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IntroductionWelcome my friend! My name is Sarah Rebecca Vine and I want tothank you for requesting my ‘Calling all Earth Angels’ report. I amso grateful that you did and my sincere wish is that it empowersyou, inspires you and gives you something money can’t buy!I see earth angels everywhere . And most have absolutely no ideathey are one, how powerful they are or how important! Readingthis will help you recognise yourself in a whole new way. Givingyou a different perspective with deeper understanding, clarity andawareness about yourself and others you know.Let me firstly share how this report came into being. When I firstcame across the concept of earth angels through reading a book onthe subject many years ago, I resonated but not in a deep way as Ifelt I was all of them.Back in 2009 when I took a leap of faith and qualified as a‘Spiritual’ life coach, I had no clue or idea in what direction thatwas going to take me. My early clients were all vastly different, butone thing I noticed was that they all had the ‘characteristics’ ofearth angels that I remembered from the book, because I did too.Yet this was a completely a new concept to them of being an ‘EarthAngel’.So this report was born (and has been extensively updated since)to provide you with information so that you too, can recogniseyourself and know that you are not alone.I also set a free worldwide Earth Angel Group on Facebook in 2008to connect you with others and in there, I have shared many

I have created to help, support and inspire you. If you would like tojoin me there, click here.I hope you take this time for you to remember who you are andenjoy this report! I hope it resonates with you deeply and is thecatalyst for positive change in your life for the highest good of all!I know how lonely it can be with no one understanding you, or youeven understanding you! So enjoy my fellow earth angel and lightworker because you are reading this for a reason Love and light alwaysSarah

How to get the most out of this ReportMy suggestion is to read the whole report through once and makenotes! Print this report off if easier and highlight what resonateswith you.There is a lot of information in this report and that can beoverwhelming. You will quite likely recognise aspects of yourselfas you read however you may find you are more than one of thecore realms and even blended realms.Once you have finished, re read the realms that stand out andyou should feel confident in identifying yourself.There is information on the personality, life purpose, physicalcharacteristic and relationship styles of all the core realms andmost of the blended realms.At the end of this report there are ‘Suggestions for all EarthAngels’ to help you and also ‘What this all means now and howto embrace this new knowledge’. This will tie it all together foryou.Ultimately, if we are not on ‘purpose’ in some way, it doeshave energy repercussions in our lives.Because we chose to be here and have this higher mission, it isimportant for you firstly to know about it, embrace it and thentake the steps to help yourself.Please also let me share with you now, some of what is inthis report may feel a little hard to believe or to take on board,especially if this is all new to you.Just take from this what you need and be open, you are readingthis for a reason!

What IS An Earth Angel?An Earth Angel is a soul who elected to be born into a human bodyto have greater impact.Earth Angel is an ‘umbrella’ term used for ALL Light Workersknown by many names – Incarnated Angels and Elementals, StarPeople, Mer-People, Wise Ones, Empaths, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and everything in between.Everyone on earth IS a Spiritual Being as we all come from thesame Divine source, however not everyone is an Earth Angel.Everyone has a Personal Mission to work on for spirituallearning and growth in this experience.However Earth Angels also have a higher ‘Global’ Purposeand Mission: To help this world be a better place and raise theconsciousness of the planet as we ascend. Earth angels have manywonderful, unique and much needed gifts and wisdom to sharewith the world.Earth angels have come from other heavenly realms. ‘Realms’means the vibrational frequency from where you have been oncountless levels.This has an impact in our personality and physical characteristics. Just as our environment and personal history has an impacton us, so too does all our previous lives. We also often look like ourspiritual counterpart and are all different and unique due to howand where we are raised.All the lifetimes that we have been in the angelic realm, the elemental kingdom or on other planets or star systems has influenceson who we are today.We are also born with spiritual amnesia and we forget thisaspect of ourselves.Being ‘human’ means being born onto this 3D planet. Earthis the only 3D planet in our Universe and with it we get a ‘heavy’human body and all the emotions that go with

Part of our reason here is to experience earth life andemotions.This can be very challenging as the emotions on this planet areharsh. Many have trouble adapting to this earth life and many havea lot of past life emotions, karma and lessons we are still workingthrough. We are all here for Spiritual Growth.Please know, Earth Angels are not saint like or perfectand we are not expected to be!See if you recognise yourself in the following basic characteristics and then read on to discover your realm Basic Characteristics of Earth AngelsFeeling Different, Separate or Alienated From OthersAlmost all Earth Angels feel that they don’t fit in and are ‘different’to others.Intense and Heightened SensitivityMost often Earth Angels are told ‘you are just too sensitive’. Theyfeel bombarded with other people emotions and the energy on theplanet. This sensitivity is actually a gift to intuitively know wherehelp is needed.Strong Sense of PurposeMost Earth Angels have a sense they are here for a reason yetmany have no idea what.History of Frustrating Relationship PatternsMany Earth Angels are born to abusive or emotionally unavailableparents. They may attract abusive friends or partners. Earth Angels‘sign up’ for challenging family situations so that they can progressextra fast in this important

Strangers Tell You Their Problems‘There is just something about you I can trust ’Look Younger Than Chronological AgeSome realms have this an added bonus!History of AddictionsWhether food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or relationships manyEarth Angels turn to outside substances or influences to numb thepain of feeling different, being intimidated of their life mission andto put it on a back burner.Ringing In One EarNot all but most Earth Angels notice a high pitched ringing soundin one ear which is in fact encoded information downloaded fromyour realm to help you rise above earthly problems plus includesinstructions and guidance for your

Types of Earth Angel RealmsThere are 2 types of Realms – The ‘Core’ Realms and the‘Blended’ Realms, which are a combination of the core realms. Abit like primary colours and all the combinations they can make.There are 4 main Core Realms of Earth Angels.These are:Incarnated AngelsIncarnated ElementalsStar PeopleWise OnesSome earth angels are just ONE of the core realms and as you readthe description which includes personality, life purpose, physicalcharacteristics and relationship styles, it will describe you to a Tee.Most earth angels I meet are more than one of the core realms.This can cause a lot of confusion as you resonate but don’t. Readeach description and notice what does and doesn’t ring true aboutyou. Make notes as you go along.Once you have read the whole report and all the core and blendedrealms, you should hopefully be able to easily identify where you arefrom and why you are the way you are!The last section on what this all means now and how to embracethis new knowledge will tie this all together for

Core RealmsofEarth

INCARNATED ANGELSIncarnated Angels are literally Angels who have elected to live anentire lifetime in a human body because their mission requiredthem to have a human presence. There has been angels who havetaken on human form temporary, however the incarnated angel ishere for a lifelong experience.Previous to being ‘human’ they were indeed angels – There aremany blended realms as some are angels from other planets andstar systems. Just as there are many different levels of angels,there are also many different levels of incarnated angels on earthtoday. They may also have lived more than one lifetime in humanform and many have forgotten their angelic heritage. Howeverthere are tell-tail clues Personality:Incarnated angels love angels!They decorate their homes with angel statues, pictures, havemany angel books and cards, wear angel inspired clothing andjewellery, wear ‘angel’ perfume They love everything about angels and are often told ‘you’re suchan angel’.They love to help, as that is what they did being an angel! Theyare the dearest light workers imaginable. They come from theirhearts, care deeply and just love people. They are the ‘good’ girlsand boys, who love to follow rules and live up to standards.They are the givers, and rarely ask for help themselves, usuallysaying no to help as they are genuinely more concerned withothers. Their wish is that everyone is happy.They are happy, warm, endearing and have good social skills.Out of all the core realms, they are the most sociable, althoughthey can be shy at first as they can be self-conscious. They are verytalkative, often with the gift of the gab and love to talk details andfeelings. They also apologize all the time and feel guilty saying no.They have a very sensitive nature to harsh energies and don’

want to know the shadow side of life. They just tune out as theyonly want to acknowledge light not problemsThey can often turn to addictions of food and can binge of whitesugar and processed white flour products. This builds a shield ofextra weight so they don’t feel the harsh energies too much orother people’s emotions, as they often don’t know the difference.They can also suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome which is a mainsymptom of absorbing lower energies.This extra weight can often lead to low self-esteem issues as theyworry about it. They want to please others and often try to lose itto please others not themselves which can cause the yo-yo effects.They often struggle with health challenges - fibromyalgia andgynaecological problems, which on a mind/body connectionreferred to as ‘loving too much’.They carry a lot of guilt as they unconsciously remember beingable to help in an instant so can feel helpless in this human body.They are the rescuers and can be very trusting of people.Life PurposeIncarnated Angels enjoy professions where they are professionalhelpers. Such as in nursing, teaching, counsellors, social workers,even flight attendants. They are wonderful healers and loveworking one client at a time as they don’t like audiences. They areshy in groups and self-conscious as they worry about what othersthink.They do very well working for organisations as like to followrules as long as feel like they are making a difference otherwise it isnot in integrity. They have a good work ethic, are a team player andare also good at working for themselves.Physical CharacteristicsIncarnated angels look like angels, whether male or female. Theyhave beautiful and handsome faces which are sweet, heart-shaped,with cupid-bow lips and large doe-like eyes and which radiate

unconditional love. There is acceptance, innocence and I love youenergy.They are often told they look like plus size models and maleslook like cuddly teddy bears as incarnated angels tend to beheavyset with a large frame, often shielding themselves with theextra pounds.They also lighten or highlight their hair and they seem to glowwith a large aura. They have no ‘edge’ to them.RelationshipsIncarnated Angels are often sent to dysfunctional families as the‘Guardian Angel’ and feel disconnected and isolated from theirfamily.They also often have histories of abusive relationships. Theyrarely have trouble attracting romantic partners or friends but dohave difficulty in finding fulfilling ones. They look past the surfaceand fall in love with someone’s potential. As a ‘rescuer’ they tendto attract people who should have been clients. They tend to thinkmy love can fix you and can have co-dependent relationships withaddicts and alcoholics.They stay in relationships much lo

Reading this will help you recognise yourself in a whole new way. Giving you a different perspective with deeper understanding, clarity and awareness about yourself and others you know. Let me firstly share how this report came into being. When I first came across the concept of earth angels through reading a book on the subject many years ago, I resonated but not in a deep way as I felt I was .