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DECLARATION OF CONFORMITYDTA Hydraulics is a tradename of Damen Technical Agencies BV, supplying hydraulic parts to variousindustries since 1990. As a Certified Distributor Hydraulics by Parker Hannifin and Authorized DenisonVane Pump Assembler, we guarantee the use of original parts and components. As such we provide youwith vane pumps of the same level of quality and warranty conditions as the factory does.We highly recommend to use genuine Denison Hydraulics spare parts only in order to ensure smoothoperation and longer service life. Spare parts that we have on stock include pump cartridge kits, shaft andbearing assemblies, seal kits and non-wearing parts of both the T6 and T7 series vane pumps.ALL VANE PUMPS SUPPLIED OR REPAIRED BYDTA HYDRAULICS HAVE BEEN ASSEMBLED ACCORDINGTO THE LATEST FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS WITHBRAND NEW AND GENUINE DENISON HYDRAULICS PARTSWe are able to provide you a large variety of options of the original Parker Denison single, double, and triplevane pumps. We can build any customized vane pump from our stock of genuine parts. You can now easilyconfigure that vane pump yourself with the Denison Hydraulics Vane Pump Configurator.vanepump.eu/vanepumpsUse advanced search to filter results based on configurable options and select any of the 25,000 vane pumpsthat are listed in our online catalogue. Most of the models are available from stock and ready for shipmentto any place in the world instantly. We can supply Any part, Anytime, Anywhere!

ORDERING CODE - T6DC SERIES INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONModel No.T6DC W - 038 - 022 - 1 R 00 - B 1SeriesP1ModificationP2Severe duty shaftSeal class1 S1 (for mineral oil)4 S4 (for resistant fluids)5 S5 (for mineral oil and fireresistant fluids)Cam ring for "P1"(Delivery at 0 bar & 1500 r.p.m.)014 71,4 l/min035 166,5 l/min017 87,3 l/min038 180,4 l/min020 99,0 l/min042 204,0 l/min024 119,3 l/min045 218,5 l/min028 134,5 l/min050 237,0 l/min031 147,4 l/minCam ring for "P2"(Delivery at 0 bar & 1500 r.p.m.)003 16,2 l/min017 87,4 l/min005 25,8 l/min020 95,7 l/min006 31,9 l/min022 105,4 l/min008 39,6 l/min025 118,9 l/min010 51,1 l/min028 133,2 l/min012 55,6 l/min031 150,0 l/min014 69,0 l/minDesign letterPorting combination (see page 30)00 standardDirect. of rotation (view on shaft end)R clockwiseL counter-clockwiseSevere duty shaft (T6DCW only) Type of shaft1 keyed (SAE C)5 keyed (no SAE)2 keyed (no SAE)3 splined (SAE C)4 splined (no SAE)INTERNAL LEAKAGE (TYPICAL)Internal leakage Qs [l/min]Lp. Noise level [db(A)] 1m ISO 4412NOISE LEVEL (TYPICAL)T6DC - 038 - 022Pressure p [bar]Pressure p [bar]Double pump noise level is given with each sectiondischarging at the pressure noted on the curve.Do not operate the pump more than 5 seconds at any speed orviscosity, if internal leakage is more than 50% of theoretical flow.Total leakage is the sum of each section loss at its operatingconditions.PERMISSIBLE RADIAL LOADLoad F [N]Power loss Ps [kW]POWER LOSS HYDROMECHANICAL (TYPICAL)Pressure p [bar]Total hydrodynamic power loss is the sum of each section at itsoperating conditions.18Speed n [RPM]Maximum permissible axial load Fa 1200 N

DIMENSIONS & OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS - Weight : 36,6 kg - T6DC SERIES INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONShaft torque limits [ml/rev x bar]PumpT6DCOPERATING CHARACTERISTICS - TYPICAL [24 cSt]PressureportP1SeriesVolumetricDisplacement Vi0140170200240280310350380422)0452)0502)47,6 ml/rev58,2 ml/rev66,0 ml/rev79,5 ml/rev89,7 ml/rev98,3 ml/rev111,0 ml/rev120,3 ml/rev136,0 ml/rev145,7 ml/rev158,0 ml/revFlow qve [l/min] & n 1500 RPMp 0 bar p 140 bar p 240 27,7224,01)00310,8 ml/rev16,211,200517,2 ml/rev25,820,800621,3 ml/rev31,926,900826,4 ml/rev39,634,601034,1 ml/rev51,146,101237,1 ml/rev55,650,6P201446,0 ml/rev69,064,001758,3 ml/rev87,482,402063,8 ml/rev95,790,702270,3 ml/rev105,4100,402579,3 ml/rev118,9113,902888,8 ml/rev133,2128,2031100,0 ml/rev150,0145,01) 028 - 031 - 050 210 bar max. int. 2) 042 - 045 - 050 2200 R.P.M. max19Shaft125V x p max. P1 P2432403459055600Input power P [kW] & n 1500 RPMp 7 bar p 140 bar p 240 748,51)1)142,62,836,554,41)Port connection can be furnished with metric

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operation and longer service life. Spare parts that we have on stock include pump cartridge kits, shaft and bearing assemblies, seal kits and non-wearing parts of both the T6 and T7 series vane pumps. ALL VANE PUMPS SUPPLIED OR REPAIRED BY DTA HYDRAULICS HAVE BEEN ASSEMBLED ACCORDING TO THE LATEST FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS WITH BRAND NEW AND GENUINE