18/F Octagon Building, San Miguel Ave.,Ortigas, Pasig City 1800 PhilippinesT 63 2 8857 3222TELEPERFORMANCE EMPLOYEE PRIVACY NOTICEThis Privacy Notice is a reminder that Teleperformance (“TP”) processes your personal data. It isour policy to respect and value individual data privacy rights and makes sure that all personaldata collected from you are processed in compliance with all of the requirements of Republic ActNo. 10173, also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (the “DPA”), its implementing rules andregulations (the “IRR”), and relevant regulations and issuances of the National PrivacyCommission (“NPC”). TP implements appropriate security measures to make sure that all theinformation that you provide are protected and held confidential as we aim to ensure the securityand safety of all personal data collected and/or generated about you in the pursuit of our lawfulbusiness operations. TP provides appropriate safeguards to protect your personal data, pleasesee Teleperformance Group Data Privacy Policy and the Philippines addendum (external policy),(accessible here) and (internal policy), (accessible here). Please take time to read this noticeexplaining how we collect, use, or otherwise process your personal data.Purpose of processingTP uses your information for a number of purposes. The main purpose is to ensure that we canmeet all the requirements of the employment contract you signed with us. We will also need touse your information for compliance with our policies, laws and regulations, to respond torequests from supervisory authorities, to handle legal claims, to detect and prevent fraud, and tocarry out our lawful business activities.Data processing activitiesThe following are the processing activities of how TP collects, use or otherwise process yourpersonal data:Long Form Employee Privacy NoticeVersion 1.0 11/04/20191

1.Information you provide or we collect when you apply for a certain job orposition within the company. Please see Privacy Notice for Applicants(accessible here);2.Information we collect or generate upon issuance of a job offer and youracceptance of the same. Once you accept our job offer and agree to the termsthereof, we will collect another set of information including, but not limited tothe following: (1) Original copy of VALID NBI Clearance (Employer’s copy); (2)Medical Acknowledgement Slip signed by an accredited medical clinic; (3) TaxIdentification Number (TIN); (3.a) Photocopy of TIN ID or latest BIR 2316 Formor (3.b) Accomplished 1902 form with needed attachment/s; (4) Social SecurityNumber (SS #); (4.a) Photocopy of SSS ID or E-1 Form (5) PhilHealth Form orPhilHealth number (if previously employed); (6) Pag-IBIG Form or Pag-IBIGnumber (if previously employed); (7) Pictures: 1 x 1 size colored picture – 6 pcs.and 2 x 2 size colored picture – 2 pcs; (8) Photocopy of 2 valid IDs (Driver’sLicense, Passport, PRC ID, SSS ID, etc.); (9) Photocopy of Birth Certificate andMarriage Certificate, if married; (10) Proof of previous employment (recentemployer) – Certificate of Employment, Clearance, ID or contract (photocopy);(11) Photocopy of school credentials – Transcript of Records, Diploma,Certificate of Registration or Copy of Grades; (12) BIR Form 2316 – to besubmitted by applicant with previous employment prior to TP within the taxableyear including BIR Form 1905 – with stamped from the BIR and BIR Form 2305 –with stamped from BIR; (13) ATM Card Application- to be accomplished by allnew hires on the first day of employment; (14) City Health Card or OccupationalHealth Permit as may be required by the respective local city government; (15)Cedula/Community Tax Certificate - to be submitted on the fifth day ofemployment and every start of the year thereafter. TP processes personal dataregarding financial details (bank details), pension and/or retirement plans,medical insurance, and company equipment (e.g. car, phone) for employeebenefits and payroll;3.Information we collect or generate during the course of your employment withthe company. After you join the company, we may also collect additionalinformation about you and process personal data for several purposes includingbut not limited to employment administration, employee benefits, payroll,performance review, training, grievance, discipline, internal investigations,holiday, sick leave and other forms of leave, annual physical examinationsresults, other data that may be used in the processing of loan applications andinsurance claims, training and coaching including the use of systems and callrecordings, policy compliance and investigations related to security and fraudmanagement. There will also be times when we will acquire other forms of datalike pictures or videos of activities you participate in, via official documentationLong Form Employee Privacy NoticeVersion 1.0 11/04/20192

of such activities or through recordings from CCTV cameras installed within thecompany premises.4. Systems Monitoring (Event Monitoring): We monitor the use of computersystems, phones and other technical equipment that we provide or operate (“TPIT Systems”) for the purposes of conducting our business to ensure that thoseTP IT Systems are being used in a lawful appropriate and compliantmanner. Types of monitoring may include, among others: detection of accountmisuse (e.g., shared accounts, identity theft); detection of confidential dataexfiltration via communication channels (e.g., chat, email); detection of unusualbehavior (e.g., copying/pasting of confidential data from one app to another);verification of proper tool usage (e.g., lookup frequency, on-call, promo codeusage); blocking of unapproved activities (e.g., agents unapproved accessing ofcertain tools or the internet); and enforcement of TP policies (e.g., no notetaking).5. Listening and Recording: We may listen to and record communicationinteractions under your performance of work (e.g., phone calls, emails, messageconversations, etc.): At our Client’s request, for the purposes of: evaluation of service providedby us (for example, contractual KPIs); training/coaching of employees onClient’s material; improvement of the quality of service (e.g., businessintelligence, speech analytics); updating the services provided by the Client;compliance policy implementation; storage / archiving of interaction forretrieval in case of a claim; and/or storage / archiving of proof of theconclusion of a contract or execution of a contract. For Teleperformance, for the purposes of: training/coaching of employees,improvement of their skills; evaluation of employees, for example todetermine their variable pay; management of disciplinary procedures (e.g.,following an incident of fraud or non-compliant behavior); and/ormanagement of judicial and/or criminal procedures (e.g., following anincident of fraud or non-compliant behavior).6. TP Coaching (audio/video recording sessions): Management uses TP Coachingto observe and evaluate interactions between agents and supervisors forpurposes of training and employee performance improvement.Teleperformance coaching sessions are recorded and/or stored:Long Form Employee Privacy NoticeVersion 1.0 11/04/20193

At the Client’s request, for the purposes of: evaluation of service providedby Service Provider (for example, contractual KPIs); training/coaching ofemployees on Client’s material; improvement of the quality of service. For Teleperformance, for the purposes of: training/coaching of employees,improvement of their skills; demonstration of best practices/effectivecommunication techniques.7. CCTV and Access Control: To protect the security of our employees, visitors andbusiness, Teleperformance uses CCTV cameras installed within the companyentry and exit points, security badges (including photo identification), andentry/exit logs to monitor building access points and access to secure areas andsystems.Legal ground for processingWe process your personal data on the ground of necessity for the performance of theemployment contract you have entered into with TP with respect to the processing activities thatneed to be undertaken, such as paying salaries, and arranging employee benefits.We process your personal data on the ground of legal obligation/necessity for compliance withlaws in relation to processing activities such as but not limited to tax calculation, facilitatingclaims and remittances for mandatory government benefits.We process your personal data on the ground of legitimate interests with respect to theprocessing activities such as investigations, employee monitoring including CCTV, monitoringbuilding access, recruitment management purposes, providing support for employees training,health (including health data for the assessment of your working capacity), safety, and wellnessrequirements. The legitimate interests pursued include management of employees, security,health, safety and business efficiency.We process your photos and videos taken at various TP events for internal use. This is completelyvoluntary, and you can choose to remain in a certain area if you do not want to be captured inthe photos or videos.The personal data collected are generally stored on each department’s data systems and arestored at TPs local servers, computers, departments’ file cabinets and affiliates or subsidiarylocations. Only certain employees will have access to the information in accordance with theirpre-established structure of permissions or predefined security roles.Long Form Employee Privacy NoticeVersion 1.0 11/04/20194

We understand that the DPA and its IRR imposes stricter rules for the processing of sensitivepersonal information, and we are fully committed in abiding to the same.We may require your consent for a specific use of your personal data, and we will collect it at theappropriate time.Please note further that we will not subject your personal data to any automated decisionmaking process without your prior consent.Recipients of your personal dataWe may also share, disclose, or transfer your personal data within or outside the Philippines toother persons or with other TP affiliates, subsidiaries, Clients and external organizations such aspayroll and tax service providers or insurance companies, insurance brokers, banks, and othersimilar organizations in relation to any or all of your loan applications, insurance claims, andgovernment agencies such as the Department of Labor (DOLE), Social Security System (SSS),Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)or Pag-IBIG, and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) who assist TP in carrying out its businessactivities for the provision of employment benefits mandated by law who would be under dutyof care to maintain the appropriate levels or security and confidentiality and only use theinformation as instructed by TP to ensure the proper administration of your employment, or forother purposes, when necessary and under circumstances as permitted or required by law.Retention of Personal DataWe will retain your personal data for as long as is necessary for the purpose/s set out above, orwhere a retention period is provided by law and/or a company policy, all personal data affectedwill be disposed of after said period. Rest assured that our use of your personal data will belimited to that which is necessary to achieve its purpose, and/or only when permitted and/orallowed by law.Your rights with respect to your personal dataAs a data subject, you have rights relating to your personal data, such as the right:Long Form Employee Privacy NoticeVersion 1.0 11/04/20195

To be Informed about any processing of your personal data.To Access any and all data that we may have on you. However, we may chargeyou for the reproduction costs.To Object to the processing of your personal data, in general or for a particularpurpose. In addition, if we use your personal data for a different purpose thanwhat was originally communicated and collected, we will ask for your consent toprocess the data for this new purpose, and you have the right to object to thesame.To Erasure or Blocking if you no longer want us to process your data, withdrawyour data from our system, or you want all your personal data in our possessiondestroyed, provided, that any of the circumstances enumerated under Section34(e)(1) of the DPA are present.To Rectify if any personal data we have on you is inaccurate or wrong, you havethe right to have it corrected immediately, unless your request is vexatious orotherwise unreasonable.To Data Portability which allows you to obtain and electronically move, copy, ortransfer your personal data in a secure manner for further use. Note, that we maycharge you for the reproduction costs if you choose to exercise this right.To Damages if you suffered damages due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated,false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data, or other violationof your rights and freedoms as data subject.To File a Complaint if you feel that your personal information has been misused,maliciously disclosed, or improperly handled, or that any of your data privacyrights have been violated, you may file a complaint with the National PrivacyCommission through their website: you wish to exercise these rights, you may submit a request vacy-information-and-inquires/. If youhave any questions, complaints and/or clarifications, you may contact the Data Protection Officervia email at:ENTITY1. TELEPHILIPPINES INCORPORATED(Alphaland,Antipolo,Bacolod,Cagayan de Oro, Cebu Insular, Davao,EDSA, Fairview, Fairview Terraces,Mall of Asia, Octagon, Sucat andVertis North sites)2. TPPH-FHCS, INC.(Ayala, Baguio, Cebu IT Park,Rockwell and Silver City sites)CONTACT PH-FHCS@teleperformance.comLong Form Employee Privacy NoticeVersion 1.0 11/04/20196

3. TPPH-CRM, INC.(Aura site)4. TELEP

year including BIR Form 1905 – with stamped from the BIR and BIR Form 2305 – with stamped from BIR; (13) ATM Card Application- to be accomplished by all new hires on the first day of employment; (14) City Health Card or Occupational Health Permit as may be required by the respective local city government; (15) Cedula/Community Tax Certificate - to be submitted on the fifth day of .