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Use of Linoit forCollaborative Learning

Free web-basedsticky noteserviceOrganizing andexchanging ideasConvenience ofposting by email,mobile webbrowser or appUsers can sharepictures,youtube videosand documentsUsers can setprivacy level ofthe canvasesManagingto-do listUsers can setdeadline onstickiesUsers cancreate groups

Is Linoit accessible onlaptop only? Linoit app on Android and iPad Mobile devices friendly: Users canaccess on mobile web browser. Users can also send text or imagesby email.

Use of Linoit for Collaborative Learning Platform for students to share research materials/ materials. Canvas board as the end-product for project submission. Think-pair-share Teacher poses question to class. Students think and write an individual response(1‐2 minutes). Students pair up with another student nearby and explains his/herresponse to the other. Students then email their response. Teacher will use thecanvas board to show to the class the class’s responses. Jigsaw strategy Expert group contribute to the canvas board assigned to them. Students thenreturn to their group, and share with the rest using the canvas board they hadconstructed earlier in their expert group.

Use of Linoit for Collaborative Learning Six Hats of critical thinking Teacher pose a problem or issue. In small groups of two to four, students thinkabout a problem using Edward de Bono’s Six Hats of critical thinking.

Let’s see someexamples!

Sharing of materials/

Sharing of materials/ results

End product of project

Think-pair-shareStudents giventime to thinkindividuallyStudents sharetheir responseswith their partnerStudents emailtheir responses tothe canvas boardusing own mobiledevices.Teacher display thecanvas board tothe class tofacilitate discussionbased on theirresponses.

Six Hats of Critical


Other strategy:

Thinking routine:

Thinking routine: Compass

Thinking routine: CSIStudents will email the symbol he/she has created and the chosen image with ashort text for explanation.

Do the colours have any meaning to it?Colour coded by content

Do the colours have any meaning to it?Colour coded by group

Ok, I’m convinced to try this.Guide me through it!

Use of “post by email”Not applicable forgroup canvas Linoit provide the email address under “Preference to students”. Students will send image to the email address without subject.Students can add text in the email for image caption. Sample:

Use of “post by email”Try it!Share with us your holiday plans!Using your mobile phone, google image for a famous monument of the country you aretravelling to. Email it to: 33234595.7395@e.linoit.comOR email a short text on what you’re looking forward to the most for this holiday.Android users:From google image,1. Long press on an image2. Click share image3. Choose share via “Gmail”

Use of “post by email”Done?Check out the canvas board here:

Use of “post by email”Advantages: Captions can be added to image Fast and convenient (no log in required)Disadvantages: Unable to track who sent the materials. Limited customisation to email add. The prefix is a chainof numbers.

Let’s make anaccount!Try it!1. Log in to gmail account.2. Then, open a new tab forLinoit (

1. Click on “Sign up”2. Click “Google”3. Click “Allow”4. Key in username(students are encouraged to use their name without spacefollowed by their birthyear, e.g reubenyeo2001)5. Key in email address ( Check on “Accept our Terms of use”7. Click “Sign up”8. For future login, click login by Google.

Privacy setting of canvasOnly user can viewTry:

Privacy setting of canvasThose with link can viewbut can’t postTry: youable to poststickies?

Privacy setting of canvasThose with link canview and can postTry: it!Are youable to poststickies?Click on any of the coloured post-itto create a new note.“Would you buy the bag? Why or why not?”

With the third setting,are other Linoit users ableto view my canvas too?Ensure privacy:Uncheck this!

Create a new canvasTry it!1. Click on “create new canvas”2. Fill in the blanks. (Title it as “Trial”)3. Choose the setting:4. Can view only: Show stickies to everyone5. Can view and post: Everyone may post stickies6. Click “Create a canvas”.

Personalised canvas backgroundYou can personalise the background for something relevant to your lesson.

Personalised canvas background

Personalised canvas background

Personalised canvas backgroundSample: You can save a few templates ascanvases so that you can simply “copy”for future use or make copies for differentclasses.

Personalised canvas backgroundThe canvas size must be 2560 1920 pixels.What is pixel?

Don’t worry!Sample provided in thenext slide.

Personalised canvas backgroundTry it!1. On a new tab, go to: download the file.2. Open the file and change the columns to“What I know”, “What I want to know”and “What I learn”.3. Click on “Save as”. Under “Save as type”,choose “JPEG File interchange format”.4. Click “Save”, then click on “Just this one”.

Personalised canvas backgroundTry it!1. Return to your newly created “Trial” canvas on Linoit.2. Click on the title at the top right hand corner to access the preference page.3. Under “Background”, click “upload image” then, “choose file”. Choose the fileand click “Open”.

Personalised canvas backgroundTry it!4. At the bottom of the page, click “Save”.5. Then, scroll up and click “Go to the canvas”.Tips: To view the background without scrolling, press “Control” and “-” untilappropriate scale. To return to original view, press “Ctrl 0”.

How do I collaboratewith students?Sharing the canvas weblinkORInviting students to group.

How to share weblink of canvas?Try it!On your “Trial” canvas, click on the“Information” icon.The link will appear from a pop-up atthe top of the webpage.

How to share weblink of canvas?Tips: Use bitly.comor toshorten the link.Try it! on the box containing the URL to highlight it.With cursor in the box, right click, then click “copy”.Using a new tab, go to “”With cursor in the box, right click in the box, then click “paste”.Key in your preferred short link under the “Custom alias”, (e.g*yourname*-trial).6. Click “Make TinyURL!”

Email address to post a note Click on the title at the top right hand corner toaccess the preference page. Look at the “Details”. You can share the email address with your students.

What is group? To allow the use of multiple canvas for a topic or class. Only members invited to the group will be able to view andpost stickies. Disadvantages: Unable to edit settings of canvas. Hence, all canvas in a Group will be on “Canview and can post” mode.

So, why should Iconsider group? Students can view posts from other groups. Teachers can consider Linoit to apply jigsawtechnique for cooperative learning strategy.

By groupBy contentTips: Ideal forjigsaw strategy

Linoit groupTry it!1. From main page, click on “My Groups” followed by“Create new group”.2. Fill in “Name” and “Description”.3. Check on “By invitation only” for Membership.4. Click “Create a group”.5. Key in email addresses in “Invitee”. One email add perline6. Fill in the remaining blanks. Click “invite”.

Creating canvas for group1.2.3.4.Click on “My groups”Click on the group you want to create canvas for.Click “Create new canvas”Fill in the blanks. Click “Create a canvas”.

Help! I have so manygroups. Do I need to createa canvas for each group? Create one canvas as template. Then, you can create copies from thetemplate.Make copy foreach group.

Linoit groupThis is what your students will view after accepting the group invite. You mustprovide instructions for them on which canvas they should post on.

I’m ready to try Linoit for my lessons!

Samples of lessonsMaths: ar%20TrianglesMaths: 20Median%2C%20Mode-SamsonMaths: aths: %20Ratios,%20%26%20ProportionsEnglish/Lit: %20to%20the%20Text%20%28Adam%29English: %2031%2F10%20MonLit: ible%20PlaylistEnglish: %EF%BC%882B%29

Samples of lessonsSS/ History: Memphis%20AFL-CIOSS/ History %20StudiesFCE: FreezerScience: 0Water%20Day%202013Science: collaborative-learning-using.htmlScience: son-plan/Science: NVg/period-2-biomolecules-and-enzyme-review

As Bulletin 20Odato%27s%20eBulletin%20Board

As Bulletin Board

As HBL /Ratio

As Homework cience%2021

As Homework Algebra%201%20Homework

As Feedback Board

As Feedback BoardCan it ensure anonymity?Log out of Linoit.Key in your feedback:

Waaaiiittt! That’s too muchinformation for today.How can I remember them all?!?!!

Resources include:Instructions for teachersInstructions to create accountInstructions for group invitation for students without accountInstructions for group invitation for students with account

F.A.QMust students create an account?- Students can post as guest. Ensure your canvas settings allow guests to poststickies. However, you will not be able to track which students have posted.- To overcome this problem teachers can instruct students to post their nameunder tag (without space) for tracking purpose.

F.A.QCan I share the link to the canvas to students via email instead of creatinggroup to invite them?- Yes, you can. But remember to uncheck “List on Public Canvases” so thatother users on Linoit are unable to view it.

Cons of LinoitUsers are unable to reply to stickies- But teacher can instruct students to post their comment or reply next to thesticky they’re replying to.

Cons of LinoitTeachers are unable to track which students have posted a sticky.

Free web-based sticky note service Managing to-do list Organizing and exchanging ideas Convenience of posting by email, mobile web browser or app Users can set privacy level of the canvases Users can share pictures, youtube videos and documents U