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Kitchen EquipmentFinding the Right Tool for the Job

Objectives1. The names and uses of various kinds ofutensils2. Names and uses of various types ofcookware3. Small kitchen appliances that makecooking time more productive

WHAT ARE UTENSILS?Small kitchen toolsMost kitchens are stocked withbasic equipment that lets youperform an amazing number ofcooking tasks.

TYPES OF MEASURINGUTENSILSDry Measuringcups are used tomeasure dryingredientscome in setsgenerally rangingfrom a quarter cupto a cup

TYPES OF MEASURINGUNTENSILSLiquid Measuringcups are used tomeasure liquids andcome in various sizes.– Have a spout forpouring andmeasurement levelsmarked on the sides.

TYPES OF MEASURINGUNTENSILSMeasuring spoons areused for measuringsmaller amounts ofliquid and dryingredients and comein sets that generallyrange from a quarterteaspoon to atablespoon

Types of Mixing UtensilsMixing bowls– hold the ingredients that you mix.Pastry blenders– cut shortening into flour.Wire whisks– beating and blendingMixing spoons– combine ingredients

Types of Mixing UtensilsPlastic or rubber scraper– scrape bowlsSifters– sift and mix dry ingredients togetherRotary beaters– beat eggs and mix thin batters

Cutting and ChoppingUtensilsParing knives– peeling fruits and vegetablesUtility knives– all-purpose for cutting and slicingChef ’s knives– cutting, mincing, and dicingBread knives– baked good foods

OTHER KITCHEN UTENSILSCutting boardskitchen shearsGraterspeelers


Kitchen Utensils for moving foodaround Turners– Lift and turn flat foods such aspancakes or hamburgersTongs– Grip and lift hot, bulky foodsLadles– Hot liquids

Bake Ware Cooking UtensilsCake pansLoafCasserolesBaking sheetsPie pansMuffin pansAluminum foil Pans

Range Cooking UtensilsSaucepansStockpotsSkillets

Small Kitchen AppliancesToasters– toast bread, pop tarts, bagels, etc.Blenders– perform a variety of mixing and chopping tasksHand-held mixers– can be used for mixing cake batterFood processors– can cut and mixElectric skillets– fry, roast, simmer, or bake

Basic Large AppliancesBasic: Range and RefrigeratorFreezerAdditional: Microwave oven,Dishwasher, Freezer, Trashcompactor, and Garbage disposal

Small Equipment IdentificationComplete the small equipmentidentification worksheetMake sure to include what the utensil isused for after you identify itWe will have a quiz over kitchenequipment next class

Kitchen Utensils for moving food around Turners –Lift and turn flat foods such as pancakes or hamburgers Tongs –Grip and lift hot, bulky foods Ladles –Hot liquids. Bake Ware Cooking Utensils Cake pans Loaf Casseroles Baking sheets Pie pans Muffin pans Aluminum foil Pans. Range Cooking Utensils Saucepans Stockpots Skillets. Small Kitchen Appliances Toasters –toast bread, pop tarts .