College Planning EveningAGENDAPRESENTED BY:Sonia DinhSAT/ACT TutorThe Princeton ReviewPresented by: xxx xxx1Truths and Misconceptions2Similarities and Differences3Improving Your Scores4princetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW2

TRUTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONSPresented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW3

WHAT DO THESE TESTS MEASURE?Admission tests.TrueFalse measure intelligence? can be used to award aid? reflect your GPA in high school? predict your college GPA? can be prepared for? should be prepared for? test what you’ve learned in HS?Presented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW4

TOP FACTORS FORFIRST TIME FRESHMEN1. Grades2. High School Curriculum3. Test ScoresPresented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW5

SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCESPresented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW6

BOTH THE ACT ANDSAT HAVE:TESTSAT-AGLANCE Over 3 hours of testing time Limited time per question Answer choices (mostly) Math, Reading, and GrammarquestionsACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which is not affiliated with The Princeton Review. .Presented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW7

SAT SCORINGMATHREADING AND WRITING200 – 800200 – 800TOTAL400 – 1600ACT SCORINGPresented by: xxx ITE1-36princetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW8

WHAT ABOUT THE ESSAY? Fewer than 20 schools require theessay The University of Californiasystem contains nine of thoseschools. We recommend you take theessay, but don’t sweat it!Presented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW9

IMPROVING YOUR SCORESPresented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW10

WHAT ARE SOME COMMON MISTAKES? Answering questions too quickly Careless answers Doing work in your head Misreading the problem Not understanding what to doPresented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW11

MATH STRATEGY:PLUGGINGINceton ReviewMethods10If Claire is C years old and is6 years younger than Alan,in terms of C, how old willAlan be in 3 years?101619Target AnswerA. C-6 4STRATEGY:PLUGGING INB. C-3 7C. C 3 13D. C 9 19E. C 5 15Presented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW12

GRAMMAR STRATEGY: PRECISIONCaesar’s armies spoke Latin, and the British natives spoke Celtic; Old Englishdid not arrive in Britain until Germanic Tribes invaded in the 5th century andthey became dominant.A.B.C.D.No changeSome of themthoseGermanic languagesBe specific with pronouns.Presented by: xxx xxxprincetonreview.com800-2REVIEW800-2REVIEW13

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The Princeton Review. Presented by: xxx xxx 800-2RE 8VI00E-2RWEVIEW 3 TRUTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONS. Presented by: xxx xxx 800-2RE 8VI00E-2RWEVIEW 4 Admission tests. True False measure intelligence? can be used to award aid? reflect your GPA in high school? predict your college GPA? can be prepared for? should be