Establishing A Systems Engineering Organization


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My backgroundMedical DevicesOil & GasCapitalEquipmentAerospace 2018 Benjamin Levitt2

The ChallengeNew technologies, big data, and the demand forcustomization have made system integration increasinglydifficult.Source: the-unsung-heroes/ 2018 Benjamin Levitt3

1st iTunes Phone - Motorola ROKR (2005)Apple Keynote Special Music Event 2005 2018 Benjamin Levitt4

Amazing Idea, right?Steve Jobs calls EdZander to congratulate himon his new position asMotorola CEO – a jointventure is born.Hybrid device combiningtwo of the market’s coolestproducts: Apple iPod andMotorola RAZRJanuary 2004iPod and RAZRHold ups at Apple ROKR launch rumored forJanuary 2005. February,March, April.Apple hedges with therelease of the iPod Nano,a super slim new iPod withmore capacity.ROKR is finally launched inSeptember with Cingular,the biggest US Carrier.Cingular launchesthe ROKRSeptember 2005Apple iPod NanoSource: Wired: Battle for the Soul of the MP3 Phone 2018 Benjamin Levitt5

Misunderstood systems can lead to disaster Could not download songs using a cellularconnection‒‒ Apple enforced computer only syncing – fearedcannibalizing the iPod and a loss of digital music rightsDecision created a strategy conflict with carriers whombenefit from high data trafficPainfully slow at loading songs from iTunes‒Motorola-iTunes data interface management issueSource: Wired: Battle for the Soul of the MP3 Phone 2018 Benjamin Levitt6

Systems engineering organization must beginwith a clear motivation and rationaleRationales for SE InvestmentPast failed projectsAutomotive accidents, aerospace disasters,and exploding mobile devicesIntegration of new techRolling out new sensors, drilling tech faster,and adopting software platformsRisk mitigationMeans to uncover costly defectsearlier in projectManage more configurationsIncreased complexity of delivering more,customized product configurations 2018 Benjamin Levitt7

Systems Engineering BenchmarksSources:Google Corporate Vision: John Muratore - System Engineering: A Traditional Discipline in a Non-traditionalOrganizationBMW: Eric Rebentisch - Integrating Program Management and Systems EngineeringApple: Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest ProductsJPL: Model-based Systems Engineering – JPL MBSE 101Intel, P&W - Eppinger – Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications 2018 Benjamin Levitt8

Capabilities and behaviors of great SE firms 2018 Benjamin Levitt9

Empowered SE LeadershipDr. Ellen FerraroDirector of System ArchitectureDesign and IntegrationRaytheon IDS 2018 Benjamin Levitt10

Architectures that meet corporate goalsSources:John Muratore - System Engineering: A Traditional Discipline in a Non-traditional Organization"Elon Musk — Senate Testimony". SpaceX. May 5, 2004.Eric Rebentisch - Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering 2018 Benjamin Levitt11

Tools and workflow thatenable SE analysisMBSE Lessons Learned - JPL Orbiter System Engineer Todd Bayer1. Investment is crucial2. Unity of leadership is essential – Management must be willing to paythe startup costs and give time for the effort to pay dividendsSources:Model-based Systems Engineering – JPL MBSE 101Modeling Practices at Raytheon, 2013 INCOSE MBSE Workshop 2018 Benjamin Levitt12

Delivering systems engineering balances control andorganization gineeringControlSystems ProjectManagersCommand and ControlLeaders work like project managersto convey system methodologies.Systems engineering leads areempowered with resources andcontrolService OrganizationSystems Expert GroupInnovation labs exist outside ofbusiness units - often termed‘skunkworks‘Centralized team of subject matterexperts that are loaned out toprogramsDecentralizedCentralizedSources:Shell: Boston Globe – Shell Hits Pay Dirt Cambridge, 2014/06/15Apple: - System Engineering Project ManagerRaytheon: Technology Today, Career Growth Through the Engineering “V”, Tgavalekos, 2017GE: nal-structure-diversification-analysis 2018 Benjamin Levitt13

An organization’s structure and culture should guideits systems engineering actionsDelivery MethodOrganization ActionFundamentalsEmpowered SE leadershipCommand and ControlCreate a directorate and a powerstructure that empowers SEleadershipAnalysis for great productsRoles that set up a creative tensionSystems Project ManagersConvey systems methodologies viaproject managersSystems Expert GroupForm an organization of experiencedsystem architects who are availableto assist the profit and loss programsKey CapabilitiesArchitectures that meet corporategoalsTools and workflow that enable SEanalysisService OrganizationBuild an innovation lab outside ofbusiness unitsorBuy a ‘skunkworks’Systems organization that fuelscorporate strategic objectivesEssential for all delivery methods 2018 Benjamin LevittEnsure leadership drives systems toimpact strategic objectives14

Next steps: Expanding systems engineering tonew industriesSources: Google Waymo, Boston Dynamics, C3 IoT, Shell, Intel, HBR, Loci Controls, Amazon EC2 2018 Benjamin Levitt15

Reading material and areas of further study 2018 Benjamin Levitt16

ConsumerAutomotiveMedical DevicesIndustrial GoodsHeavy EquipmentTransportationManufacturingAerospaceHigh TechOil & GasBen LevittTechnology Strategy BenjaminLevittAdvisory for technology-driven firms 2018 Benjamin Levitt17

Delivering systems engineering balances control and organization structure 13 Low Systems Engineering Control Decentralized Centralized High Systems Engineering Control Systems Project Managers Leaders work like project managers to convey system methodologies. Command and Control Systems engineering leads are empowered with resources and control Service Organization