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The Ballard High SchoolGolden BeaverSpring 2013The official news publication of the Ballard High School Golden Beavers AssociationVolume 27, No. 1Golden Beavers 26th Editor’s NoteAnnual ScholarshipTLuncheonAfter the scholarship winners are introduced, we have aspecial guest to speak to them - and to you. From BallardHigh School to the heights of space. John Creighton hasseen it all.John Creighton graduated from BHS in 1961. He attendedthe University of Washington for one year, and then receiveda naval appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy from theSecretary of the Navy. Four years later, he graduated with aBachelor of Science degree and started his aviation Jon Setter ’54he past few years have beenchallenging for many individuals,families, and organizations. As morefamilies are affected by the economy andthe cost of education that continues torise, the number of requests for financialassistance from Ballard High Schoolnowstudents continues to increase. Limitedby funds, this means many students inneed of your help will not be receivingaid from the Golden Beavers this year.Aspirations of completing their collegeeducations might be placed on hold.Your 25 contribution, or more, willmake a difference; 100 percent of yourdonation goes directly to students — notand then even 1 cent pays for overhead expenses!senior photoIf every Golden Beavers member donates 25, we can help more students realizetheir college dreams.Education is the foundation of a strong democracy, and thesechildren are our future. Help us invest in them. Please donatecontinued on page 4continued on page 12On Saturday, April 27, 2013, the Ballard High SchoolGolden Beavers will meet at the Leif Erickson Hall forthe annual Scholarship Luncheon to introduce the 2013scholarship recipients.Featured Speaker:Astronaut John Creighton ’61Golden Beavers Alumni Giving NineScholarships in 2013by Dolores Moore, Scholarship Chairpersont the Ballard Golden Beavers meeting in December,our treasurer, Hank Nornberg, recommended and themembership approved giving five (5) four year scholarshipsfor 3000 each, and four (4) two year scholarships for 2000each this year. When we then called the school and toldthem, they started the process of collecting applications.On February 28, 2013 we picked up the students’applications for scholarships. The Scholarship CommitteeAmembers take each application home, read it and take notesfor interviewing the students.Our interview day, March 13, 2013, starts when we arrive atBHS at 7:45 A.M. for a meeting with the counselor, Jane Mauer.Then we receive a greeting and thank you from Principal,Keven Wynkoop.We start at 8:15 A.M. and interview 16 to 18 students,one every 15 minutes. It is a very intense but rewardingday, because we know we want to get it right. Out of thosecontinued on page 4Save the Date!Ballard High School Golden Beavers 26th Annual Scholarship Luncheon11:00 A.M., Saturday, April 27, 2013The Leif Erikson Hall, 2245 N. W. 57th Street, Seattle 98107See insert to reserve your place.Ballard High School Golden BeaversP.O. Box 70572Seattle, WA 98127-0572Non-Profit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDSeattle, WAPermit No. 2500

2The Ballard High School Golden Beaver LogPrincipal’s GreetingBALLARD High SchoolGOLDEN BEAVERSP.O. Box 70572Seattle, WA 98127-0572charlieinballard@yahoo.comby Keven Wynkoop ’94, BHS Principal andGolden Beavers Scholarship recipientTo Our Esteemed Golden Beavers,s the Principal and third generationgraduate of Ballard High School, I am sohonored to be writing to all of you. Everytime I talk to prospective families of Ballardstudents, I always start by emphasizing themore than 100 years of legacy that makesour High School special. Becoming a BallardBeaver is not simply about where they aregoing to attend high school, but it is abouthonoring the tradition that we hold in ourhearts.This is an exciting time of year at BHS, asour students are hearing back from variousColleges and Universities throughout thecountry and even around the globe. I am notsure what the final list of schools is going tolook like for our graduating seniors, but knowthat there is not a school in the country thatis out of the grasp for our talented students.This year, Ballard is sending at least fivestudent athletes to participate in Division Iand II athletics and we also have two NationalMerit Finalists in our graduating class.Ballard’s achievements go beyond theclassroom as well. Recently, two works fromsix students in our Video Production classwere awarded 1st Prize at the prestigious17th Annual Derek Freese Youth Media FilmFestival at Temple University in Philadelphia.The awards were in the categories of BestDocumentary and Best Editing. Additionally,seven other works were also nominated forthis competition, which is also an honor.AOFFICERSPresidentCharlie See ’56charlieinballard@yahoo.comVice PresidentsDon Simpson ’53dhsimpson2002@q.comDick Mitchell ’51rjdickm2@aol.comRecording SecretaryEvelyn Balch ’56evelyn balch@hotmail.comTreasurerHenry L. Nornberg ’51hnornberg@ejcpa.comMembership SecretaryJudy Rikansrud ’58judyquilt@comcast.netImmediate Past PresidentAlan R. Hutchison ’53hutchbsa@aol.comScholarship CommitteeDolores Finseth Moore ’48doloresmoore12@comcast.netLog ChairpersonJon A. Setter ’54Jonas16777@earthlink.netFrom 1988 to 2012,188 Ballard High Schoolstudents receivedGolden Beavers Scholarshipsfor a total of 402,500.Golden Beavers Past 7-20082008-20092009-2011and then - senior photoThis Spring, the Performing Arts Departmentchose an absolute classic for the SpringMusical that holds a special place in the heartof many, The Sound of Music. From the specialdinner ceremony sponsored by the BallardHigh School Foundation on opening night tothe special matinee sing along on March 10th,the talent of our teachers, performers andcrew just blows my mind away. I hope thatyou did not miss the show.At Ballard, we like to say that “It is alwaysgreat to be a Beaver” and that could not bemore true for our current seniors. As they aremaking the important decision as to wherethey will attend college, it makes such adifference to know that the Beavers that havecome before them are there to support theirdreams with scholarships. In 1994, I was arecipient of a Golden Beavers Scholarship andthat recognition and support meant the worldto me and helped me become the educatorthat I am today. Thank you so much forrecognizing this year’s scholarship recipients,and I can’t wait to introduce them to you atthe Scholarship Luncheon on April 27,2013.Welcome,Class of ’63The Golden Beaver Log is published twiceyearly by the Ballard High School GoldenBeavers Association.Ben Adams ’37*Lee Bass ’37*Ralph Peterson ’32*Robert Tourtillotte ’36*Tena Vander Hoek Carver ’37Henry T. Simonson ’36Glen H. Neuman ’37*Winifred Early Meier ’35*Ellen Rundquist ’38*R. Keith Miller ’40Louis V. Larsen ’42Dan Hardman ’44*Lillian Raker Britain ’39*Lawrence “Tag” Christiensen ’41*Toby Perry ’47*Fred R. Strom ’50Bill A. Burnett ’44Jack R. Lawson ’52Carol Ann Aplin Echols ’48*Alan R. Hutchison ’53nowRecognizeanyone?

3Spring 2013President’s Messageby Charlie See ’56his is my last message as the President ofthe Golden Beavers Association. I want tothank all of you who dedicate so much of yourtime and efforts to benefit the scholarshipwinners for Seniors of Ballard High School.You have secured scholarships to preparethem for advanced education or training upongraduation, fulfilling the goal set by the classof 1936 who established the Golden BeaverAssociation in 1987.I would like to thank Mr. Tom Bulson —Ballard High School, Class of 1989 — who isco-owner of Fremont Tug Boat Company, andMaster of Greenwood Masonic Lodge No. 253.He came to our December 13, 2012 Board ofDirectors Meeting and recited Johnny Cash’ssong “Ragged Old Flag.” He then led us inthe Pledge of Allegiance, which was a veryinspiring and esteemed honor for our country’sflag and to all who have served these past 237years to preserve its honor.TOn April 27th we will be holding our annualscholarship luncheon at 11:00 A.M. at theLeif Erikson Hall, 2245 N.W. 57th Street,in downtown Ballard to honor the studentswho will be receiving scholarships. Our guestspeaker will be Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)John O. Creighton, U.S. Astronaut, UnitedStates Space Program, and Ballard High Schoolclass of 1961. We are looking for a largeturnout. Get your reservation in early. (Seeinsert for details.)Over the past two years, because of ournew and improved Log newspaper, we havegained membership and many members havebrought their dues up to date. The scholarshipfund, however, has not grown. Funds are low,some of which is due to the economy and lowinterest rates. New methods of fund raisingwill go into effect this year. I hope you canhelp us out so we can continue to both fundscholarships, and twice a year produce ourGolden Beaver Log.nowand then - senior photoI would like to take this time to welcomethe class of 1963 to the Golden BeaversAssociation. When will you ever again havea chance to be the youngest folks in anassociation? Please come to our Golden BeaverScholarship Luncheon on April 27th. I lookforward to meeting you.You’ll find a Membership application belowand a luncheon reservation form as an insertin this Log.)The Ballard High SchoolGolden Beavers AssociationThe Golden Beavers Association wasestablished in 1987 by the class of 1936,following their 50th Class Reunion. Otherclasses also provided funds for the firstscholarship awards.The focus of the Golden Beavers is providingscholarships annually to deserving BallardHigh School seniors. The Golden BeaversScholarship Program is meant to stimulate,within the Ballard student body, the desire toachieve goals that prepare them for advancededucation and/or training upon graduation.Financial support for these scholarships isderived through membership dues, memorialcontributions, wills and bequests.The Golden Beavers Association is BallardHigh School’s only alumni association. Itserves to keep alive the spirit and traditionsof Ballard High School. It publishes thisnewsletter twice each year to keep membersinformed and engaged. At its annual springluncheon, the student scholarship recipientsare welcomed and introduced to theassembled members.When your class is in its 50th year sincegraduation, you too can join the GoldenBeavers Association and continue the traditionof the Scholarship Program!For more information, contact Charlie Seeat up as a Golden Beaver today to ensure that youcontinue to receive your copy of The Golden Beaver Log!#Golden Beavers Membership ApplicationFirst Name Last NameName at BHS if differentBHS Class(must be in 50th year since year of graduation)Address City/State/ZipTelephone E-mail Addressr 25/one year (the membership year runs 7/1 - 6/30) r 100/Lifetime MembershipI would like to make an additional tax-deductible donation of to the r General FundDuesr Scholarship Fund.Ballard Golden Beavers dues are kept low to encourage as many of our alumni as possible to join. Dues and Scholarship Fund donationsgo to support our scholarships; the General Fund also allows us to keep our organization running and publish The Golden Beaver Log.Total Amount Enclosed r Enclosed is my check payable to BHS Golden Beavers Association.r Please charge to my Visa/MasterCard. Card #Exp. Date Security CodeName on CardSignaturePlease mail to: BHS Golden Beavers Association, P.O. Box 70572, Seattle, WA 98127-0572The Ballard High School Golden Beavers Association Federal Employer ID (EIN) Tax Number 91-1376567 501 (c) 3

4The Ballard High School Golden Beaver LogBallard Golden Beavers 26thAnnual Scholarship Luncheoncontinued from page 1Upon finishing naval flight training, hespent two years assigned to the carrierU.S.S. Ranger flying F-1s over Vietnam andcompleting 175 combat missions. Creightonthen attended Navy Test Pilot School andserved as a project test pilot, where hewas one of the first to fly the F-14 Tomcat.He joined the first operational F-14 fightersquadron in San Diego and was assigned twotours on the U.S.S. Enterprise. One of thismissions was to provide fighter cover forhelicopters evacuating the U.S. Embassy thenight Saigon fell. Between tours Creightonserved as a Top Gun instructor.In 1978, Creighton was selected for theAstronaut Program. He spent 14 yearsworking with NASA, and, in his words, “waslucky enough to get to fly the Space Shuttlethree times.” His first flight was aboard theSpace Shuttle Discovery. After the Challengerdisaster, Creighton served as an Astronautrepresentative helping NASA recover.On subsequent shuttle missions, Creightonwas Commander of the Atlantis and Discovery.On the second Discovery mission, his teamwould set a world altitude record for wingedvehicles.Creighton retired from the Navy with over500 carrier landings and left NASA afterorbiting the earth 290 times. He returnedhome to Seattle in 1992 and stayed retired foronly six weeks before taking a job with Boeingas a test pilot. He was their 737 TechnicalPilot for many years. He is now retired fromBoeing.Creighton has been the recipient of manyawards over the years, including the DefenseSuperior Service Medal, Legion of Merit,Distinguished Flying Cross, 10 air Medals,the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal,the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, the NASADistinguished Service & Leadership Medal, 3United States Space Flight Medals, the FrenchLegion of Honor and the Saudi Arabia KingGolden Beavers Alumni GivingNine Scholarships in 2013continued from page 1interviewed, we can only choose 9 students.We grade on a 1 to 10 scale, and when weleave that day around 3:00 P.M., every one ofus comes away saying, “Wow! “What a greatgroup of students this school has!”Thanks to the Scholarship Committee: JohnAnderson, Dolores Moore, Joan Harlow, RichardMitchell, Jack Lawson, and Millie Sather.If you are interested in serving on thiscommittee in the year 2014, please tellDolores Moore, Scholarship Chairperson, addition to the Golden BeaversScholarships, the Golden Beavers presentthree funded scholarship. These Self-DirectedScholarships will be awarded to threestudents: The Anderson/Ito Scholarship in teachingor business field, around 3000.00. Roby/Bader Scholarship Creative ArtsField, 500.00. Lyle McAlmond/Joan Pelto Scholarship, 2000.00.2012 Golden Beavers Scholars 2,000 Scholarshipsto a 2-Year CollegeVanessa Fowler, Seattle Central CommunityCollegeNoelani Ouchi, Shoreline Community CollegeSara Rind, University of Washington (Bothell)Madison Young, Seattle Central CommunityCollegeThe Bernice Whitely Anderson Scholarship( 3,246.64): Hallie Byers, Scripps College,Claremont, CA 3,000 Scholarshipsto a 4-Year CollegePaul Crane, California Polytechnic StateUniversity, San Luis Obispo, CAAllison Swenson, Loyola MarymountUniversity, Los Angeles, CARuben Lesnick, University of Chicago,Chicago, ILNathan Berry, University of WashingtonRuby A Fore, Brown University, Providence, RI(in 2013)Tarik Akyuz, Case Western Reserve,Cleveland, OHBack row, left to right:Tarik Ayuz, Paul Crane,Allison Swenson, Ruby Fore,Sara RindFront row, left to right:Vanessa Fowler, MadisonYoung, Noelani Ouchi,Nathan BerryJohn Creighton ’61Fahd Medal - and membership in the BallardHigh School Wall of Fame.Biographical information from the BallardHigh School Wall of Fame and NASA.Thank you to BHS staffer JaneMaurer and Committee ChairpersonDolores Moore ’48 for their workand dedication to our scholarshipprogram.ScholarshipDonorsThe association expresses its gratitude forthe generosity of the following who havedonated gifts. We will acknowledge otherdonors in future issues of The Golden BeaverLog. Contributions can be mailed to: BHSGolden Beavers Association, P.O. Box 70572,Seattle, WA 98127-0572.Beckley, Ken ’54Bell, Joane “Jo” Schmidt ’48Bellerback, SherryBowman, Jacqueline (Reeves) ’61Carlson, Irving ’39Cozine, Doris In memory of Helen Norris Bauer ’50Curren, James W. ’46Ecklund, Jr, Earl F. ’60Elderkin, Charles E. ’48Essman, Earl ’53Forseth, Paul ’52Gray, Dean H. ’62Hertz, Sandra Brown ’56 & David In memory of Miriam ArdissonoHighfield, Blaine ’40Hinkle, Edith M. ’46McDonell, Norman R. ’43Merlino, Jean In memory of Incornito Fiorito Merlino ’32Mitchell, Richard ’51Nelson, Patricia J. ’58Ott, Linda Bailey ’59Salmon, David ’57Slaughter, Charles Neal ’53 In memory of Bonnie Slaughter Morin ’49Whiteley, Robert J. ’60General Fund DonorsAndrews, Steve ’61Ness, Jon ’60Donate Now

5Spring 2013Golden BeaversClass NewsClass of ’6350th ReunionClass secretary: Art Olsenartolsen63@gmail.com50th Reunion, Saturday September 21, 2013,Ballard Elks at Shilshole, 6411 Seaview Ave.N.W., 7:00 P.M.Class of ’62Class secretary: Blair Leckiecblairl@yahoo.comClass of ’61Class secretary: Ken Bartlettbartlettdesigns@comcast.netBirthday Party for the Class of ’61!Although we don’t have definite dates,times and costs worked out yet ( the secondplanning meeting will be February 28th ), theclass of ’61 is planning a 70th birthday party,as the class reaches that milestone event.Since everyone had such a good time at the 50year reunion, the reunion planning committeethought that turning 70 was a good reason foranother celebration. The event is tentativelyscheduled for late this summer ( August orSeptember ), will be casual, low cost and mostlikely will be held, in Ballard, at the OlympicAthletic Club hotel penthouse. The hotel wasdesigned by BHS ‘61 grad Gordon Lagerquistof Lagerquist / Morris AIA, who is also on theparty planning committee.Everyone who went to the 50th reunionwill receive a mailing/invitation mid summerwith all of the details. Questions, startingin July - call Ken Bartlett 206-783-3263 of ’60Class secretary: Jeanne Jacobson Puckett425-775-6218/jmballard60@aol.comClass of ’59Class secretary:Class of ’5855th ReunionClass secretary: Judy Olson nal Class Representative: Norma JoyKathie Johnson Theoe: Kathie JohnsonTheoe will marry Eric Warn at the OakbrookCountry Club on Sunday, April 14th. CongratsKathie !Elaine Nelson: I’m wintering in Lake HavasuCity, AZ. Been here two weeks – going toMexico tomorrow for the day. I don’t havemuch access to the internet, but I am gettingit hooked up this week at my condo. Myaddress here is 1818 Montana Vista, LakeHavasu City, AZ 86403. I’ll be here untilaround May 1st.Deanne Carter Goodnidge: Ron and I are inYuma for the winter, where we just purchaseda park model in Sun Vista, RV, one of the nicer55 areas. We live in an area just for peoplewith pets; it has a lovely dog park, whereKikko and Zuki are becoming friends with lotsof puppies. We have been doing some jeeping,some cycling, listening to bagpipe/drumplayers; all in all, having a great (exhausting)time. Looking forward to seeing you all at thenext reunion.Jeri Ellsworth Kauffman: Super Bowl Sunday- fun day, great game. Ravens won, yea then leaving and going down an escalator, Isomehow lost my footing; ended up with myhead on the stairs/feet in the air, unconscious.This was probably about 8 P.M. I woke up at4:30 A.M., AZ time, in the emergency room inBHC. So, I had a ride in an ambulance -- firsttime (and I hope last time) in my life. My sonBobby picked me up, and took me home, inthe morning. I wouldn’t let them call Bobbyat work until 8:30 A.M. as I didn’t want him tohave to work his shift while worried to death.As it was, the stupid hospital just called Rsideat 7:30 A.M., NV time; they told them to havehim call the hospital and ask for Stephanie inthe E.R. They said nothing else! He was crazyuntil he could call immediately after. I toldthem to tell him I was alright when they leftthe message, but they didn’t. I have 6 staplesin my head. The whole right side of body, andmy back, is bruised, bloodied, scraped, and inpain. I can hardly move my right arm up whenI need to wash my bloody head. The head painis excruciating where the staples are, and it’sdifficult to turn over in bed. But I was damnlucky; I wasn’t killed, or didn’t lose my teeth,or break my face up! I will NEVER go on anescalator again. I have visions of it stopping inthe middle, and me toppling over. Bobby saidone of his customers fell on an escalator, andnow has no nose. Another guy, he thinks, diedin there about a month or so ago, Bobby sawit, and got ahold of security. The guy lookeddead, but could have been unconscious likeI was. I will have the stitches out in 10 days.I can’t believe the pain. They cut off myclothes; my black skinny jeans gone, and theydidn’t even save my belt or bra! -- threw itall out. Lucky I have all my jewelry, althoughone earring is gone. I had a bag with a purplejacket, jewelry, boots and purse -- that’s it.I’ll feel better soon, Jeri!!Judy Olson Rikansrud: Super Bowl Sunday –great game, not so good half time. I wish theSeahawks would have played. The one plusin the whole day is that I won a pool for thefirst time ever. I purchase a square every year(always under my married name). It appearsthat only names that end in Olson get thewinning squares. So I had my brother in law(Julie’s husband) change my name to JudyOlson. It’s karma. I’m happy.Life at the Ballard High School Foundationhas been fun and hectic. We were busy withthe Gala Opening of The Sound of Music,performed by the Performing Arts groups ofBallard High School. Our host for the eveningwas none other than “Kurt” (Duane Chase)from the original film The Sound Of Music.Proceeds from this event benefited theperforming arts groups at Ballard High School.Following The Sound of Music we beganorganizing our 13th Annual Ballard HighSchool Foundation Golf Classic to be heldat Newcastle Golf Course. We are hoping tofill two courses this year. For that we need288 golfers. Last year we had the most ever,with 244 golfers. The Classic will be held onMonday, August 26th with a fun filled puttingcontest prior to the 10 A.M. tee off times. OnSunday, August 25th we will hold our annualDinner of Champions, with a silent and liveauction and wonderful dinner. Money raised atthe auction and the Golf Classic will help fund22 athletic teams, music and cheer.’58 Class Reunion News: Save the dates,September 13, 14 and 15 for our 55th Classreunion. No big fanfares this time, just timeto visit old’ friends, make some new ones, andtalk, talk, talk. Friday the 13th (yes, for real)we will have a gathering at the Ballard Elks inShilshole with hors d’oeuvres and drink from5 P.M. to 9 P.M. If you want to stay later youcan move into the bar. Saturday, the 14th willbe the dinner at the Ballard Elks again, from4 P.M. to 9 P.M. We’ll end up early enough sothat we old’ fogies can drive in the daylightand get to bed early. Anyone who wishes tostay later can move into the bar. On Sundaythe 15th we will again have our lovely brunchat the Seattle Yacht Club from 10:30 1:30 P.M. If you haven’t experienced thewonderful time at the Yacht Club, this is yourchance. Of course, we expect lovely weatheras we did for our 50th for all three days. If youwish additional activities like touring Seattlewe will leave you to your own arrangements.See you in September. (Isn’t there a song withthe same name?)Class of ’57Class secretary: Donald Molvik206-789-3141/kathy.don@comcast.netAdditional Class Representative: Norm WernerClass of ’56Class secretary: Sandy Brown Hertzslhertz@comcast.netAdditional Class Representatives: EvelynSorrentino and Charles J. SeeQuestions such as these come up inconversations and communications amongour class members, so why not put them outthere to you? Answers will probably fall intocategories of NEAR, FAR and In-Between. Forinstance:Near . our Sr. class president, EdLagerquist is a perfect example of near, sincehis senior law office has been in the Northgatearea for many years; same with Tom Treece, inBallard.Far. Gary Dickson, senior class dramastudent and Talisman reporter, is now a retireduniversity professor far over on the east coastat Sunset Beach, North Carolina.In-between. We know of 11 alums inArizona, 26 in California, 4 in Idaho, 2 in NewMexico, 3 in Texas, and 6 in Florida. We can

6The Ballard High School Golden Beaver LogGolden Beavers Class Newsshare more numbers later, but you get theidea. There are others of you who are evenfarther away, so if we hear from you, we canreport where you are, too.FYI .seems there is a group of ‘56 Ballard“girls” who meet occasionally for lunch and“chatting time” to catch up on whatever isgoing on at the time. Some of the attendeesinclude Carolyn Welch Beveridge, ErleneBarnes Courtney, Joyce Downing Riley,Gretchen Fleming Smith, Pearl Sabota, DeeEngleson Maki, Margie Kessle Malan, JudyEngstrom Edinger, and just lately, SandyBrown Hertz. In fact, we met on the 2ndWed. of Feb. (it happens every 3rd month orso, in case you wish to join us.) This monthwas Stanfords at Northgate. Please feel freeto e-mail Carolyn Wells Beveridge ( for the next meeting place, dateand time.If any of you have a Ballard Beaver ’56group meeting periodically, and wish to havemore class members join you, please let usknow so we can pass on that info thru thiscolumn.Good news to share.fellow classmates Al‘Moose’ Clausen, Charlie See, and Ron Smithhave all recently had some sort of surgery. Allare doing well, and are thankfully getting onwith everyday life.Sad news to share: Dee Engleson Makipassed away in early Jan. 2013 after a longillness. She will be missed by many, manyfriends, admirers, and family. Her familyhas shared the website for her favoritecharity ‘Wild Love Mission,’ a rescue projectfor native wild horses in their native wildhabitat, so that we may learn more aboutit. If interested, view it at A celebrationof her life will be held later in spring.Retirement news to share: Al ‘Moose’Clausen announced his retirement last fall,leaving the Mariners after 30 years with thatwell known, well loved baseball team &organization. View his retirement dinner infoat the Mariners Blog: .Reunion Picnic rumor to think about: DickNerheim is interested in putting together areunion picnic for late this summer. Anyoneinterested in providing ideas or suggestions forplaces to hold such an event? Woodland ParkStove, Number 5? (Don’t even know if that stillis an option?) Please contact someone on thereunion committee if you have any suggestionsor wish to volunteer to help plan such anevent.News you’d like to share? You too, canshare info with our class. Please send it to( We enjoy hearingabout who is doing what and where.Class of ’55Class secretary:Additional Class Representatives: DonaldHoem and Elizabeth Sorrentino JohnsonClass of ’54Class secretary: George Lyons425-885-2107/j g lyons@msn.comAdditional Class Representative: Jon A. SetterWe have three new ’54 Life Golden Beavermembers: C. David Hughbanks, Ken Beckleyand Ralph Federspiel.C. David is the founder and past firstpresident of the Ballard High SchoolFoundation. Also members of the BHSF areJon Setter (early tiles program), Bob Sandvik(treasurer), and Tom Goleeke (music).It is sad to report the passing of C. David’sbrother Jim Hughbanks ‘50 on 2 March 2013.The ’54 attendees at Jerry Darby’s BallardHigh School December party were BobAnderson, Bob Christianson, Tom Goleeke,Dave Hughbanks, Bob Sandvik, Jon Setter,Byron Smith and Jack Taylor.Roberta “Bobbi” Ann Zatarain passed awaythis last October. She graduated from CentralWashington College with a Master’s Degree,and she was with the Seattle Public schoolsfor 34 years. On retiring she enjoyed travelingto Europe and Hawaii.Please feel free to contact George Lyonswith any news we can share in the Log, Classof ’54. What have you been up to? Phonenumber is 425-885-2107 e-mail address is G J are working on a 60th Reunion andwould like you to send your e-mail addressand other contact information to me, so thatyou can be informed of the progress of theplanning. Also any other classmates you mayhave information on so we could contactthem. Thanks!Class of ’5360th ReunionSave the Date! Class of ’53 60th ReunionLuncheon - Sept. 25, 2013Class secretary: Lauretta “Laurie” nal Class Representatives: Alan R.Hutchison, Donald H. Simpson, Mary LouMorrison Strandoo, and Jan Erk SeversonThe 60th Class Reunion luncheon will beheld September 25th, 2013 at the SeattleGolf and Country Club. Committee memberGretchen Scheumann mailed “Save theDate” postcards to all classmates with knownaddresses in late January. Contact her at (206)363-1481 if you need additional informationprior to the mailing of the “official”invitation.Just heard that Mary Lou Morrison Strandooand hubby Orv became grandparents totwins; little boy Logan and little girl Phoebe.Congrats!Sadly, I report the passing of Ron Major,BHS Class of 1952 1/2 (but shown in our classcommencement list). Ron died on December1, 2012 and is survived by his wife of 46 years,Penny; three children and five grandchildren.Ron was a buddy of my brother Tom Detert,BHS class of ‘52, and was often at our home.He was a lot of fun and we had some goodtimes together.Left to right: Joanne Kropp Conrad, PeggyBeeson Yeakel, Jan Erk Severson, TrudyOliver Madsen, Ann Knudsen Hyde and JessieCampbell.Christmas found six of our classmates atArnie’s Restaurant on December 28th (seephoto top left).Micki McDaniel (known to most of us as“Marianne”).passed away on January 20,2013. Micki was a very talented artist, havingstudied briefly at the University of Washington(design). She had her own interior designcompany, and was instrumental in designingmany beautiful restaurants and companies inWashington, an

Merit Finalists in our graduating class. Ballard's achievements go beyond the classroom as well. Recently, two works from six students in our Video Production class were awarded 1st Prize at the prestigious 17th Annual Derek Freese Youth Media Film Festival at Temple University in Philadelphia. The awards were in the categories of Best