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training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification CoursesBundle Course –SAP SCMBundle Course - SAP SCM (WM-EWM-S/4HANA EWMS/4HANA TM-S/4HANA Logistics) – Course SyllabusSAP Warehouse Management (WM)1. Introduction to Warehouse Management Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3Organization DataWarehouse StructureWarehouse Master DataWM Material master view2. Organization Dataa. Define Warehouse m 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses Warehouse numberStorage typeStorage sectionStorage BinPicking AreaStorage unitQuant etc.b. Master Data Material MasterStorage binc. Transfer Requirement Create Transfer requirement automaticallyCreate Transfer requirement manuallyCreate Transfer requirement for storage typeCreate Transfer requirement for material3. Transfer Order Number Range for TOCreate TO w.r.t Transfer RequirementCreate TO w.r.t Posting change notice noCreate TO w.r.t Storage unitCreate TO w.r.t Material documentCreate TO w.r.t Inbound deliveryT.O. Creation In BackgroundConfirm the Transfer OrderCancel the Transfer OrderPrint Transfer Order4. Put away Strategies Next to empty binFixed BinOpen StorageAddition to existing binPalletsFixed bin strategy5. Picking Strategies Shelf life expiredFIFOStringent FIFOhttps://training.uplatz.cominfo@uplatz.com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses LIFO6. Warehouse Management Business Scenario's (MM) Goods Receipt processing with inbound delivery (with ASN)Goods receipt processing without inbound deliveryGoods issue for internal consumptionReplenishment Control for Storage Type7. Warehouse movement types Define reference movement types for WMAssign reference movement types to WM movement types8. Search Strategies Storage type search strategiesStorage section search strategiesStorage bin type search strategies9. Batch Management in WM Condition TablesAccess SequenceStrategy TypesWM Batch Search ProcedureBatch Status in WMCharacteristics and classSLED in Batch in WMManual and Automatic Batch Display in WMSAP EWMWAREHOUSING STRUCTURES AND MASTER DATA Differentiating the SAP Solutions for Warehouse Management Outlining Organizational Structures Maintaining Master Data for SAP EWMBASIC PROCESSES IN SAP EWM Processing Goods Received Processing Goods for Shippinghttps://training.uplatz.cominfo@uplatz.com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification CoursesWAREHOUSE MONITORING AND PROCESSING WITH MOBILE DEVICES Managing the Warehouse Applying Storage Control Employing Serial Numbers Processing Batches Mapping Quality Inspection Processes Applying Value-Added ServicesWAREHOUSE ORGANIZATION Performing Slotting Applying Replenishment Methods Performing a Physical InventoryOPTIMIZATION OF RESOURCES Applying Wave Management Applying Labor Management Executing the Production Supply Process Executing Expected Goods Receipts Processes Applying Cross DockingWAREHOUSE EXTENSIONS Planning the Shipping and Receiving of Products Controlling the Material Flow System (MFS)COMBINED INBOUND AND OUTBOUND PROCESSES Executing an End-to-End Process with SAP EWMTHE EXTENDED WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT (EWM) SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT Outlining the Basics of EWMINTEGRATION Setting Up the Integration Between SAP ERP and SAP EWM Setting Up Delivery Document IntegrationSTRUCTURAL ELEMENTS AND MASTER DATA Creating Structural Elements in EWM Creating Storage Bins Creating Work Centers Transferring Master Data from ERP to EWM using the APO Core Interface Creating Warehouse Product Master Data Creating Packaging SpecificationsWAREHOUSE PROCESS TYPEShttps://training.uplatz.cominfo@uplatz.com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses Applying Warehouse Process TypesGOODS RECEIPT Outlining Goods Receipt Processes in EWM Setting Up Availability Groups for Inventory Management (IM) Configuring Direct Putaway Applying Putaway Rules Checking CapacitiesGOODS ISSUE Outlining the Goods Issue Process in EWM Applying the Stock Removal Strategies Configuring Pick Denials Processing Batch Managed Products in EWM Combining Items in Waves Implementing Two-Step PickingSTORAGE CONTROL Outlining Storage Control Configuring Process-Oriented Storage Control Configuring Layout-Oriented Storage ControlWAREHOUSE ORDER CREATION Creating Warehouse OrdersPOSTING CHANGES, STOCK TRANSFERS, AND REPLENISHMENT Performing Posting Changes and Stock Transfers Performing Ad Hoc Movements and ReplenishmentPHYSICAL INVENTORY Outlining the Physical Inventory Process Setting Up the Procedures for Physical InventorySLOTTING Configuring the Slotting ProcessPOST PROCESSING FRAMEWORK (PPF) Outlining the Post Processing Framework Applying the Post Processing Framework in Delivery om 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification CoursesS/4HANA EWM – Course Syllabus1. SAP Introduction Overview of SAP R/3Overview of SAP ECCOverview of SAP SCMOverview SAP S/4 HANAComparison of SAP R/3, SAP ECC, and SAP S/4 HANASAP ECC & SAP S/4 HANA system landscapes, deployments and databasesDelta Changes & new features2. Introduction to SAP HANA SAP In-Memory StrategyArchitecture OverviewRow StoreColumn StoreAttribute ViewsCalculation Views3. Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA S/4HANA RoadmapBenefits of S/4 HANA from business perspectiveWays from Business Suite to S/4 HANADeployment Options (On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid)4. Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology System conversionLandscape transformationNew Implementation5. Overview of SAP HANA Cloud Solutions SAP Strategy for Cloud and SAP HANASAP Cloud Data CentersSAP HANA Enterprise CloudSAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Use CasesExamples of On-Premise to Cloud Integration6. Key com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses Business PartnerOrder Management BillingCredit ManagementInventory ManagementMaterial Requirement PlanningArchitectural Changes / Configurations related to Sales7. Overview of Fiori Apps Overview of SAP Fiori Apps related to Logistics / Supply Chain8. SAP S/4 HANA Deployment Options in EWM Organizational Units in EWM in S/4EWM Landscape.Existing & NewPlanned EWM Road Map for S/4HANAEmbedded EWM.Business Benefits9. Master Data in S/4 HANA System Master Data creationCore Interface (CIF) existing and New10. Integration in S/4HANA System Basic ERP and EWM IntegrationDelivery Document Integration11. Structural Elements and Master Data in S/4HANA System EWM Structural ElementsEWM Master Data12. Radio Frequency (RF) Frame Work How to use RF FrameworkDeveloping new screens in RFLayout Oriented Storage ControlITS Mobile and how to create templates for different mobile devices13. Goods Receipt and Inbound Process Goods Receipt Process OverviewGoods Receipt using EWMERP and EWM documentsAvailability Groups for Inventory ManagementGoods Receipt Process Overviewhttps://training.uplatz.cominfo@uplatz.com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses Put-away Rules & StrategiesProcess Oriented Storage ControlPacking HU management Pack SpecificationDeconsolidationValue Added Services (VAS)Counting in EWM14. Goods Issue and Outbound Process Goods Issue ProcessOutbound Delivery ProcessingEWM DocumentsStorage Control in Outbound ProcessingStock / Storage Removal StrategiesPick Denial / Handling Differences in PickingBatch ManagementUsing Pack Specification Condition records managementWave processingReplenishment15. Storage Control Storage Control ConceptsProcess-Oriented Storage ControlLayout-Oriented Storage Control16. Warehouse Order Creation Warehouse Order Creation17. Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishment Posting Changes and Stock TransfersAd-Hoc Movements and Replenishment18. Physical Inventory The Physical Inventory ProcessEWM Physical Inventory Procedures19. Slotting and Rearrangement Slotting and Rearrangement20. Post Processing Framework (PPF) Overview of Post Processing Framework (PPF)https://training.uplatz.cominfo@uplatz.com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses PPF in Delivery ProcessingProcess & Layout Oriented SCPPF & Printing Conditions Records in EWM21. Yard Management Introduction to Yard Management and Usage22. Serial Management in SAP EWM System Inventory LevelBin LevelWarehouse Level23. Cross Docking in SAP EWM System Opportunistic Cross DockingTransportation Cross Docking24. Kitting in SAP EWM System Kit to orderKit to stockReverse Kitting25. SAP EWM integration with other modules Integration of EWM with MM (IM)Integration of EWM with PPIntegration of EWM with SDIntegration of EWM with TM26. SAP S/4 HANA – Interfaces SAP to SAP InterfaceSAP to non-SAP InterfaceSAP S/4HANA TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT – COURSESYLLABUS1. Overview of Transportation Management Transportation Management from a management com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses Understanding Transportation Management Shipper, Freight Forwarder and LSP LTL/FTL/LCL/FCL Scenario’s in Logistics Industry Transportation Management System VS SAP TMS2. SAP Transportation Management Architecture An overview of the technical architecture of SAP TM and how integration isdone Standalone SAP TM Integrated SAP TM (SAP TM- SAP ERP) Transportation Management E2E Cycle3. SAP Transportation Management Master Data Transportation specific Master Data Master Data of SAP ERP and SAP TM CIF integration used for master data transmission between SAP ERP andSAP TM Organization Master Data General Master Data Transportation Network Master Data Resources Master Data Charges Master Data Dangerous Goods Management4. SAP Transportation Management Requirement/Order Management Shipper scenarios and forwarder/carrier scenarios to explain the capabilitiesof the customer order objects Order Based Transportation Request Delivery Based Transportation Request Forwarding order Scenario5. Transportation Capacity om 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses Management of freight capacities and schedules is an important aspect ofbeing able to move cargo Carrier Schedules Port Schedules Departure/Destination Rules6. SAP Transportation Planning (Freight unit and Freight OrderManagement in Standalone SAP TM)Transportation planning deals with the activities involved in the assignment ofcargo items to vehicles or reserved capacities on trucks, trains, planes, or vessels6.1 Freight Units Managementa) Definitionb) Properties of Freight Unitc) Freight unit building rule6.2 Freight Order Managementa) Freight Order creationb) Freight order Stagesc) Freight order Control6.3 Manual Planninga) Planning Strategiesb) Planning Profilesc) Transportation Cockpit6.4 Automatic Planninga) Optimization7. Carrier Process Relevant carrier Determination and Tendering process significance Carrier Determination Means and Modes of Transport8. Transportation Planning with Integrated SAP TM ( SAP TM- SAP ERP)https://training.uplatz.cominfo@uplatz.com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses SAP Sales order Management Overview SAP Purchase Order Management Overview Logistics Planning from Make to Stock and Make to Order Perspective9. Transportation Execution/Control/Monitor (Standalone TM and IntegratedTM Perspective) Execution and monitoring deal with handling freight and providing visibilityof shipments Transportation Execution Transportation Control Transportation MonitoringSAP S/4HANA LOGISTICSSAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management····Streamlined Procure-to-PayAccelerated Plan-to-ProductOptimized Order-to-CashEnhanced Request-to-ServiceInventory Management· SAP S/4HANA Changes· Warehouse Processing· Physical Inventory ManagementManufacturing· Material Requirements Planning· Production ExecutionSAP Extended Warehouse Management· Delivery Processing in Extended Warehouse ManagementSourcing and com 44 7836 212635

training.uplatz.comTraining Provider for IT and Certification Courses·····Materials Requirements PlanningOperational PurchasingCollaborative Sourcing and Contract ManagementSupplier Management, Invoicing and Payables ManagementSAP AribaSales Order Management······Sales Contract ManagementSales Order Management and ProcessingBilling and Invoicing, Output ManagementClaims, Returns, and Refund ManagementSAP HybrisSAP Transportation ManagementQuality Management· Quality Notification, Planning and Inspection· Material Master Quality Management ViewPlant Maintenance and Enterprise Asset Management· Maintenance om 44 7836 212635

Training Provider for IT and Certification Courses https://training.uplatz.com info@uplatz.com 44 7836 212635 Bundle Course - SAP SCM (WM-EWM-S/4HANA EWM- S/4HANA TM-S/4HANA Logistics) – Course Syllabus SAP Warehouse Management (WM) 1. Introduction to Warehouse Management Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3 Organization Data Warehouse Structure Warehouse Master Data WM