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How to ntalte yoi,r ntove-out st, ess freel\ht,c-Out NoticeResidents must provide at ]east 30 days written notice toCorvias Property Management using the form available atthe Community Office/Center. Residents are encouraged toprovide notice as soon as they begin planning to move. Assoon as you anticipate a move, even if you don't yet haveyour o rders. we highly encourage you to provide writtenno tice. If a service member is not able to provide the writtenno tice to vacate, the spouse or designated individual of legalage m ust provide a special power of attorney that allowsthem to start and/ or stop an allotment. Provide 30 days writum notice Scht.- dulc a move-out date Attend u Move-Out Information Session Finni Inspectionl\lo,·c-Out SehcdulingW hen providing a no tice to vacate, the CommunityOffice/Center will assist in determining a move-out dateand final inspection appointn1ent.Move-Out SessionFinal InspectionDate:Date: ------Time: ------Time: ------For mort information pltast contact your Community Office/Ctnttr.Introduction2

Move-out house elea11i11g e/1ee/ilistDD0Walls. l'cilini,-s & DoorsWalls, ceilings and doors should be free of dust, dirt,cob\vebs and grease/ food particles. Remove pel'l, pel'lcil,crayon or other 1na.rkings from surfaces. Candle soot onthe walls should be removed. Remove all tape, tacks,borders or other icems chat were i1'lstalled duringoccupancy. In some cases, ceiling hooks may be left inplace and nail holes do 1\0t need to be filled.Hole DAll sutfaces inust be clean and deodorized. All cabinets, countertops, shelves, sinks and faucets must be deaned to re1nove gtease,food, mildew a11.d dust.0larger than 1" x t'' are considered damage. All walls andtriin muse be either primed or a color light enough co becovered with one coat of painc. See your CommunityOffice/Center for details.0\\'indow Co,·eringsDBathroomsAll surfaces muse be clean, deodorized and wiped down.DTrash & lkt1 din;{All co11tainers muse be einpty and cleaned. No ttash is tobe left inside or outside the home.ApplinnecsThoroughly clean the range/hood, dishwasher, refrigerator/freezerand 1nictO\\lave (if applicable).The scove should include racks andbroiler pan.l-'loorsShould be swept and mopped, removing all dire,dust and surface comami11.ation. Catpetsshould be vacuun1.ed.There should be a screen in all storm windows. Blindsshould not be bent, cracked, or have broken slats andshould be functional.0Kitd1C'11 & l.auncl11Gru·agc Pntio. Bak-01,y& lla., cmcutPlease sweep all aceas including thegarage, driveway and sidewalks.0Home l::.xtcrior & YardPlease re,nove all ttash, animal feces andothet debris fro1n all areas. Repair and fillholes rnade in 'a.rd. Yards with flower bedsmust be free of \\1eeds, trash,.and other debris.Cleaning Checklist3

Damages. 1'orn1a.l \\'car & l'earResidents are responsible for damage to their home or to equipmentand furnishings caused by the abuse or negligence of family membersand guests. Normal wear and tear is the am ount o f deteriorationwhich occurs in the normal use of homes. Homes should be used asintended, avoiding any negligence, care lessness, accident o r abuse ofthe premises by the occupant, members of the household, their pets orguests. For example, small nail holes are expected, large holes are not.For a list of common damage costs, including damage caused by pets,please visit the Damage Cost Sheet found in the ResidentResponsibility Guide. If you need a copy, visit your CommunityOffice/Center.\\'e can help!The following items may be available at your CommunityOffice/Center and maintenance teams as self-help assistance forinterior and exterior cleanup of the home prior to move o ut: Pest control Air filters Touch up paintDamage Cost & Funds4

Tra .;h Ren1oval & Hazardo11s Mate,,,ial Disposalz.Trash Ren1ovalResidents are required to dispose all trash, bulk trash and debris ontheir normal scheduled trash day prior to the final inspection date. Forquestions about trash removal schedules o r information about bulktrash removal, please contact your Community Office/Center.I lazardous l\'laterial DisposalIf you miss your scheduled bulk trash pickup date, please call yourCommunity Office/Center to arrange fo r collection. Additional feesmay apply.The following hazardous material items are ALWAYS the resident'sresponsibility to dispose of: FreonVehicles o r motorcycle Vehicle or motorcycle partsMaterial Disposal5

I: Fi11al /11spection After your final inspection, we will: Provide a list of damages orcleaning charges. (For excessdamage, an additional damageassessment and repair estimatemay be necessary) Collect all o utstanding debtincluding damage and cleaningcharges (for Service Membersseparating from the military,rent for that month m ust becollected at least S days prio r tothe final inspectio n) Provide a fi nal utilitystatement to be paid directly tothe third party vendo r (ifapplicable)[J Persounli7,atiouAny hon'le improvements that occurred luting the residel'lC)' (unless otherwiseapproved by Corvias) must be reversed.aPainted WnllsResidents who received approval topail'lt must prime walls or painc with acolor lighc enough at'id of che same paintfinish used by Coivias that could becovered wirh one coat of paint prior tomove-ouc. Coocact your CommunityOfflce/Cencer for questions.a .:nbinetsPlease have all the cabinets and doorsopen 10 speed up the i1\spectio11 process.a Keys. lkmotc .:ontrol,-, Pool l'nss&Foblo advance of your fi nal inspection,please complete the checklistbelow. T hese items may help youavoid confusion and un fo reseencosts. If all iten1s are no t removed,additional charges may apply.House keys {all sets provided upot1move-in), pool pass, Cotnn\ul\ity Ce.nterkey fob(s) and garage door openerre1notes chat are provided by Corvias are o -'"If residencs have purchased additionalsets of keys, they too ate required to becumed in at move-out.!iii Mail ForwardingWork \\1ith your post office to en.sureyour JUail is forwarded. Return mailboxkeys to your Con\1nunity Office/Cer'lterYou can visit w·\, w.usps.co1n co submitan online request to have ,our mailforwarded for a 1\ominal fee.Henkel Fence,- nnd Satcllilca DishesResideots are responsible for theremoval of rented fences (if applicable)and satellite d ishes.Remember to contact your setviceprovider 30 days prior to your JUove-oucdare to schedule the removal of theseite1ns.·· · · ::: ·F::h k\;s 6

Post Move-Outl{cntainin BAI IOur .:onununiticsWe may receive BAH for the portion ofthe month you did not reside in theArmy Installations· Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Fort Bragg, NC Randolph Pointe at Fort Bragg Fort Meade, MDhome after move out, because BAH ispaid in full-month allotments at the endof each month. On or before the 10th ofthe following month, a check with anyremaining BAH (minus any damage orcleaning charges} from the prior monthwill be mailed to the forwarding addressprovided. Unpaid charges or uncollectedmoney owed is subtracted from theremaining BAH. If you do not receive acheck, please contact your CommunityOffice/Center.Thank you for choosing to reside withCorvias Property Management. Wethank you for your service, we wish youwell and we hope to se1ve you again.www. CorviasMili taiy Living.com Reece Crossings at Fort Meade Fort Polk. LA· Fort Riley, KS Fort Rucker, AL· Fort Sill, OKAir Force Installations Edwards AFB, CA· Eglin AFB, FL Eielson AFB, AK· Hurlburt Field, FL McConnell AFB, KS· Seymour Johnson AFB, NCChoosing Corvias7

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Fort Bragg, NC Randolph Pointe at Fort Bragg Fort Meade, MD Reece Crossings at Fort Meade Fort Polk. LA · Fort Riley, KS Fort Rucker, AL · Fort Sill, OK Air Force Installations Edwards AFB, CA · Eglin AFB, FL Eielson AFB, AK · Hurlburt Field, FL McConnell AFB, KS · Se