V-Ride Operators Manual 03259


FXSVR52V-26FXCongratulations on owning a Scag mower! This manual contains theoperating instructions and safety information for your Scag mower. Readingthis manual can provide you with assistance in maintenance and adjustmentprocedures to keep your mower performing to maximum efficiency. Thespecific models that this book covers are listed on the inside cover. Beforeoperating your machine, please read all the information enclosed. 2010Scag Power EquipmentDivision of Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc.Part No. 03259Printed 1/10Printed in USA

WARNINGFAILURE TO FOLLOW SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES MAY RESULTIN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. Read this manual completely as well as other manuals that came with your mower. ALWAYS FOLLOW OSHA APPROVED OPERATION. DO NOT operate on steep slopes. Under no circumstances should the machine be operated on slopes greater than 20degrees. ALWAYS FOLLOW OSHA APPROVED OPERATION. Stay two cut widths away from slopes, drop offs, ditches and retaining walls. DO NOT back down a slope or ramp. DO NOT mow on wet grass. Wet grass reduces traction and steering control. Keep all shields in place, especially the grass discharge chute. Before performing any maintenance or service, stop the machine and remove thespark plug wire and ignition key. If a mechanism becomes clogged, stop the engine before cleaning. Keep hands, feet and clothing away from power-driven parts. Keep others off the mower (only one person at a time)REMEMBER - YOUR MOWER IS ONLY AS SAFE AS THE OPERATOR!Hazard control and accident prevention are dependent upon the awareness,concern, prudence, and proper training of the personnel involved in theoperation, transport, maintenance, and storage of the equipment.This manual covers the operating instructions and illustrated parts list for:SVR36A-20FXwith a serial number ofE8200041 to E8299999SVR48V-24FXwith a serial number ofE8300031 to E8399999SVR52V-26FXwith a serial number ofE8400031 to E8499999Always use the entire serial number listed on the serial number tag when referring to this product.

Table of ContentsRTable of ContentsSECTION 1 - GENERAL INFORMATION. .11.1 Introduction.11.2 Direction Reference.11.3 Servicing The Engine And Drive Train Components.11.4 Symbols.2SECTION 2 - SAFETY INFORMATION.32.1 Introduction.32.2 Signal Words.32.3 Before Operation considerations.32.4 Operation Considerations.42.5 Maintenance Considerations & storage.62.6 Using a spark arrestor.62.7 SAFETY AND INSTRUCTIONAL DECALS.7SECTION 3 - SPECIFICATIONS.83.1 ENGINE.83.2 Electrical.83.3 ENGINE DECK.83.4 Cutter Deck.83.5 Weights and Dimensions.93.6 PRODUCTIVITY.9SECTION 4 - OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.104.1 CONTROLS AND INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION .104.2 SAFETY INTERLOCK SYSTEM.114.3 INITIAL RUN-IN PROCEDURES.114.4 STARTING THE ENGINE.114.5 GROUND TRAVEL AND STEERING.124.6 ENGAGING THE DECK DRIVE (CUTTER BLADES).134.7 HILLSIDE OPERATION.144.8 PARKING THE MOWER.144.9 AFTER OPERATION.144.10 REMOVING CLOGGED MATERIAL.144.11 MOVING MOWER WITH ENGINE STOPPED.154.12 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MOWING.154.13 ADJUSTING CUTTING HEIGHT.15SECTION 5 - TROUBLESHOOTING CUTTING CONDITIONS.16I


Section 1RGENERAL INFORMATION1.1 IntroductionUSE ONLY SCAG APPROVED ATTACHMENTS ANDACCESSORIES.Your mower was built to the highest standards in theindustry. However, the prolonged life and maximumefficiency of your mower depends on you following theoperating, maintenance and adjustment instructions inthis manual.Attachments and accessories manufactured by companiesother than Scag Power Equipment are not approved foruse on this machine. See Section 8-1.WARNINGIf additional information or service is needed, contact yourScag Power Equipment Dealer.For pictorial clarity, some illustrations and figuresin this manual may show shields, guards or platesopen or removed. Under no circumstances shouldyour mower be operated without these devicesin place.We encourage you to contact your dealer for repairs.All Scag dealers are informed of the latest methods toservice this equipment and provide prompt and efficientservice in the field or at their service shop. They carry afull line of Scag service parts.All information is based upon product information availableat the time of approval for printing. Scag Power Equipmentreserves the right to make changes at any time withoutnotice and without incurring any obligation.- IMPORTANT The replacement of any part on this productby other than the manufacturer's authorizedreplacement part may adversely affect theperformance, durability or safety of thisproduct.1.2 Direction ReferenceUse of other than original Scag replacementparts will void the warranty.The “Right” and “Left”, “Front” and “Rear” of the machineare referenced from the operator’s right and left when inthe normal operating position and facing the forward traveldirection.When ordering parts, always give the model and serialnumber of your mower. The serial number plate is locatedon the frame of the machine between the engine andtransmission where shown in Figure 1-1.1.3 Servicing The Engine And DriveTrain ComponentsMS ODE ER LIADiv LisioM nP a ofate yv Mnts ille eta,Is W lcrasu is fted co on fan sin Md 5 ayvP 3 ilen 0 ledin 50 , Inc.gRThe detail servicing and repair of the engine andtransmission are not covered in this manual; only routinemaintenance and general service instructions areprovided. For service of these components during thelimited warranty period, it is important to contact yourScag dealer or find a local authorized servicing agentof the component manufacturer. Any unauthorized workdone on these components during the warranty periodmay void your warranty.SERIAL NUMBERPLATE LOCATIONFigure 1-1. Mower Serial Number Plate Location1

Section 1R1.4 smissionParking BrakeSpinning Blade48071SOn/StartSpring Tension on IdlerOff/StopOilFalling HazardThrown Object HazardFastSlowContinuously Variable - LinearCutting Element - Basic SymbolPinch PointCutting Element - EngageHour meter/Elapsed Operating HoursCutting Element - DisengageCrush Hazard.CE MarkThrown Object HazardKeep Bystanders AwayRead Operator's Manual481039S2

Section 2RSAFETY INFORMATION2.1 IntroductionDangerYour mower is only as safe as the operator. Carelessnessor operator error may result in serious bodily injuryor death. Hazard control and accident prevention aredependent upon the awareness, concern, prudence, andproper training of the personnel involved in the operation,transport, maintenance and storage of the equipment. Makesure every operator is properly trained and thoroughlyfamiliar with all of the controls before operating themower. The owner/user can prevent and is responsible foraccidents or injuries occurring to themselves, other peopleor property.The signal word “DANGER” denotes that an extremelyhazardous situation exists on or near the machine thatcould result in high probability of death or irreparable injuryif proper precautions are not taken.WarningThe signal word “WARNING” denotes that a hazard existson or near the machine that can result in injury or death ifproper precautions are not taken.R E A D T H I S O P E R ATO R ’ S M A N UA L B E F O R EATTEMPTING TO START YOUR MOWER.A replacement manual is available from your authorizedScag Service Dealer or by contacting Scag PowerEquipment, Service Department at P.O. Box 152, Mayville,WI 53050 or contact us via the Internet at www.scag.com.The manual for this machine can be downloaded by usingthe model and serial number or use the contact form tomake your request. Please indicate the complete modeland serial number of your Scag product when requestingreplacement manuals.CautionThe signal word “CAUTION” is a reminder of safety practiceson or near the machine that could result in personal injuryif proper precautions are not taken.Your safety and the safety of others depends significantlyupon your knowledge and understanding of all correctoperating practices and procedures of this machine.2.2 Signal Words2.3 Before Operationconsiderations1. NEVER allow children to operate this mower. Do notallow adults to operate this machine without properinstructions.This symbol means “Attention! Become Alert! YourSafety is Involved!" The symbol is used with the followingsignal words to attract your attention to safety messagesfound on the decals on the machine and throughout thismanual. The message that follows the symbol containsimportant information about safety. To avoid injury andpossible death, carefully read the message! Be sure to fullyunderstand the causes of possible injury or death.2. Do not mow when children and/or others arepresent. Keep children out of the mowing area andin the watchful care of a responsible adult other thanthe operator. Be alert and turn machine off if a childenters the area.3. DO NOT allow children to ride or play on themachine, it is not a toy.Signal Word:4. Clear the area to be mowed of objects that could bepicked up and thrown by the cutter blades.It is a distinctive word found on the safety decals on themachine and throughout this manual that alerts the viewerto the existence and relative degree of the hazard.5. DO NOT carry passengers.6. DO NOT operate the machine under the influence ofalcohol or drugs.3

Section 2R7. If the operator(s) or mechanic(s) cannot read Englishor Spanish, it is the owner's responsibility to explainthis material to them.13. Keep flammable objects (cigarettes, matches, etc.),open flames and sparks away from the fuel tank andfuel container. Use only approved containers.8. DO NOT wear loose fitting clothing. Loose clothing,jewelry or long hair could get tangled in movingparts. Do not operate the machine wearing shorts;always wear adequate protective clothing includinglong pants. Wearing safety glasses, safety shoes anda helmet is advisable and is required by some localordinances and insurance regulations.14. Equipment must comply with the latest requirementsper SAE J137 and/or ANSI/ASAE S279 when drivenon public roads.15. Do not operate without the side discharge chuteinstalled and in the down position or with an optionalgrass catcher or mulch plate completely installed.16. Check the blade mounting bolts at frequent intervalsfor proper tightness.WARNING17. Make sure all hydraulic fluid connections are tightand all hydraulic hoses and lines are in goodcondition before starting the machine.Always wear hearing protection. Operating thismachine over prolonged periods of time cancause loss of hearing.2.4 OPERATION CONSIDERATIONS1. Know the function of all controls and how to stopquickly.9. Keep the machine and attachments in goodoperating condition. Keep all shields and safetydevices in place. If a shield, safety device or decalis defective or damaged, repair or replace it beforeoperating the machine.WARNINGDO NOT operate on steep slopes. Under nocircumstances should the machine be operatedon slopes greater than 20 degrees. ALWAYSFOLLOW OSHA APPROVED OPERATION.WARNINGThis machine is equipped with an interlocksystem intended to protect the operator andothers from injury. This is accomplished bypreventing the engine from starting unless thedeck drive is disengaged, the neutral lock leveris in the neutral lock position, and the operatoris in the operating position. The system shuts offthe engine if the operator steps off the operatorplatform with the deck drive engaged or if theneutral lock lever is placed in the drive position(D) and the parking brake is applied. Never operateequipment with the interlock system disconnectedor malfunctioning.2. Reduce speed and exercise extreme caution onslopes and in sharp turns to prevent tipping or lossof control. Be especially cautious when changingdirections on slopes.3. Stay two cut widths away from slopes, drop offs,ditches and retaining walls.4. To prevent tipping or loss of control, start and stopsmoothly, avoid unnecessary turns and travel atreduced speed.5. When using any attachment, never direct thedischarge of material toward bystanders or allowanyone near the machine while in operation.10. Be sure the interlock switches are functioningcorrectly.6. Start the engine with the operator in the operatingposition, cutter blades are disengaged, parkingbrake is engaged, and the neutral lever is in neutral.11. Fuel is flammable; handle it with care. Fill the fueltank outdoors. Never fill it indoors. Use a funnel orspout to prevent spillage. Clean up any spillagebefore starting the engine.7. If the mower discharge ever plugs, shut off theengine, remove the ignition key, and wait for allmovement to stop before removing the obstruction.12. DO NOT add fuel to a running or hot engine. Allowthe engine to cool for several minutes before addingfuel. Never fuel indoors or inside enclosed trailers.4

Section 2RWARNINGDANGERDO NOT use your hand to dislodge the cloggeddischarge chute. Use a stick or other device toremove clogged material after the engine hasstopped running and the blades have stoppedturning.DO NOT run the engine inside a building ora confined area without proper ventilation.Exhaust fumes are hazardous and containcarbon monoxide which can cause brain injuryand death.8. Be alert for holes, rocks, roots and other hiddenhazards in the terrain. Keep away from any dropoffs. Beware of overhead obstructions (low limbs,etc.), underground obstacles (sprinklers, pipes, treeroots, etc.). Cautiously enter a new area. Be alert forhidden hazards.17. Keep hands and feet away from cutter blades andmoving parts. Contact can injure.18. Transport the mower using a heavy duty traileror truck. Insure the trailer or truck has all of thenecessary lighting and markings as required bylaws, codes, and ordinances. Secure a trailer with asafety chain.9. Disengage power to cutter deck before backing up.Do not mow in reverse unless absolutely necessaryand then only after observation of the entire areabehind the mower. If you must mow in reverse,maintain a constant lookout to the rear of themachine and mow slowly.19. Be cautious when loading and unloading ontotrailers or trucks. Use only a full width ramp. Alwaysback on and drive off a trailer.20. When transporting the mower, make sure the neutrallock lever is in neutral lock, the engine is off with thekey removed, the parking brake is engaged and thewheels have been blocked.10. DO NOT turn sharply. Use care when backing up.11. Disengage power to cutter deck before crossingroads, walks or gravel drives.21. Tie the mower down securely using the tie downpoints located on the front and rear of the machine.See Figure 2-1 and 2-2. Secure using straps, chains,cable, or ropes. Both front and rear straps must bedirected down and outward from machine.12. Mow only in daylight or good artificial light.13. NEVER raise the deck with the blades engaged.14. Take all possible precautions when leaving themachine unattended, such as disengaging themower, stopping the engine, and removing the key.15. Disengage power to the attachments whentransporting or when not in use.16. The machine and attachments should be stoppedand inspected for damage after striking a foreignobject, and damage should be repaired beforerestarting and operating the machine.CautionTIE DOWNPOINTDo not touch the engine or the muffler while theengine is running or immediately after stopping.These areas may be hot enough to cause aburn.TIE DOWNPOINTFigure 2-1. Front Tie Down Points5

Section 2Rwhen servicing blades. Only replace blades. NEVERstraighten or weld blades.10. Keep all parts in good working condition. Replace allworn or damaged decals.11. Use jack stands to support components whenrequired.12. Carefully release pressure from components withstored energy.TIE DOWNPOINTWARNINGTIE DOWNPOINTHydraulic fluid is under high pressure. Keep bodyand hands away from pin holes or nozzles thateject hydraulic fluid under high pressure. If youneed service on your hydraulic system, pleasesee your authorized Scag dealer. If hydraulicfluid is injected into the skin, it must be surgicallyremoved within a few hours by a doctor organgrene may result.Figure 2-2. Rear Tie Down Points22. Use care when approaching blind corners, shrubs,trees, or other objects that may obscure vision.23. NEVER leave the machine running unattended.2.5 Maintenance Considerations &storage1. Never make adjustments to the machine with theengine running unless specifically instructed to doso. If the engine is running, keep hands, feet, andclothing away from moving parts.13. Let the engine cool before storing.2. Place the neutral lock lever in neutral lock, engagethe parking brake, stop engine and remove key ordisconnect spark plug wire to prevent accidentalstarting of the engine when servicing or adjustingthe machine. Wait for all movement to stop beforeadjusting, cleaning or repairing.16. DO NOT store fuel near flames or drain indoors.14. DO NOT store the machine near an open flame.15. Shut off fuel while storing or transporting.2.6 Using a spark arrestorThe engine in this machine is not equipped with a sparkarrestor muffler. It is in violation of California PublicResource Code Section 4442 to use or operate this engineon or near any forest covered, brush covered or grasscovered land unless the exhaust system is equipped witha spark arrestor meeting any applicable local or state laws.Other states or federal areas may have similar laws. Checkwith your state or local authorities for regulations pertainingto these requirements.3. Remove spark plug wire before making any repairs.4. Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight, to ensure themachine is in safe working condition. Check blademounting bolts frequently to be sure they are tight.5. Do not change the engine governor settings oroverspeed the engine. See the engine operator'smanual for information on engine settings.6. To reduce fire hazard, keep the cutting units, drives,muffler and engine free of grass, leaves, excessivegrease, oil and dirt.7. Park the machine on level ground.8. NEVER allow untrained personnel to service themachine.9. Use care when checking blades. Use a Blade Buddy,wrap the blade(s) or wear gloves and USE CAUTION6

Section 2R2.7 SAFETY AND INSTRUCTIONAL on of this equipmentmay create sparks that canstart fires around dryvegetation. A sparkarrestor may be required.The operator should contactlocal fire agencies for lawsor regulations relating tofire prevention requirements.483900483900(supplied with California models only)48407548340572009 SVR Safety Decals

Section 3RSPECIFICATIONS3.1 ENGINEGeneral Type.Heavy Duty Industrial/Commercial GasolineBrand.KawasakiHorsepower:(Scag Model SVR36A-20FX). 20 HP (Spec. # FX600V-AS09-R)(Scag Model SVR48V-24FX). 24 HP (Spec.# FX691V-AS11-R)(Scag Model SVR52V-26FX). 26 HP (Spec.# FX730V-AS06-R)Cylinders. 2 with Cast-Iron SleevesGovernor.Mechanical Type with Variable Speed Control Set At 3600 RPM ( /- 100 RPM)Idle Speed:Kawasaki. 1550 RPM ( /- 150 RPM)Fuel. Non-Leaded Gasoline with a Minimum Octane Rating of 87Oil Pump.varies - see engine manufacturer's specificationsStarter:Kawasaki. Electric Starting with solenoid shift starter3.2 ElectricalStarter.12-Volt Electric Ring Gear Type, Key and Solenoid Operated InterlockInterlock Switches.Operator Presence, Mower Engagement (BBC), Neutral LeverInstrument Panel.Key Switch, Throttle Lever, Choke Lever, PTO Switch, Hour Meter and Neutral Lever3.3 ENGINE DECKDrive System. Hydraulic Drive with Two Variable Displacement Pumpsand Two Cast-Iron High Torque Wheel MotorsHydraulic Pumps. Two Hydro-Gear model PG Series 10 cc. Hydraulic Pumpswith Dump Valves for movement without the engine runningHydraulic Drive Motors.Two Hydro-Gear Model HGM 12P Cast-Iron Wheel MotorsSteering/Travel Control.

procedures to keep your mower performing to maximum efficiency. The specific models that this book covers are listed on the inside cover. Before operating your machine, please read all the information enclosed. V-