTo play a standard game of STAR WARS: LEGION, perform thefollowing steps:1. Establish Battlefield and Gather Components: Establish a3' x 6' battlefield on a flat surface. The players sit across fromeach other on the 6' edges of the play area and place theirunits, cards, order tokens, movement tools, and other gamecomponents off the play area. Then, they assign ID tokens totheir units, if necessary.2. Declare Terrain: It is important to determine what theterrain effects will be before the game begins. Players shouldbriefly discuss each piece of terrain that is available forthe battle and come to a consensus on its cover type andother characteristics.3. Place Terrain: Players cooperate to set up terrain in amutually agreeable fashion. If they cannot or do not wishto, they may use the Competitive Terrain Placement rulesfound on page 9.4. Select Player Color and Sides: The player whose army hasthe lowest point total chooses to be either the red playeror the blue player. Then, the blue player chooses one of thelong table edges and sets their army near that edge. Thered player takes the other long table edge. If both players’armies have the same point total, roll a die or flip a coin todetermine which player chooses to be red or blue.5. Reveal Battle Card

A game of STAR WARS: LEGION is played over six rounds. Each round consists of three phases. COMMAND PHASE Players perform the following steps: 1. Select Command Card: Each player secretly selects a command card from their hand and places it facedown on the table. Then, both players simultaneously reveal their cards. 2. Determine Priority: The player whose card has the fewest