Letters To A Young Teacher


Letters To A Young TeacherWritten by Jonathan KozolSummarized by Jessica TealEDUC 275Summer 2014

Jonathan KozolBorn: Boston, MAEducation: HarvardExperience: over 50 years withininner –city schoolsFocus: provide equalopportunities of education for allBooks: The Shame of the Nation,Savage Inequalities, IlliterateAmerica, Fire In the Ashes, AmazingGrace, many more

Summary!Progresses through various letters to a young teacher,Francesca, beginning her career in an inner-city Bostonschool!Kozol shares his personal experiences of teaching within theletters as well as commends Francesca’s work.!Discusses controversial issues that influence theperformance and opportunities given in classrooms such as!Political/ state expectations, establishing relationships withparents ( understanding community), relationships withstudents, breaking down barriers ( language, jargon) tappinginto student interests, engaging difficult students, teacherrights, high stake tests, school of choice. Etc.

Strengths!Applies to the future and current issues that still faceeducators!Provides examples for each topic!Knowledge of issues are based on observation andpersonal experience!Issues are addressed through the lens of all students( ability levels, race, gender, SES,etc.) with the mindsetthat all students are capable of becoming successful

Shortcoming!The context and situations within the inner-city schooldistricts across the US can vary.!!!Discrimination today is not necessarily on the basis ofrace, however more on socioeconomic, gender(GLBTQ2A) etc. that can be more complex to addresswithin a school district as a whole.FundingStandards

Value!Self-reflection encourages reader to evaluate values andconsider how they would remain consistent to them inthe classroom.!Challenging pre-conceiving norms and stereotypes ineducation that place barriers between families,teachers, students and their abilities bi directionally.!Developing classroom management and teaching stylesthat are best for both teacher and the students as wellas other practices.!Various examples in the text to help future teachersfoster a love for learning among students anddeveloping their own interests.

Bibliography!Image and AutobiographyJonathan Kozol. (n.d.). Jonathan Kozol. RetrievedJune 11, 2014, from http://www.jonathankozol.comLiteratureKozol, J. (2007). Letters to a young teacher. New York:Crown Publishers.

America, Fire In the Ashes, Amazing Grace, many more . Summary ! Progresses through various letters to a young teacher, Francesca, beginning her career in an inner-city Boston school ! Kozol shares his personal experiences of teaching wit